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  1. I am mentally stable

  2. AND they banned my love! Thanks alot guys...

  3. Don't ban TeslaCoil PathfinderCS, please

  4. My Cars: Left: 1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue Right: 2013 Dodge Charger My dream car: 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat
  5. HEY THERE TESLACOIL! I'm coming for you.

    1. TeslaCoil


      I got a dick the size of Mount Everest bitch

    2. Evil Nightmares

      Evil Nightmares

      i know, i was there when you hit me with it


  6. Who needs sleep when you have insomnia.

  7. A victim of unrequited love, i must admit. What happens to me, i find irrelevant. But my Love, she means everything to me. And that's exactly what i would give up for her. Her unhappiness. Living a life of empty promises and broken dreams. That is what i fear. Her sadness burns me. And I fear she may never be truly happy.
  8. ^This made me laugh really hard. So thank you for that. I needed a good cheering up today. -I live on my own -No fedora -I rarely watch the show anymore, and never got past season 3. So i rarely talk about it. -I'm very very thin *Ya know, because of the whole 'Bronies are all fat' bullshit* -I guess im straight, but to be honest, i'd hump a toaster if i was in the mood. So, i'm not real sure where that puts me when it comes to the whole 'Gay' thing. But i guess it breaks the stereotype, because..... Screw off, why not? -I'm not a kiddy fiddler -I don't have any mental disorders. -I am sad cynical sack of shit, but damn i'm pretty
  9. Well, last time i checked, e621 had a blacklist option that would work in your favor. But e621 doesn't have a very large amount of SFW images. So i guess it's a trade: Lose some art but filter out the ones you'd rather not see. Or just start ignoring the ones you don't like.
  10. I don't know if DA has a blacklisting option. But if they don't, then yeah, it would be nice. However, DA will censor some of the art that's a bit too inappropriate. So it's not like R34 or e621, where just about anything goes. They do have a line that wont be crossed.
  11. If you look up lots of pictures of Fluttershy, You'll eventually find one of her doing drugs. If you look up lots of pictures of Rainbow Dash, You'll eventually find one of her doing drugs. You'll find this with just about any character that is well liked. Even Maud. When a certain character is well liked, then fan art is almost guaranteed. And not all of it will be appropriate. But that doesn't necessarily make it bad. Hell, i draw Grimdark and R34 stuff all the time, and a lot of Bronies wouldn't really approve of that. But there's also a pretty good percent that do enjoy it. And that's a good think. Having a diverse fandom is not bad.
  12. This is Wither Pales. Feel free to ask Wither whatever you'd like. *I'm gonna try to respond to every question with a picture of Wither answering it. And since i have to draw these myself, i might not be responding to every question immediately . But i figure this will keep it interesting and visually appealing. Thanks for taking the time to read this, for those who did.*
  13. Such a lonely day, and it's mine.

  14. Sad Happy Criminally insane How I spend my free time. Don't judge me. But you're free to judge my artwork, if you feel so inclined.
  15. Sweetness, did you believe in this?

  16. Pinkie Pie wont smile. So i guess i'll do it for her.
  17. I'm stronger then i've ever been. But i'm still pathetic.

  18. I hate Insomnia.

    1. V1NYL_DA5H


      I feel like I have it but I don't, I'm weird like that :P

  19. First off, i want to say Thank You, for your GOOD constructive criticism. I truly do appreciate it, and don't get it as often as i'd like. So right now, i'm experimenting with Pony body and head styles. So none of my other digital drawings look like this one. The Nose Style i went with is a bit odd, i will admit. But i kinda like it on those merits alone. But every digital drawing i've done so far is completely different in style. I'm still trying to find which one suits me best. As for the anime character He/She is from Soul Eater. And His/Her name is Crona (Gender is ambiguous).
  20. Yeah, more shitty artwork. Crona (Left): Soul Eater Pinkie Pie (Right): My Little Pony Friendship is Magic