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  1. I hope Grogar comes back in G5, he was one of my favorite villains when I got into the series.
  2. I am not sure how big the time skip is in G5 after the plot of G4 while the G5 cast lives far away compared to where the G4 cast lives so is anyone from G4 still alive or not?
  3. Pretty much all ages, I seen teens and adults watch it before so I don't see why not.
  4. I agree. G4 is overrated, too long like when it came out while I loved the franchise it took almost the entire decade for me to finish it. In the battles they always asspull a victory (The way of the main ponies defeating Tirek in Season 4 being the main example) they gained transformations that has neat designs but is bland and too overpowered (I know its called Rainbow Power but however I call it Elements Of Harmony Requiem), it only had 3 minutes of screentime and there was no development for it at all. Its like Lauren Faust just wanted to make some buffed version of Elements Of Harmony tha
  5. G5 only has a movie currently but I liked it. So I am not so sure But G4 is so overrated that the other generations barely get attention compared to it. I've watched every generation so far before but G2 is my favorite generation.
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