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  1. First I shall answer the title topic. All definitions of Brony ultimately involve being a fan of MLPFiM. You can be a fan of something and still want it to change. @@Dark Qiviut I've noticed your strong emotional attachment to the sociopolitical aspects of this fandom and I remember your dedication to the label of Brony. I bookmarked a few of your MLP-related posts for later use and just went through them tonight, closing out of most of them rather quickly, but stopping to respond to this last one. I've carefully examined your opponents on this thread to figure out what they are say
  2. That's it? Well, that was rather boring. At least they got Tabitha to voice the gray pegasus pony with the yellow mane and the bubbles cutie mark again, with her using pretty much the same voice as in her do-over cut of The Last Roundup. So the credits lists her as "Muffins". I've seen that name on some merchandise, but also noticed that she was never addressed by name in the episode.
  3. Parts I especially liked: 1:11 to 1:19, that was a good scene transition idea. to take Celestia into that void-plane thing. The incredible choreography of the flying fight scene. That must be very daunting to come up with the decision of how precisely to portray that stuff in hand-drawn animation with all those dipping and diving and swooping angles, especially because all this stuff has to be slowly hand-drawn, meaning the animator could risk being halfway done with a scene before realizing whether or not those swerving action shots look good, when fully animated, or if different poses w
  4. I've read the first 12 Friends Forever comics. The writing quality and art quality is all over the place, with none of them being on par with what the best of the main series or the ten-issue Micro-Series.
  5. I discovered this a few days ago: I am very impressed by it. It was animated almost single-handedly by one person with about two background artists. I've looked all around this site with all the searching tools and such and I do not see anyone making a topic specifically about discussing this piece of art in general.
  6. Well, that is different. It managed to impress someone who doesn't even speak the native language of the song. So... is there a main thread for the video? I'm looking around and using Ctrl+F and multiple ways of searching on multiple subforums, but I'm not seeing one. I'm going to make a main topic if one has not been already made. I'm pretty sure that fan content that one did not make themselves belongs in Sugarcube Corner.
  7. Indeed. This thread has been solved. The image vaguely resembles a My Little Pony pony, or more accurately, just a stereotypically saccharine and non-threatening thing in general, by intention, because of the message that the figure hiding inside the Trojan horse/pony, (ISIS/ISIL) is somehow successfully using what the artist calls political correctness as a shield/disguise to get away with attacking/invading, but this political cartoon isn't making any statement about any toys or animated cartoons media themselves.
  8. I for one don't have a very full grasp on how exactly TV watching habits actually happen for little kids in modern times. When I was a little kid, I either watched Saturday morning cartoons on network TV (Kids WB) or maybe Nickelodeon if I was in a home with cable TV. As a kid and a younger teen, I was only aware of new episodes if I happened to see a TV spot advertising a new episode. There was no Internet element to me being a fan or awareness of upcoming episodes. ... I have an eight-year-old niece whose parents have a satellite TV package with Discover Family, and I'm almost certain t
  9. I saw the rumors that Twilight would become an alicorn (not specifically princess from what I remember, but just alicorn) pretty much right as/after the first episode of Season 3 premiered. So that aspect simply hung over my head despite intentionally avoiding visiting places online where the rumors would be discussed further, making it more of a "newer" portion of the show.
  10. This subjective wording ultimately amounts to propaganda against free thinkers. Rude posts should not be removed. People say rude things. That's real life. Maybe violent threats and huge flooding posts should be controlled, but other than that, absolutely not. The default attitude of most people on the Internet is a bit opinionated, but smart enough to self-police. It would be ideal if there was a decent vote system if enough members vote about something, if Internet forums have the technology for that. Say them. You don't have to tell the whole story (but you are welcome to
  11. What are some non-problematic labels.....? Movie buff. I know I fancy myself a movie buff. (I technically see fewer than 50 movies a year tho. Fifty including releases from the past year and movies that are not current. I've seen 28 releases from 2014 between February 22, when I saw The Lego Movie, which was my first 2014 film, to May of this year, when I watched a Redbox rental of Still Alice) Much of the movies were either Oscar bait (even tho I detest them) or off-the-radar movies such as Joe (Nicolas Cage 2014 film) or The Rover (Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson) Or Belle, Locke, Mr. T
  12. I've got a few non-controversial, non-problematic things appropriate for General Discussion: Rarity is best pony Look Before You Sleep is one of the best episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Many people may say they liked or appreciated the film 12 Years A Slave, but most people probably would not list it among their all-time top five. I do. It is literally my favorite live-action movie (I saw it one time in theaters on December 6, 2013) The Lego Movie was one of the finest movies of 2014, and will age rather well as not just a "good animated movie", but as a good m
  13. Hello there, I'm reporting in on what I did on May 25 and 26. I have a Skype Group where I report... sometime everyday before the day ends in my time zone, reporting what happened the day before. I guess I didn't do that over here yesterday, MAY 25: Five Bible chapters, 2nd Corithians 2--6. However, I must admit, the only place where I even declared that as my goal was to Nice Watson's personal Skype account. So technically, I met my goal. On the morning of May 26, I stepped it up to this goal: Five Bible chapters, AND five chapters of the novel Tunnels by Roderick Gordon and Brian William
  14. I totally agree with the notion that if reading something (or watching or viewing something) is something you do just so you can get the monkey off your back of being previously ignorant of that thing, and you ultimately consider it a chore, then you aren't gonna get much out of it. Anyway, on May 24, yesterday, I read.... One measly Bible chapter first chapter of 2nd Corinthians. and pages 9 to 43 of Tunnels, by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. Pitiful. Officially my only goal that I officially set was to book-read and Bible-read to any degree, so technically I met my goal.
  15. Excessive pressure to be unnaturally nice is the primary reason why I am not very active on here. I have seen several forums lose prominent members, including formerly draconian moderators, and it sterilizing and stagnating, and shrinking the community, including to the point of the forums being discontinued. Forum moderation is censorship, plain and simple, and the current level of it on close-knit forum communities always does more harm than good.
  16. Well. I'd like to use this thread right now to confess that I've allowed the Internet, and largely these forums, to distract me and squander my potential this night. It is 141am right now, and I have had the night entirely to myself since 839pm. I could've used that time for some meaningful stuff, but I got caught in commenting on here about stuff. starting tomorrow, I will try to read actual books. I have Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy, Fourth Edition, by Thomas Sowell I also have Tunnels by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. I read the first nine pages
  17. GuillermoGage

