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  1. Hmmmm darn. I'm trying to find some of the other people who use to visit this tjread. But hello all the same!
  2. Well I don't mind spaghetti so that's not to bad.
  3. Hello. Any one left here who I might recognize?
  4. Anyone up for chatting over pm. Looking for people to talk to and make friends and what not

  5. I'm sorry friend. There are just some people at there who to put it blatantly suck. I'm sorry you had to go through a terrible experience. But your friends here are always here for you, I'm here if you ever need to talk.
  6. But the chosen one can not be swayed. The chosen one is amazing.
  7. I am not sure who yet actually. There time is not here. I wait here for them to arrive.
  8. But the rebellion is over. Our members our scattered across the galaxy. Only one man can save them.
  9. Our friend accelerant no longer visits these parts, so sadly, as of right now, it was crushed.
  10. First post by accelerant on this page starts it. Also 910 this is history my friend
  11. There was an uprising. Before your time though. It never really kicked off. To hard to find the soul and heart of an innocent man.
  12. Now this gets interesting. You are talking to one of the masterminds of the Last Poster Wins uprising. Now all I need is coffee boy.
  13. Well here I am. Bask in my greatness!
  14. That I am. I use to be number one here then sorta stopped coming around. I still check every now and then cause you know . I wanna get more active again though.
  15. Yay. It's been awhile since ive been here and you called the top posters here awhile back. So how are you?