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  1. I think the most important things above anything else if you're considering getting a kickstarter is to be fully aware of EXACTLY how much money you'll be needing at the bare minimum, and knowing EXACTLY where all that money would be going. You say you want to add voice acting and professional animations/cutscenes? First figure out how much you are roughly willing to pay for those things, then go and look for people who specialize in them and ask them for their charging rates. And probably even before that, get yourself a list of everything you want to add in order of priority. It's important to remember of everything you do which things you find most important in terms of delivering your vision of the game as it should be experienced, so in case any of the features don't make it in, (which happens pretty often in game development), you can still present a quality product that you're satisfied charging money for from people.


    And even after you make your goal, it is essential to remember that you are working with money from people who have put their faith in you for what you present them. Keep them updated on what's going on, show them a bit of the progress every so often. Knowing that the game is developing slowly , rapidly, or even just as quickly as planned is always better than not knowing anything at all. You mentioned you had already started developing, well, make as close to a playable product as you can, even if it's just a single level, before putting it up on kickstarter. You are not a big studio with a well known franchise/developer name behind you (at least, so I assume), people will want to know what they're investing into before giving money.


    If you can, try to ask some professional game devs about the subject. I'm personally not anywhere near a professional, but I can imagine that if you can, you're probably best left seeing how much you can achieve without kickstarter. The pressure of developing for investors is a whole different beast compared to developing from your own time and money. But if nothing else, it's worth at least doing some deeper research into. Best would be if you could find someone who is well versed in finances to give you more advice.

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    I don't really see the changes killing off jungling as a whole, partly because champions who are at their core junglers first above anything else would have no trouble adapting to the changes, and primarily because in the eternal quest for optimizing the gold and experience coming in on your side of the map, not having a jungler throws both those valuable resources away, not even mentioning the fact that as you yourself pointed out, the element of surprise a jungler provides to the game is absolutely integral to the game's structure and it keeps the game from being a one-sided slaughter fest once certain lanes gain the advantage. Without a jungler the game would pretty much devolve to "win 2 out of 3 lanes to win the match".


    The nerf to smite's timer is pretty negligible IMO. As someone who does not jungle with summoner CDR I can say that if the 20 extra seconds on the cooldown timer really bother me, I'll just invest some points in the masteries to reduce that to 14 extra seconds, and if that still doesn't do enough then there's always the new jungle items that further reduce the cooldown of smite, though personally, I think that the new jungle and its items offer enough new stuff that investing everything into just killing jungle creeps (which becomes a non-issue mid game anyways) would kind of be a waste. I'm more looking forward to the opportunity to let's say gank someone and throw a smite on them that not only deals a decent chunk of true damage, but also slows them for a short time.


    It remains to be seen whether the new jungle is better or worse than the current jungle, but if nothing else, it's something new for people to play around with a bit.

  3. I had an interesting match today. I was going 2/0 pretty early in top lane as Mordekaiser against a Nasus. At one point Nasus blurted in all chat "Report Lee Sin, never gank". On a whim, I decided to respond with "It's your own fault for pushing your lane so hard." Which was a total lie, since I was constantly forcing him under his tower the entire time, but their jungler picked up on it and followed up with "Yeah, I can never gank for this idiot." That caused Nasus to go on a raging defensive tirade against his team. After a chain of misinformation fueled hate I was left with a lane that I was free to push however hard I wanted without having to worry about ganks, because nobody on their team wanted to cover for Nasus.



    Oh btw for guys who have gotten a penta who was it with? (Yi doesn't count) Mine was with Tristana :3


    Got one as Ashe, though that was more cleanup after a major derp on my part. I fired my ult from bottom lane, into the enemies on mid lane. My team saw the arrow, went in to initiate, died before I could get there, and all there was left for me to do was sweep up the remnants of opponents.


    Got another as Ahri just yesterday, which was marginally more deserved, and I didn't even cause my entire team to die for that one. In the teamfight I ended up dashing into their front line, then dashing again to their back line, took out their carries, dashed back to the front line, took out their bruisers, then flashed back to the back line to finish off the support. Massive kudos to the Alistar and I believe Jarvan on my team who, despite being able to take out the support with one auto attack, casually kept walking next to her so I could get the credit for that kill. Still not completely my own penta, but more deserved than the Ashe one.  :lol:



    I thought you could see the teleport animation and even sometimes hear it if you're close enough to it even if it wasnt warded?