    General What do you hate?

    I kind of feel sorry for saying this because you sound so sincere and sensitive to people's feelings.. sorta. Anyway, that was a... hopefully not too harsh... mocking of how these threads tend to turn out. Making a topic called "what do you hate" is bound to attract all sorts of controversial things... yet at the same time, because this community is heavily populated with that feel-good liberal character archetype... I was also heavily expecting one of the very first responses to be one of those posts where someone mentions that they hate discrimination, especially of the protected cla
  18. GuillermoGage

    General What do you hate?

    Finally, that post happened. At least you didn't say "homophobes" or "bigots".
  19. Yeah... I'm at least bisexual on this spectrum of gay attraction. I don't like it. It upsets me, being associated with the gay community as it currently exists; its creepy ad nauseam omnipresence and cultural dominance. I respect transgender people tho. Which is why I don't like being lumped in with them when their situation is apples to oranges and they have it way harder. I detest identity politics. Am I seriously the only gay person with this perspective? See, this is the sort of thing I am talking about. "obviously", as if it this foregone conclusion for all gay people to "sup
  20. ... I figure this is definitely qualifies as "weird" in the sense of being, unfortunately, a rather uncommon thing: I'm a gay person who opposes the politicized institution of "gay marriage", and it has nothing to do with religion. It has nothing to do with "The Bible says so", or any religion "saying so". I don't respect religious arguments against homosexual anything, just like I don't respect kumbayah/ inevitable march of progress, or glorious-liberation-equality arguments in favor of homosexual anything. My view of the "married people get 1,138 benefits from the government" argumen
  21. I really dislike it when they draw the snouts of the mares really tiny, and draw the ponies in such a super-deformed style that doesn't even look equine, even moreso than the show. Agnes Garbowska and sometimes Amy Mebberson are super-guilty of this. Agnes especially. The Trixie Diamond Heist comic had them looking like cats for every front-facing scene. Sometimes I put a piece of paper over some front-view face panels that they drew, and trace over their faces, but make the snouts bigger so they have the look of sticking out more. I take a look at that traced drawing and I see that th
  22. Since you were 12? According to your profile, you stopped being 12 years old merely a few months ago. When did you learn about Hiro? Maybe a year ago at most? I think May of 2014 was probably when the first teaser trailers of Big Hero 6 were available to the public, probably not any earlier than that, and the movie premiered in wide release in November. So... actually rather recently. Meh, I don't get it. This thread's definition of "odd" is rather loose. The main character in Big Hero 6 has a cute, handsome design that is rather standard for Disney animated features protagonists. He
  23. Hello, Kyralina. I have thought of going on forums and addressing people with this very subject matter. I have created threads like this on Internet forums before. Sometimes I have called it "Encouragement and Accountability Buddies Thread!" ...I'm surprised I did not notice this topic. It is only about one day older than this one that I made yesterday: https://mlpforums.com/topic/129165-what-are-some-general-dailyweekly-things-youd-like-to-be-doing-with-your-life/ But my thread hadn't touched upon arranging for any system of accountability buddies. I didn't get around to making a part
  24. At this point any pop-culture reference (pandering?) can happen. Hopefully something that is not just a crossover-interest stereotype like this. That would be excessive even for the comics. First and foremost, most pop-culture references are for things from before a show began, not after. A Five Night's At Freddy's reference would be even more contemporary and stereotypical than TF2 or Minecraft in that regard.
  25. Indeed, I don't see the point of talking about "ratings" in the context of how many teevees were tuned into Discovery Family while that episode was on. It sorta makes sense for, like, gamers to talk about sales figures because that actually affects if they will continue to get certain games, but not here with My Little Pony. Not only does a significant amount of the grownup/adolescent fandom that follows a current season not watch it on Discovery Family (often from simply pirating, or the stream-pirating of it, but hopefully some of us actually buy the show via iTunes, Google Play or Amazo
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