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    fishing, snow skiing, sewing, singing, I am a 3rd degree blackbelt in Taeknowdo, traveling
  1. Happy birthday to the best plushie-maker! Keep up the amazing work, and hope you have a good Bday today! :3

  2. Happy B-day with your twin brother! :) (I read your dA.)

  3. Happy birthday, Whitedove! I hope it will be a great one. =)

  4. Happy birthday whitedove, even if you're no longer here.

  5. I read your comment, yet it matters not, Happy Birthday, now go see what you got!

  6. deleting membership

    1. NeverNeverland
    2. Tom


      You're leaving?

    3. Dave247


      If you have an issue with someone on here you should express your concerns to one of the staff and they will take the appropriate action. The staff do not just delete accounts unless a valid reason.

  7. whitedove

    Lyra Plushie Hair?

    If you want it brushable, try the longer fake fur. Otherwise fleece works better than felt. If you are real brave use minky, it is really soft
  8. I wouldn't require ALL your money, just some of it, lol
  9. whitedove

    Overmarketed Ponies

    Rainbow Dash is the plush everyone ask me to make, 5 to 1. Fluttershy is the least one ask for. I like Rarity and AJ
  10. Ok, thank you then. The plushies are really nice.

  11. Why do you add me? Just something for the non-existent log books, I like knowing who my friends are.

    1. Swordfishtrombone


      Also, did you make that Daring Do plushie? It's rather quite brilliant.

    2. whitedove


      Hello, I did make this plush and many more on my DA. I was just looking for active people in the community. It is more fun that way. Sorry to have bother you

  12. I am not making fillies right now
  13. the pegasus is a little more because of the wings
  14. it was a troll, on both I started her at $75. This the same price I start all my plushies at I deleted all the bids, I believed to be trolls Just ask me, I can tell you how they feel, I started this plush at $75.00 on ebay Yes, because there is no wings or horn
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