    I would love to believe that this is the case, but there have also been instances where I'm right next to a bush and someone teleports in from let's say mid lane without any sort of indication on my own lane. 

  6. Can anyone explain to me what god decides whether or not the enemy team gets to see me teleport into a bush they have not warded? It seems to happen a lot, and I've even had this happen in my favor more than a few times, but I can't for the life of me pin down what the stipulations are for this to happen.

  7. his game can be so silly. I almost ended up winning yesterday after having the team's nexus taken down to 10 health. The enemy team got cocky when they won a teamfight 5 for 0 and all fountain dived, leaving their minions to... not focus down the nexus. :lol:



    I wanted to go Support, so I locked in Sona and waited for our last pick to choose. He was supposed to get an ADC. When suddenly... Teemo. TEEMO. I was completely hopeless at that poibt and was sure that the game would end up on a loss. Even more so when I saw their ADC was an Officer Caitlyn. ...We won.


    Mistake #1. You underestimated the sheer manly power that is the satanic hellspawn dubbed Teemo. There's a reason he is titled the overlord of all that is evil.


    Mistake #2. You underestimated the sheer womanly power that is Sona support. Against the poke heavy Caitlyn, Sona can just sustain that poke away if necessary. I'm 101% sure that Caitlyn was crying her eyes out in lane.


    Mistake #3... Idunno, something about Rengar and Fizz being OP, my mind kinda wondered off on that last one...

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    You know what, I have an idea. What does everyone feel the best overall support is?


    In terms of "best" support, my vote goes to Leona, but this is only assuming the rest of the team actually follows up on her CC. In terms of my favorite supports when I'm playing ADC I would actually go with 3 unconventionals. Nautilus for buttloads of strong CC, Ashe for unmissable poke, a long range stun, and an inescapable perma-slow, not to mention the fact that she's a nice secondary AD late game, and full AP, Meijai's soulstealer Lux, for awesome kill securing power.  ^_^

    Actually, now that I think of it, I seem to be having more success over-all when there's at least one unconventional in my team...



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    So I was playing with a dumb*** Rengar earlier today... He fed Jinx, fed zed, fed yi, and then blamed me for losing us the game... Him feeding Zed put me behind so I was down by like 3 levels, and when Jinx was fed as all hell, had BT and GA, AND had Zed and Sona with her, he expected me to run into a 1v3 and kill her. I told him that I couldn't fight a 1v3 at a low level so he said "Omg this Irelia is such a f***ing pussy, she lost us the game." Oh the things I wanted to say to him... He's lucky I didn't want to be banned -.-


    H-how does a Rengar even feed? :o  



    Ive also had people apologize for their play as well.


    It's actually a somewhat common practice of mine to intentionally draw blame as a support (assuming my ADC isn't being a dick). Last hitting and trading tends to turn into an aggravating hell when your team is constantly bitching at you, so regardless of whose fault it actually is I try to lead the conversations following screw-ups with a "sorry" and "That was my fault." or, "I screwed up on that one." And then kind of ignore the hate comments afterwards if any. In most cases though it's a single comment of "This noob Zyra." or "Report our Leona." before everyone happily continues playing the game.

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    More power to ya. I understand how AS Twitch is supposed to work in theory, but it's just not my style. Maybe you could teach me some day.  ^_^




    AD, though, can really hurt. A lot. But, building that mainly is pointless, unless you only use the invis, to grant attack speed and, obviously, gank.


    Yeah, that is mostly how I play him, Invis, walk in their path so they can't escape easily, pop my casket for 2 free stacks, shoot 3-4 times, pop my expunge, and get back to farming.



    I had a horrible team. Told me to play AD Twitch. Why the fuck? Attack Speed is Twitch's main focus? Learn champions before you rant on them about their builds, numbnuts team.


    Personally I prefer AD Twitch. Hasn't let me down so far, so I see no reason to change it. The way I see it you can either go AS which gives you your stacks faster, but you do less damage with your expunge, or you can go AD where expunge really hurts, but you have to be more careful about applying stacks. And since his casket applies 2 stacks and sneak gives attack speed I never find that I need any more than a simple combination of Boots + Phantom Dancer + Ruaan's Hurricane. And you know what, maybe I am building him wrong, but like I said before, it's given me more consistent success than an attack speed build, so unless something about his kit or my items changes I'm not looking to change that.