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About Me

Welcome, welcome, one and all, to the greatest place on earth, my profile!


My personal story:

It started on April 21st, 1997, when I was born. Yep, born, then you know, I lived.

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Lives: Upstate South Caroline

Status: Taken

(By whom, a lovely girl named Haley who I love dearly. I asked her out on the 23rd of November 2013. She is also a brony and well, likes everything I like and is all around awesome. I love you Haley! I know you will read this one day. So Mwah. Also Aarod Brachuin X Sweetiecharm is best shipping.)

Other Info: Ummmm, just PM me if you have questions I guess.


My pony story:

My journey into the MLP fanbase started in December of 2011, when I was reading through an issue of Gameimformer and I noticed an article where a man defended the ponies we now love. I laughed at it at first, and then a few weeks later, gave the show a shot. I ended up loving it, and started watching it. After I watched the first season I sorta stopped, and it took a few months for me to find the show again, this time around May, which also happens to be when I watched season 2, and joined these lovely forums.


My forums story:

I'm really know one special, just someone who really likes ponys, enjoys discussing ponys, loves RolePlaying, and loves the forum games, especially you Last Poster Wins thread. You'll occasionally see me post artwork as I do draw sometimes, or stories, as I do enjoy writing fanficiton. Other than that, maybe we'll cross paths in a random thread.


Pony info:

Best Pony:Trixie_watch_in_awe_by_tygerbug-d4db0h9.png

Best Mane Six:pinkamena_smile_by_winter_shadowhooves-d4p2dfz.png

Best CMC:129520.png?1378309353


Shipping pictures cause I love shipping: