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  1. BTW, You may be Wondering why my username changed, that was my sister :/

    but anyways, bad new, I’m leaving mlp forums. Im really sorry. I don’t like mlp that much anymore and yeah. Im so sorry. I will stay online for the next few days to reply to comments and stuff. But the. I’ll stop going on the forums. Farewell, Moondrop.

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    2. Thunder Light

      Thunder Light

      @Harmony Gardens

      I'm happy to see you here.

    3. TheRockARooster
    4. Harmony Gardens

      Harmony Gardens

      hey! Just checking in… I’ll do this every couple months or so. how is everyone doing :)

  2. I need help!

    My Profile says I am a “Muffin” but others say different things such as “Pegasus” or “evil changeling” how do I change it ??


    Changing things on my profile, go check it out!!

    xo, moondrop

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Welcome to MLP Forums! :D


      This post should answer your question: 



    2. Harmony Gardens
  3. No, Lauren Faust Proved that incorrect. @Denim&Venöm
  4. Bad News…

    If you've haven’t noticed, I’ve been VERY, VERY Inactive lately. Here’s why:

    1. Exams. School recently ended, but I was really stressed about upcoming tests I didn’t have time for much other things.

    2. Cheer. You may or may not now, but in my personal life I do A LOT OF competitive cheer which takes up a lot of time.

    3. Vacations.  I’m going on so many vacations! (Ex. tomorrow!)

    4. Liking. I have been steering away from MLP Lately, idk why. sad D:

    Thanks. So you’re probably wanting to know the bad news…

    well, Even though I love the forums, You will not see me often at all anymore. I’m not saying not AT ALL, just not very often. I’m sad, but I do feel this is a better decision for me 


    thanks for taking time to read this




    love moondrop 🌙 

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    2. Starforce



      Well I like talking to you, I miss you

    3. Harmony Gardens

      Harmony Gardens

      Aww Same <<<3333 ;)

      Idk where we can talk besides discord. What else do u have?

    4. Starforce


      Well, mlpforums and deviantart @Moondrop

  5. goodbye spring, my favorite season! don’t tell me im not looking forward to summer, though!



  6. Tomorrow is my birthday yay! Sorry I have been inactive, I was very busy lately.

    1. Thunder Light

      Thunder Light

      That's okay and congratulations!

    2. TomDaBombMLP


      Happy birthday to you then! :blue_baloon:


    3. Harmony Gardens

      Harmony Gardens

      aww thx!!!!!!!


  7. OCS! FEEL free to name them in the comments! Up for adoption -> put applications/ who you would like in comments









    1. Kujamih


      The first one reminded me of the anarchy sister.... The socks blade

    2. Harmony Gardens
    3. Kujamih


      Oh wait she actually looks like the asian glitch tech!

  8. Why does it say you joined the forums yesterday?

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    2. TomDaBombMLP


      @Astral Soul Every time I see them together fills me with so much joy. From Pinkie’s hilariousness to Rainbow Dash’s awesomeness, from Applejack’s great accent to Rarity’s fabulousness, from Fluttershy’s cuteness to Twilight’s geekiness, I love them all equally and I shall never pick a favourite. They are the single best things to ever happen to me and I love them all forever! :wub:


    3. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      The force is mane six are strong with you!

    4. Harmony Gardens

      Harmony Gardens

      Ya know, 2020 felt so long, I guess I thought we were still in it lol


  9. So, today I wanted to talk to you about Luna and Celestia’s Wings, sounds boring, I know. But I have a big question I want a answer for. If you search “filly Luna/Celestia” You’ll see pictures of them as filles . Though, they have the same size wings a normal Pegasus foal would-they are ALICORNS. Proven by Lauren Faust, they are born Alicorns, like flurry heart. And flurry heart was born with large Alicorn wings... shouldn’t they be?
  10. Enjoying the springtimeFE8AF90D-ED26-421F-94AB-EDD276D9D788.thumb.jpeg.64f9a96ac5227a543d09ea080c29d4d5.jpeg

  11. I changed my Name! The reason I did this is because I prefer Pegasi and I feel a connection with the moon/night! 




  12. MLP name my Oc!


  13. As seen in A Big Mac question, was that a Proposal ? I don’t exactly know about this We’re parents concerned?
  14. @sparklysparks

    sooooo amazing


    1. Sparkly sparks

      Sparkly sparks

      you said something about doing this with cadence

      am i supposed to edit fluttershy to look like cadence?

  15. Luna and Cadence Rule! :LunaMCM1::love:







    1. Splashee


      Yay you enabled your status updates :yay:

      They look like awesome friends!

    2. TomDaBombMLP


      Glad you got your status update working! ;)

  16. Harmony Gardens


    Name My pony: Teal Unicorn #1
  17. Thank you. In the comments try to guess where im from by the yall
  18. Today people made fun of what I watch. I’m not ashamed but it still-hurt. MLP:FIM rules and I will never be ashamed of it. y’all are like family to me, thanks. (Try to guess where I’m from by the “y’all” even though it’s TOTALLY canterlot )
  19. Aww thanks! Credit to Vspska
  20. Mom told me to wash the dishes. I didn’t want to (obviously) but I did. Mom’s cousin sparky was coming, and I knew I was supposed to be excited but I WASN’T. Okay, I had never met her but mom told me that Sparky and Her were polar opposites, and Mom is quiet and calm. From the pictures, I can Tell how Coo-coo crazy she is. I am pretty quiet too and I had this feeling this would be bad. “Great job Dawn! Any homework?” She said as I finished washing. “Nope.” I said, which was true, because I was finished for the week. “Dawn Glow!!! I totally forgot! Her train arrived 15 minutes ago!” Mom exclaim
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