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  1. First I shall answer the title topic. All definitions of Brony ultimately involve being a fan of MLPFiM. You can be a fan of something and still want it to change. @@Dark Qiviut I've noticed your strong emotional attachment to the sociopolitical aspects of this fandom and I remember your dedication to the label of Brony. I bookmarked a few of your MLP-related posts for later use and just went through them tonight, closing out of most of them rather quickly, but stopping to respond to this last one. I've carefully examined your opponents on this thread to figure out what they are saying wrong so I do not make the same mistakes. This actually seems like a worthwhile subject to get to the bottom of, so that is why I am responding. I figure I might as well speak your language here instead of just saying something short and undetailed such as "Well, because you pointed out just how inherently politically and gender-defying meaningful the very word itself Brony is, then it truly cannot merely mean just a fan of MLPFiM nothing more nothing less". So here goes: You talk of "complicating the definition" by refusing to identify as something that apparently has very basic and concrete criteria, when actually the label has always been complicated from the outset by having the clearly gendered word "bro" as part of the name. We still live in a world where most people in the English language identify the word "bro" with males. It's not quite like... for example, the noun "mate". Believing that the word "bro" is gender-neutral is a very particular statement that is not a foregone conclusion of being a fan of MLPFiM. This is precisely what the term "Brony" indicates in it's very etymology, as evidenced in your detailed discussion about how (apparently) revolutionary the term "Brony" is. It's precisely what makes it not merely an inconvenient or uncomfortable, but an inaccurate, label to affix to people who don't agree with its message about the word "bro" (or gender in general) and yet are still fans of MLPFiM. It's not always about "but I don't feel like being associated with some of the fandom" or some other logical fallacy distraction, it's also about "the term literally has a message, right there in the obvious etymology of the word, that I don't agree with". Identifying as a MLPFiM fan who is specifically not a Brony isn't always an expression of insecurity of being interested in MLPFiM. At this point, it is also an expression of confidence, not merely that outsiders cannot define them, but the fandom itself cannot define them. Considering your own beliefs about what the term Brony entails (again, in it's very definition and root of the word, not the reputation and connotations the term Brony has gotten as a result of the reputation of the MLPFiM fandom), why would you want to insist that it still applies to certain fans who particularly reject the feminist/gendery message of the label? Perhaps it is because your main target of MLPFiM fans who do not identify as Bronies that you hope to encourage into embracing the term are, indeed, people who might agree with your assessment of the term's social/gender-defying significance but have fled the label for those other attempts at reasons? (also I dislike the term Pegasister as well. It is too much of a "me-too" phrase.)
  2. That's it? Well, that was rather boring. At least they got Tabitha to voice the gray pegasus pony with the yellow mane and the bubbles cutie mark again, with her using pretty much the same voice as in her do-over cut of The Last Roundup. So the credits lists her as "Muffins". I've seen that name on some merchandise, but also noticed that she was never addressed by name in the episode.
  3. That's it? That was kinda boring.

  4. Parts I especially liked: 1:11 to 1:19, that was a good scene transition idea. to take Celestia into that void-plane thing. The incredible choreography of the flying fight scene. That must be very daunting to come up with the decision of how precisely to portray that stuff in hand-drawn animation with all those dipping and diving and swooping angles, especially because all this stuff has to be slowly hand-drawn, meaning the animator could risk being halfway done with a scene before realizing whether or not those swerving action shots look good, when fully animated, or if different poses would've worked better. A daunting thing to plan. 3:26 the diverse way that the dust cloud moves around is very impressive. Warpout definitely did not opt for some cheap Zelda Wind Waker-style flat swirly plumes. Stunning that a fan animation has such production values. each scene transition and choice of what types of shots to use are brilliant, including the spinning Element of Harmony (magic) on the floor at 3:31 as well as the overall decision to leave the camera still on the side shot of Celestia conjuring up the blasting force field. The animator could have been cheap and opted to switch to more close-up shots not showing it in full view, or even just made a generic beam, but instead made this brilliant amber orb field that helps to tell the story by setting somber color-based tones and stuff. Much more interesting and ancient-scary-magic than a rainbow beam. 4:35 did they just seriously animate a hand-drawn mouth moving while the head is turning? I don't even see that in big-budget hand-drawn animation. Usually a character stops moving their mouth, then moves. Maybe there is some of that in some Renaissance Disney movies. But this is a horse character with a long face, very tricky to do something like moving the mouth and rotating it as the same time. It is not exactly walking and chewing bubble gum at the same time. 4:37 to 4:39. And they even managed to remember that the decorative top pieces of Princess Celestia's horseshoes would shift away from her hooves as she moves them around. The tense humming of the violin(?) during 5:32 to 5:37. The chills and feels. Also the landscape as the moon goes down, it is brilliant how it is concave curved instead of a typical flat horizon. It gives me an IMAX vibe (I've only seen like one or two movies in IMAX, the last one being a Louis and Clark movie in 2003, and yes, it was real 70mm IMAX considering that "Digital IMAX" wasn't developed yet.)
