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  1. Playing around a bit with some of @Kujamih `s ideas
  2. A touch added and a faded version that might work as a watermark
  3. Bit of a first attempt, can easily move stuff around, change colors, font of the text, ect
  4. You guys play specific instruments or serve certain roles from each other? might try putting in a symbol for each member
  5. idk what exactly your after design wise but im fairly good when i comes to logo/profile pic type stuff i think, few examples Havnt done a watermark before but think a vectoring program like i use would be good for it, and banner would depend one what your after.
  6. Cant really tell so is this a boy or a girl? Also what sort of hybrid parts would you describe them as having here?
  7. PhantomThorns

    Request Can someone draw Collapse for me?

    Might give this a try
  8. Out of town at the moment but once i get back later in the week i think ill give this a try
  9. PhantomThorns

    Request A spoooky request...!

    Quite spooky, some might say too spooky. Real demon or super good costume, you decide.
  10. PhantomThorns

    Request Halloween Request....Boo!

  11. PhantomThorns

    Request Shop Practice my pony anatomy

    Im not sure if your looking for critique exactly but the only thing Id really say is maybe making the body a bit bigger, at least towards the rear end, other then that it looks really stellar.
  12. PhantomThorns

    Request Draw my pony OC, Star Rocket

    Gave it a try here, could make the glasses more clear with eye color known
  13. PhantomThorns

    Request Draw my pony OC, Star Rocket

    What color is his eyes?
  14. PhantomThorns

    Hug a user!

    Aw, thanks a lot for that
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