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  1. DemeowHiya


    Welcome to the forums! Pony pixel art is awesome.
  2. Basic, but I always like the leader of the group. I'm also surprised the votes are so evenly split! Almost perfect thirds.
  3. Finally, it's Friday! I'm so happy this week is over. :BrightMacContent:

    The entire weekend I will be listening to Kenshi Yonezu on loop. His music is basically my fuel. I mean, listen to how catchy this song is! -

    Any music recommendations? :fluttershy:

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    2. TomDaBombMLP


      Happy Friyay! :yay:


    3. DemeowHiya


      @Samurai Equine It's all good! I'm wishing you a good weekend~ :P

      @Astral Soul Thank you, you too! :D

      @TomDaBombMLP I love Micheal Jackson! Definitely gonna give this a listen to, thanks. ^_^

    4. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      @DemeowHiya Same to you, my friend. :proud:

  4. Welcome to the forums! I hope you got some rest.
  5. We have to build one, ASAP. The penguins need their sodas and fries before it's too late!
  6. Like everyone else said, Discord and Spike are probably still around... somewhere.
  7. Goodnight, afternoon, or morning, depending on when you're reading this, everypony! :rarity:


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    2. DemeowHiya
    3. DemeowHiya


      @Samurai Equine

      Yes! How can you look away from that cute face? :kindness:

    4. Sparklefan1234


      @DemeowHiya You're Welcome, BFFFF! :BrightMacContent:

  8. Same here. I would say Pipp just because she is super musical. Maybe I'd learn a thing or two from her singing!
  9. I think overall I would be cheering on Daring Do, but I feel like she would fail in the more strategic, careful minigames She would have no problem with Red Light Green Light and Tug of War, but what about the Honeycomb Game? And Marbles? I dunno... With that in mind, I think Zecora would be the unexpected winner. She is skilled in a variety of ways, and is pretty darn creative. Even without magic, I trust her!
  10. It's cute! It isn't too different from G4, so my mind might just be accustomed to this style.
  11. Honestly, I wouldn't even mind seeing them in 3D still. I liked the animation in the movie a lot, so I'm hoping that the jump from 3D-2D won't be an awkward one. With that said, they're probably gonna do 2D animation.
  12. I hope everyone had a good over-the-hump day. We are so close to Christmas. ^_^


    Early Christmas wishes from Hitch, too~! :oneheckofahat:

    1. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Same to you, my friend. :rarityhat:

      I bet that's Hitch's December photo in the calendar.

    2. DemeowHiya
  13. I think the "leaders" of each pony race didn't make much sense, besides the Pegasi. Like, why is this random old unicorn the main authority for unicorns? HE JUST OWNS A BAR AND PLAYS DDR!! Also, I will never get used to ponies using cell phones. Ever.
  14. Ooh, that makes sense. I do agree, even though there's only 4 games they can be a little repetitive. I also love their art! All of the characters' outfits are amazing.
  15. Yes! I 1000% agree. He would just be like, "and what is it to you...?" and make a bunch of trees come to life or something like that, lolol. He would try to hide that fact that he doesn't care and literally doesn't know.
  16. haha, I feel that. Some of my friends ask me for help in school and I'm like, "dude I'm only a Sophomore!" I'm wishing you luck though, ExplosionMare! I hope it all goes well
  17. DemeowHiya

    Hi all I'm new :]

    Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay. If you ever want to talk to someone about pretty much anything that interests you, my inbox is always open.
  18. Wow... I never thought about this. This is actually a fantastic headcanon, and there's definitely a ton of evidence to support it! Consider me a fan. ^__^
  19. Exactly! There are some people that argue that "he is 100% male ," and I'm like, "bruh how?" But to each their own, I guess.
  20. Oooh, I like! I imagine them having their own clothing/apple bakery business now.
  21. Hmm... I have a few headcanons. They are both from G5 and G4, so please bare with me: - Sprout secretly has a crush on Hitch, always hating the fact that he was in his shadow. - Izzy had constantly tried to straighten and dye her hair to "fit in" with the rest of her townspeople, but it didn't work. Her hair didn't color and it just poofed up again! She eventually gave up and embraced herself. - Twilight is neurodivergent, with a hyper-fixation on magic. - Discord is gender non-conforming. - Pinkie PIe is actually very insecure about herself, which is why she feels th
  22. Good night everypony! It's good to be back on this site, I missed you all! :coco:

    How's a cute Celestia as an apology gift for being away so long? X^D


    1. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      Goodnight :>

    2. TomDaBombMLP


      So great to have you back! :pinkie:

      Goodnight! ^_^

    3. DemeowHiya


      Thank you~! :eager:

  23. Hey all! I was curious to see if there are any brony Danganronpa fans out there. With the release of all three main-line games on the Nintendo Switch today, I've been mega-hyped. We even have a brand new spin-off title! If you are a fan, I'm curious: Who are your favorite characters? I would have to say Ishimaru, Teruteru, and Kiibo.
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