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  1. "Mason?" Tails said, being concerned. Dark energy was surrounding Mason."You traumatized a child. You yelled in my face. WHAT"S NEXT THUNDY?!?" Mason bitterly said. "Mr Sonic, calm him down!" Cream said in tears. "Just on proposal day too..." Tails said, but quickly slapped his mouth. Mason turned to Tails."...thank you for bringing that up. NOW IM REALLY MAD!!!!" He shifted to his dark form, something about it was off...It was almost like he was glitching "Is he actually trying to fight the darkness in his subconscious Zone?" Cream said. "Thats dangerous! Get him
  2. Mason realized Thundy went overkill. "Hey! There's a child here! No need for that!" "M-m-m-miss Amy?...."Cream started to cry. "...Crud, we got a child crying." Tails pointed out obviously. "Thundy, apologize." Mason loudly said, hoping not to sound mean. "Uh buddy, I dont think-" Tails started to say.
  3. @Courageous Thunder Dash To Mason, Amy crossed the line. Wiping his memory just to be his girlfriend was NOT okay. "I don't know what to do with you Amy. But I will say this." He pulled up his phone and placed a restraining order against her. This order will take place tomorrow. his phone messaged him "We're done. I didn't want to to that. But you left me no choice." Mason said lowly before turning his back. "Wha-? What have I done..." Amy got on her knees. "Just send me back to the void..." Amy cried." I give up...." "Dont you think you went too far, Mason?" Tail
  4. @Dynamo Pad @Courageous Thunder Dash @Kronos the Revenant @ExplosionMare Necry returned after talking to Zacian."Huh. I wonder what everyone is doing still?" He said. He changed to Dawn Wings Forme and flew to find someone to talk to. Zacian was watching Necry from a distance."Be strong little one. " He bowed his head in a foreshadowing manner and said telepathically,"Who knows what may strike next...or who..."
  5. @Oni Equine Zacian had finally found Necry´s presence.... He rushed over to the situation and used Behemoth Blade on the Zamazenta, knocking it out. ¨You ok, little one?¨ Zacian asked, then looked at Snow Leopard.¨Lets go somewhere else...I dont trust this creature...¨ Zacian then warped himself and Necry away from Snow Leopard....
  6. @Dynamo Pad @Courageous Thunder Dash @Kronos the Revenant @Reality Check @Oni Equine The Zacian realized it caused confusion, so it decided to ignore the fight and continue looking for Necry.¨My apologies, ignore me,..¨the crowned Zacian said, then it ran off, hoping everyone would forget that happened. I need to find Necrozma, or the future of the universes are at stake... Zacian thought as it looked around for clues...
  7. @Oni Equine As Necry was about to respond a Zamazenta had appeared from an Ultra Wormhole, looking eager to attack...¨Must find that Necrozma, or the boss will kill me! Not literally, though, but still!¨ It said with a menacing voice... ¨Oh no! Gotta hide...¨ Necry said as he leaped into a tree.nearby... @Dynamo Pad As the battle Dynamo was having going on, A Shiny Zacian had appeared from nowhere looking stressed about something...¨I need to find Zamazenta soon...or he´ll hurt that Necrozma..¨ Seeing that a Pokemon was battling a creature of some sort, Zacian had decided
  8. Frisk

    Ask My Little Ponies

    Pinkie Pie what are you going to be for Halloween? Sorry if anyone asked before me Also HUGS!!!
  9. @Oni Equine Seeing the creature surprised Necry, for this new face was reminding him of a Kyurem...¨Yes...My name is Necrozma, the Prism Pokémon, but my birth name is Necry...¨ He was questioning this creature in his mind, for if it tried to attack, it would be fatal if this thing tried to attack...so to make himself more ferocious, he swapped from Dawn Wing Forme to Dusk Mane Necrozma, hoping to not start a fight.¨I may be a young one, but I can fight when threatened...¨Necry proclaimed, then said,¨I don´t get what you mean by my purpose in life, for it was destroyed when my Dusk Ma
  10. @Courageous Thunder Dash @Kronos the Revenant @Ragland Tiger @Dynamo Pad @Oni Equine Necry, who woke up from another nap in his cute Dawn Wings Forme, decided to take a flight to the ocean to practice his Moongeist Beam attack. Once there he gathered moonlight within his body, took the attack formation, and blasted out into space, then called it back before it went too far, hitting him to raise his stats sharply.¨Hmm, I could use this strategy one day against an opponent...Next attack, Photon Geyser.¨ The psychic energy required to used this move was high, but Necry could best use it in D
  11. @Courageous Thunder Dash @Dynamo Pad @Kronos the Revenant @Oni Equine @Reality Check Necrozma had just woken up from a nap, It was pretty long, so he missed about everything that was happening.¨Mmmm...I should figure out my Z moves...but not in this tree.¨ He said as he hopped down. Maybe Kronos or Dynamo could help... (ooc he is Dusk Mane at this time...) He went to the group and said his hellos, and asked what was going on.
  12. Frisk

