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About Me

Well, there's not much to know about me... or rather, there's a whole lot to tell, but I'm not sure how interesting that would be... Aww heck! I'll just start and see how far I reach.


I'm an eighteen year old, anime obsessed teen with a slight "talent" for drawing, writing and gaming. I use the quotation marks because I only consider myself slightly above average. I love to argue my opinion with people, not because I like to disprove theirs, but rather because I like to hear their arguments when they're well though out as opposed to seven word sentences.


There's always a let's play running on my computer when it's on, if it's not me watching one, it's me attempting to record one.


As far as games go, I'm a handheld gamer. I have piles upon piles of games for the PSP and DS/GBA and I'm working towards 100% completion for each one of them, that includes franchises like Pokemon, Sonic and Monster hunter. I also play console and PC games but to a far lesser extent. I prefer platformers and (action) RPGs. I also have an unreasonable vendetta against first person (and only first person) shooters, I do however recognize that this hatred is biased and I will occasionally play them with friends on party occasions anyway.


I read and write fan-fiction and love to do so, in fact, fan-work is what has brought me into this fandom. Though I like Friendship is magic, I personally don't find it particularly impressive as a show. *gasp "Blasphemy!"* I do however love the theories, the art, and the stories provided by the fans, and though I've only watched each episode only once, *shock/horror* and I don't feel the urge to watch any episode again, *"that's it, I'm leaving!"* I can honestly say that I love the characters' over all design and personality enough to excuse the show's shortcomings.


More than anything I've mentioned before, I value my friends, specifically Storm (Psychic Storm) and Stormy (Storm Dapple). They are in many ways the high point of my day and I wouldn't be the person I am today without them, therefore I dedicate a good part of my time towards pleasing my friends (if it's reasonable, so don't any of you [bad word] even think of abusing that opportunity! :ph34r: )


Okay, that's enough! I'm tired of this now, I'm going to do something that interest me again.