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  1. *rolls initiative* 19+my modifier gives me 23 initiative

  2. It was insipred by Rarity, I made it more personal.
  3. Yup! It's my entire bicep pretty much :3
  4. I wanted it too look like just the tips of Rarity's mane is being touched by a pink glow.
  5. Here is my pony tattoo! It's brand new (I just got the tattoo a few hours ago) and really red looking so the actual tattoo will look different when my skin heals but I wanted to share it here The tattoo is insipred by this picture of Rarity with some design changes. Her coat is white, it just looks pinky cuz of my skin. Also, the tattoo artist shaded her coat purple like under her chin and her hooves and some other places. I'm very happy with how it came out n_n
  6. It was a really bad drug...THAT WAS CONCOCTED BY ZOMBIES
  7. So I'm planning on making a series of OC ponies that are based off of tasty treats, here's the first one, Sundae Swirl! Her mane is the colors of spumoni ice cream and her coat is the color of vanilla. Her hooves look like they've been dipped in fudge n_n Her cutie mark is three scoops of ice cream with fudge and a cherry on top. So what's your favorite sweet treat? :3 I'm looking for ideas for my next OC pony in this series n_n
  8. I don't doubt that you've seen better but I'm pretty satisfied with it since I only had 5 pins and three straws when the tut calls for 10 pins and like 5 straws. She'll probably end up matted and tangled again in a week anyway.
  9. Watch Rarity's hair go from matted and gross to FABULOUS!...sorta. I used this tutorial if anyone is also interested in fixing their Rarity Brushable. Before After!
  10. Sorry guys, I wasn't really taking requests. Those two just happened to see my status and asked, I might take requests later but these two are the only OC's (other than mine) that I'm gonna draw at the moment. I appreciate the compliments though!
  11. Not "my" OC's (I misspelled the title, once again >_<) I said in my status that I'd be drawing ponies aaaaaaaall day and Adam the Super Brony and Deidre Asada asked if I could draw their OC's. So here they are! Adam the Super Brony Deidre Asada