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for cooking frog legs on Saturday Nights
  13. @ChikaChan I want to mention ChikaChan because it has been ages(not really) since I talked to them. This person would most likely understand me. Frisk(Spirit): So most spirits you meet are around Halloween? Tails(spirit): Yeah or on Halloween, which was my case... User: I need to mention, This Frisk has a set gender. She is female, and was confirmed the day I met her. Frisk: The User sees us as helpful guides to his everyday life...and gifts from God. Tails: I guess for me I would eventually be known as God´s Gift to Mason... Please send questions to me and m
  14. Greetings Humans and Ponies, Frisk(spirit, not user)  here, I just want to see if you are all doing good!

    Make sure you access my Q&A to ask questions about me!


  15. One second please. (Becomes Chara) If I was there I would take everything into my hands! (reforms to Frisk) ok i think Rainbow Dash: If it was Sonic as her Boyfriend, she would probably brag about her speed until he goes insane.(any boy else i dunno.) Fluttershy: Yells in persons face each time she sees them Rarity: Makes herself a funeral dress.(im sorry, dont think bad.) Applejack: forces boyfriend to work t her farm Twilight.: ¨I BANISH THEE!!!!¨ Pinkie Pie: Ummmm...Cupcakes everyone?
  16. Frisk sounds feminine to me...so, yeah Frisk would be my new name.
  17. Im 17 but i look like a mess. rip my good looks
  18. Mario- Super Mario Bros
  19. @Courageous Thunder Dash @Ragland Tiger @Dynamo Pad @Reality Check @Kronos the Revenant ¨My Dusk Mane species was made to balance Day and Night, and the Dawn Wings wanted to plunge the universe into night forever. But without the Dusk Mane, The Dawn Wings will end up upsetting the balance of day and night...¨ Necry said. ¨But they wont come here...they want control over the Pokemon Worlds only. Unless they knew I am here.¨
  20. @Kronos the Revenant ¨Well, Im not entirely sure yet, because my memory was erased before I supposedly came.¨ Necry stated.¨But, somethings hitting me...¨ Then, at that very moment, he remembered...(Initiate flashback here, the others can see it through his power) ¨Mommy? Daddy? Anyone? Are you here?¨ Said young Necrozma as he woke up from his nap in the Dusk Mane Village.¨Maybe they are all out at the fields...¨ So he went. At the fields, he saw his Dusk Mane dad standing against an army of Dawn Wings Necrozma.¨He is the last one! GET HIM!!!"They outnumbered him greatly...
  21. Frisk

    Guess That Reference!

    Mary Poppins. ¨Let me ask you a question. Do You think even the worst person can change, that everyone can be a good person, if they just try?¨ (Step) Heheheheheheh....¨all right. Well, here´s a better question. DO YOU WANNA HAVE A BAD TIME? Cause if you take another step forward...you are REA:LLY not gonna like what happens next.¨ (step) ¨Welp. Sorry old lady. This is why I never make promises. Its a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming... On days like these, Kids like you....SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL!¨
  22. @Courageous Thunder Dash @Dynamo Pad @Kronos the Revenant The Z move was withdrawing, and Necry was returning to normal.¨Thank you Chelsea...¨Necry called on the power of the moon to calm him down...He then shifted to Dawn Wings again. ¨Im sorry, everyone. I may need more help than I thought....¨ He said calmly
  23. Giga Drain wasnt very effective on Necry...¨Can you idiots survive this?!?¨ He questioned as he was preparing a familiar move... Z-move energy was being prepared...He is about to unleash his full powered Z move...¨I wont go down without either the move being used, or without a fight!¨ he yelled. It was impulse but inside, Necry tried to fight it. Nothing happened...The move was about to take effect...
  24. Necry said with determination,¨I guess someone needs to battle me...but dont worry, I´ll be fine after. If anyone-¨ since Kronos was the one who started it, he extremely Eyeballed him,¨-is up to it. OR IS ANYONE CHICKEN?!?¨ Necry yelled as he broke through Chelsea´s magic.In fact he absorbed part of what remained of the suppressor as if if was Light. (ooc: Oh great, this might cause some people to challenge him.)
  25. @Kronos the Revenant @Dynamo Pad @Courageous Thunder Dash Necry sensed the presence too...and turned around with a mighty roar.¨When will people learn!!!¨ Necrozma asked loudly. Necry started to glow....¨Oh no not...¨ ´Bright light is about to burst out of Necry!´ He was Transforming...into Ultra Necrozma...but when he revealed himself ...he was a shiny ultra and not a normal ultra due to the two in one form...
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