  5. I've read the first 12 Friends Forever comics. The writing quality and art quality is all over the place, with none of them being on par with what the best of the main series or the ten-issue Micro-Series.
  6. I discovered this a few days ago: I am very impressed by it. It was animated almost single-handedly by one person with about two background artists. I've looked all around this site with all the searching tools and such and I do not see anyone making a topic specifically about discussing this piece of art in general.
  7. Well, that is different. It managed to impress someone who doesn't even speak the native language of the song. So... is there a main thread for the video? I'm looking around and using Ctrl+F and multiple ways of searching on multiple subforums, but I'm not seeing one. I'm going to make a main topic if one has not been already made. I'm pretty sure that fan content that one did not make themselves belongs in Sugarcube Corner.
  8. Indeed. This thread has been solved. The image vaguely resembles a My Little Pony pony, or more accurately, just a stereotypically saccharine and non-threatening thing in general, by intention, because of the message that the figure hiding inside the Trojan horse/pony, (ISIS/ISIL) is somehow successfully using what the artist calls political correctness as a shield/disguise to get away with attacking/invading, but this political cartoon isn't making any statement about any toys or animated cartoons media themselves.
  9. I for one don't have a very full grasp on how exactly TV watching habits actually happen for little kids in modern times. When I was a little kid, I either watched Saturday morning cartoons on network TV (Kids WB) or maybe Nickelodeon if I was in a home with cable TV. As a kid and a younger teen, I was only aware of new episodes if I happened to see a TV spot advertising a new episode. There was no Internet element to me being a fan or awareness of upcoming episodes. ... I have an eight-year-old niece whose parents have a satellite TV package with Discover Family, and I'm almost certain they've got a DVR, but I'm not sure if she bothers to take it upon herself to tune into Discovery Family. EDIT: I'm entirely certain that she hasn't taken my advice to DVR it, even tho their previous TV provider, which was cable TV, had DVR. Maybe they don't have DVR anymore? (she used it plenty before without being a DVR hog. Well, I'm gonna find out in one week when I visit their home and have access to flip through channels on their TV.) (they, she and her sister, mostly became fans via me having DVDs of whole seasons in my own home) I'm not sure if little kids really follow TV anymore right down to the episode, because the tradition of making time for Saturday mornings is dead now. Sometimes Netflix and on-demand services are a major way of them accessing entertainment media content. And of course for many little kids, their interests are rather transient and a passing thing that they do casually.
  10. I saw the rumors that Twilight would become an alicorn (not specifically princess from what I remember, but just alicorn) pretty much right as/after the first episode of Season 3 premiered. So that aspect simply hung over my head despite intentionally avoiding visiting places online where the rumors would be discussed further, making it more of a "newer" portion of the show.
  11. This is the only "emotional" fan animation of anything that has impressed me.
  12. This subjective wording ultimately amounts to propaganda against free thinkers. Rude posts should not be removed. People say rude things. That's real life. Maybe violent threats and huge flooding posts should be controlled, but other than that, absolutely not. The default attitude of most people on the Internet is a bit opinionated, but smart enough to self-police. It would be ideal if there was a decent vote system if enough members vote about something, if Internet forums have the technology for that. Say them. You don't have to tell the whole story (but you are welcome to recall as much as you can remember, that you feel is appropriate to recount, in case you are worrying about making a long cool story bro wallo'text of history, or PM things to me, or not. I'm okay with whatever large walls of text you can throw at me. But I am aware that people have their own lives and they might not care to type up a report for my benefit for lowly little me.) ...but try to list one or two examples. After all, you said "You can find examples". mlpchat? Thanks to search engines and lurking a few places I am familiar with several different URLs related to MLP that have a set of forums as a primary function of the site. I can say examples of forums that used to be number one or two among their fandom's fan forums that died off at the height of their fandom's popularity. Instances where it made little sense that usage would decline so heavily. (still officially up but almost empty, and the first ever hunger games fandom URL ever made) and to be huge and active during the time of the Catching Fire movie) are very dead, and have been since... I reckon before 2014 started. Altho I cannot be entire sure what caused them to die out, these are websites that almost certainly remained very politically correct the whole way through, given the demographics and ideologies of most of the members. So those didn't fade away because of people leaving due to not wanting to see rude posts. I always check search engines to see what reasonably active forum communities exist, and indeed, admittedly there are only a few MLPFiM oriented ones that are actually active, not almost solely roleplay, and have a somewhat active of a non-Pony/General Discussion/Not related to the thing that the forum is mainly about. And those forums, while admittedly not being as prolifically active with as many people to talk to, are supremely better, because there is much less walking on eggshells. whenever I go on some of those smaller forums, I find myself encountering some of the better members on there. Either they post on multiple forums to have some variety, or they got banned from here. They are usually invariably the most interesting people that contribute a good deal to the place. I've also seen some forums that have lost very intellectual members, members who used to post rather often on both main-topic and non-main-topic boards of the forums, and also never got into any trouble, but still confided in me that a forum community was terrible and stifling (despite not having a vendetta against it from being in trouble, because they never did get in trouble/warned/banned). EquestriaForums is somewhat on the decline from losing some of its better odd characters do to a combination of the banhammer and people leaving (almost certainly due to the stifling circlejerk and not from annoying rude posters bumming them out) Perhaps you have just an many stories as me, perhaps not. EDIT: a minute later. Anyway I don't intend to personally volley back and forth on here, that would get annoying. I've got PMs and personal contacts listed outside of this site.
