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  1. Oh so she couldn't completely make her good like the elenents did by herself yeah that makes sense
  2. Hi so its been some time since I saw the first season , but on the second part of the first episode, why didnt celestia turn luna into good by herself??She had used the elements again to banish her, why did the mane 6 have to do it
  3. I've changed my mind about wanting it to be g4 animation cause I guess a new generation needs its own distinct style,but I think I'd prefer maybe a different 2D??But even the 3D looks nice:)
  4. The animation looks nice, but I just really dislike 3D lol it just looks kinda...fake??😂I know it doesnt make much sense
  5. I cant decide there are too many 😂😂😂😂😂
  6. My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie, because she is really funny and cute and she always tries to make her friends smile!
  7. PinkiePie6134

    Hello everypony!

    You guys are all so nice!😊
  8. My name is Elena and my hobbies are music,singing , and playing video games.
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