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  1. Since I made this (although these ratings are totally subject to change whenever I re-watch these episodes again, its been a while), I'll give what my stats would be for the first 3 eras. Faust Era: 11 Amazing, 16 Great, 11 Good, 6 Meh, 6 Bad McCarthy Era: 20 Amazing, 7 Great, 5 Good, 6 Meh, 3 Bad Transitional Era: 5 Amazing, 5 Great, 6 Good, 5 Meh, 3 Bad Yeah, that definitely supports my ranking on those 3 eras. I've only seen most of Seasons 6-9 once since I do not have established opinions on a lot of them, particular the ones I did not really like. I think slightly unde
  2. I've only seen most of those episodes once so I do not have established opinions on a lot of them, particular the ones I did not really like. I think slightly under half of the episodes Seasons 6-9 would get at least a good from me (the remaining half would probably be evenly split between meh and bad). That being said, I looked through the episode list and here are the episodes from these seasons I probably would rate great or amazing (totally subject to change): Season 6 Great (4): Saddle Row Review Flutter Brutter Dungeons and Discords Buckball Season Season 6 Amazing (4):
  3. I did one for Seasons 1-5. (Note that if Cutie Remark's two parts were separated Part 1 would be Meh and Part 2 would be Bad, I put it as Meh overall on the tier list). Stats: Season 1: 5 Amazing, 10 Great, 4 Good, 4 Meh, 3 Bad Season 2: 8 Amazing, 6 Great, 7 Good, 2 Meh, 3 Bad Season 3: 7 Amazing, 1 Great, 2 Good, 2 Meh, 1 Bad Season 4: 11 Amazing, 6 Great, 3 Good, 4 Meh, 2 Bad Season 5: 5 Amazing, 5 Great, 6 Good, 6 Meh, 4 Bad
  4. https://mlpforums.com/topic/196366-rank-the-5-eras-of-friendship-is-magic/

    Vote and/or comment on this thread if you have the time, I would love to see more opinions! ;)


  5. Something along these lines: 1: Hurricane Fluttershy 2: Sleepless in Ponyville 3: Twilight's Kingdom 4: Canterlot Wedding 5: Amending Fences 6: Sparkle's Seven 7: Pinkie Pride 8: Too Many Pinkie Pies 9: Health of Information 10: Princess Twilight Sparkle
  6. Yeah I debated with myself on which eras to place some of the finales in, so I'll explain my reasoning for them: Canterlot Wedding: I put it in the McCarthy era because nothing in Season 2 really built up to it. The introduction of Candace and Shining Armor represented a big addition to the lore of the show and a shift in focus with dealing with the kingdom more. This shift defined Seasons 3 and 4 and was not really related to the rest of Seasons 1 and 2. Due to this as well as the increased action it tonally felt like something in Season 3 or 4. I included Twilight Kingdom in the Mc
  7. I personally do not think that Seasons 8 and 9 properly took risks. Although they were willing to introduce the School of Friendship, it seemed like the show was scared of deviating too much from the norm, so the student six only had a few episodes in Season 8 and were a complete non presence in Season 9. Since I found the established characters flat and uninteresting by this point and I did not like most of the episodes featuring them, I think these seasons would have been far better if the Student 6 and Friendship school was developed far more. Even if it was done poorly, it would have at l
  8. Something I find really cool about this fandom is how varied people's opinions on the show are. I personally think the show was amazing during its first half and mediocre for the rest of its run, but others think the opposite, some love the whole show, and some only like seasons 1 and 2! As shown in Stranger Than Fanfaction, people who like common things can still often enjoy very differing things about it leading to big disagreements. I really enjoyed reading the season ranking thread (https://mlpforums.com/topic/188400-rank-the-seasons/#comments) because I got to see the differing things peo
  9. For Seasons 1-4 (This would be my overall rating since I like and care about these seasons much more): 1: Twilight - I loved her personality and character development. In Seasons 1-3, seeing her grow and develop as a student learning about the world and friendship was really fun. In Season 4 she had a great arc of her finding her place as a princess, with Twilight's Kingdom being a perfect conclusion to her arc as a whole. 2: Pinkie Pie - Managed to be incredibly entertaining, fun, and likable through and through. Although she was occasionally too dumb or mean spirited, 90% of the time
  10. After watching some of Mr. Enter's reviews of the show and thinking that it looked good, I started watching the show in late 2015. The first episode I watched was Return of Harmony, followed by Lesson Zero and Party One. I loved all 3 of them and it instantly hooked me to the show.
  11. For me: S1 Best: Sonic Rainboom S1 Worst: Boast Busters S2 Best: Hurricane Fluttershy S2 Worst: Dragon Quest S3 Best: Sleepless in Ponyville S3 Worst: One Bad Apple S4 Best: Twilight’s Kingdom S4 Worst: Somepony to Watch Over Me S5 Best: Amending Fences S5 Worst: What About Discord S6 Best: Stranger Than Fan Fiction S6 Worst: Applejack's Day Off S7 Best: Health of Information S7 Worst: Fame and Misfortune S8 Best: Best Gift Ever or Hearth's Warming Club S8 Wor
  12. Equestria Girls never getting its own show to properly expand on the potential of its characters (specifically Sci-Twi and Sunset) and world was honestly the greatest tragedy about MLP. So much missed potential.
  13. Season 8 and 9 should have featured the School of Friendship and the Young Six far more than they actually did. These season showed through its questionable quality of episodes involving the mane cast that there was nothing more to do with the main characters. I think if the show spent more time with the new concept and characters they could have been far more interesting. The show was halfway stuck between wanting to do something new and also being too scared to actually change the focus, and it winded up failing at both changing up the show and keeping its old quality. I personally liked the
  14. Best is Hurricane Fluttershy for taking a simple plotline and making it absolutely amazing with character growth, several wonderful morals, and an awesome climax and a very unique concept with making the storm. Bonus points for completely making up for the awfulness of the episode proceeding it (Dragon Quest, my least favorite from the first 5 seasons) Worst is Applejack's Day Off for being the most boring and pointless thing I have ever seen from MLP. The plot was insanely slow in service of an obvious moral that they rubbed in the audience's faces and turned Applejack into a complete i
  15. 1: Twilight's Kingdom 2: Canterlot Wedding 3: Magical Mystery Cure 4: To Where and Back Again 5: Shadow Play 6: Best Night Ever 7: School Raze 8: Ending of the End 9: The Cutie Remark
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