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  1. LittleHarmøny

    no critique Vantablack <3

    This is my art of my pony pegasus for G5, Vantablack! based off the one black bird of paradise! She, in stories, is a mysterious pegasus that wanders the woods of bridlewood
  2. More gay, and this time our lovely sapphics are asleep 🥺 or at least one of the is 👀
  3. I was looking at these two for the fifth time after I rewatched the g5 movie, and thought “gay” I mean, it’s cute enough 🥺 Plus I really love feminine lesbians like Pipp not saying pipp is a lesbian, canonically, but I like to imagine she is.
  4. my favorite meme is actually a spanish meme, but for english memes I really love this one
  5. Nothing beats a fresh pear! I do celebrate thanksgiving! I can always go for the main event turkey, buuut if i had to choose... the mash potatoes! Oh, the best experience with an animal is my tad wittle baby kitten when we took a nap together <3 As for that question, I've once had to try my best to fit through the vent system of sugarcube corner to take the sugary treats for myself.. hehe... And no, i havent changed my hair color. it's naturally white
  6. questions? I dont mind! (thingy made on picrew!)
  7. Thanks for the follow :3

  8. Weird I just saw the image not showing up let me try again how about now?
  9. i made art of my ponysona, Harmony! Its been a while since I drew mlp and its really great to draw ponies again 😌 harmony is really just going through a whole color palette, and even so im sorta unsatisfied with her design. all well that ends well i suppose 🤭
  10. So, There is mane 5 characters right? Each one mostly a reflection of an original mane 6 character. Sunny could be Twilight, Ivy could be pinkie, Hitch is obviously fluttershy, Zipp is rainbow, Pipp and is Rarity. So that begs the question, Is Sprout supposed to be Applejack? I had a small headcanon he might be a descendant of big mac cause of the colors haha, but its interesting to think if Sprout will be redeemed and apart of the Mane 5?
  11. Hello ponies, bronies, and all of above! I’m LittleHarmony, you can call me Harmony and ponies are rad ngl! Zecora, Big Mac, and Derpy are my best favorite ponies. I draw and do art hoping one day to open an art shop too but I don’t have a PayPal yet, so I’m only being hindered by that currently. And yeah, nice to me you, Equestrians!
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