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  1. Unblacker

    My Introduction

    Well I'm not that much of a Fluttershy fan, I mean, she's definitely my favorite among the Mane 6 (like I said in the OP, along with Rarity maybe), but I can't decide which is my favorite pony in the whole show to be honest. Nonetheless, thank you all for the warm welcome, I appreciate it.
  2. Hello, I decided to do this since I don't want to look more "suspicious" than I probably do. So what can I tell you about me? I discovered the show in early 2014 and became a brony since then. However, I had some bad experiences with some other people within the fandom, something that was quite dissapointing and led me to leave it almost entirely for a couple of years. Although I haven't lost all of my hope, I'm not as open to make friends as I was when I was younger, so I'm sorry if all of this sounds a little bit cold. Not gonna hide the fact that I have some strong opinions about some parts
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