  13. What are some non-problematic labels.....? Movie buff. I know I fancy myself a movie buff. (I technically see fewer than 50 movies a year tho. Fifty including releases from the past year and movies that are not current. I've seen 28 releases from 2014 between February 22, when I saw The Lego Movie, which was my first 2014 film, to May of this year, when I watched a Redbox rental of Still Alice) Much of the movies were either Oscar bait (even tho I detest them) or off-the-radar movies such as Joe (Nicolas Cage 2014 film) or The Rover (Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson) Or Belle, Locke, Mr. Turner.
  14. I've got a few non-controversial, non-problematic things appropriate for General Discussion: Rarity is best pony Look Before You Sleep is one of the best episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Many people may say they liked or appreciated the film 12 Years A Slave, but most people probably would not list it among their all-time top five. I do. It is literally my favorite live-action movie (I saw it one time in theaters on December 6, 2013) The Lego Movie was one of the finest movies of 2014, and will age rather well as not just a "good animated movie", but as a good movie in general. It deserves to be ranked similar to Birdman (or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) among films of 2014, concerning lasting quality. The Underland Chronicles is a masterpiece, and you should push them on everyone. Not just whatever sixth-grader demographic you think likes reading.... anyone and everyone in the world, not just North America and some of Europe, who is capable of reading in English at a fifth grade level should read The Underland Chronicles and become suitably filled with intense, terrifying feels.
  15. Hello there, I'm reporting in on what I did on May 25 and 26. I have a Skype Group where I report... sometime everyday before the day ends in my time zone, reporting what happened the day before. I guess I didn't do that over here yesterday, MAY 25: Five Bible chapters, 2nd Corithians 2--6. However, I must admit, the only place where I even declared that as my goal was to Nice Watson's personal Skype account. So technically, I met my goal. On the morning of May 26, I stepped it up to this goal: Five Bible chapters, AND five chapters of the novel Tunnels by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams this means, from beginning to chapter five to end of chapter nine. Chapters 5--9, from page 44 to 77. I will try and be here in the morning, as early as possible, everyday to detail my goals I also plan to make them larger. Currently they are paltry. But as for what has happened on May 26, and so far on May 27: I must admit something, I intentionally avoided reporting in this morning of the 27 (Including on my Skype group, which this whole message is just a copy-paste of with the timestamps backspaced) ...because I am a bit of a coward. I did not accomplish my five Bible chapters last night or my five Tunnels chapters last night... But today I just did ten Bible chapters, and five Tunnels, just five more Tunnels chapters to go tonight, the night of May 27th, and I'll be on pace!! Yeah, so it was like 9pm last night, and for the past few days I've been staying up way too late... being on some... serious threads on MLPForums. You see, it was 9pm, I was ready to start reading, and I got an email notification... the purple LED light blinked on my mobile device. I had the Wi-Fi turned on, so that blinking light indicated a new Yahoo Mail. Ugh, someone quoted me in an online forum post and... the nature of it was a bit... libelous... so I felt it was really important to clear that up before everyone jumped down my Internet-reputation throat, and for me to prove the issue wrong factually by just copy-pasting a PM I made before publicly. But I'm pretty sure I am done with that. ..So, anyway, this book is really interesting, Tunnels, by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. I actually coulda kept on reading, but once I officially met my goal that I said I'd do last night, I needed to report in that I at least did it one day late. and I am on track for the one today. already reached the end of 2 Corinthians, turns out it only had thirteen chapters. chapters 7--13 is seven chapters, plus first three of Galatians equal ten chapters. Two days worth. much of this section of the New testament are just letters written by Paul to the early church. So, I am eating two scrambled eggs, fried them up real quick. I am going to read more of Tunnels now. ...also, this post is long-winded and bloggy, but most of them usually won't be so. I'm not sure if I'll report in here since I am also in a Skype Group with ooBrony and Nice Watson.. But I also want to keep this concept alive over here and potentially improve more people's lives. I am going to take a look at that myself sometime this week, to encourage me to direct myself more specifically and boldly.