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  1. It's been awhile since I posted on this forum. And the whole, "Derpy is offensive!!111!!!" has been circulating on my Tumblr dash for awhile. I find it annoying and hypocritical that no one blinked an eye about the character, Snails but freaked out about Derpy.
  2. Oh, I see... This text adventure was well-done and it's a shame that more people didn't take interest in it. I'm not sure if I'll visit this forum anymore, since this was the main reason I kept returning.
  3. >Moonlight should use her electrosapper it seems like that would be most effective at defeating cyborg zombies. >Is this discontinued?
  4. >Request that Jack set aside his revenge plans for the moment and help them get rid of whoever is causing a lighting storm outside
  5. >Say that you don't want to be shipped with anyone at any point in this story >Tell Winter that you need to find Fantasy and fast for danger is approaching and you need a way to protect yourself
  6. >Ask Winter about what Fantasy is inventing
  7. >Resolve to get some Wizardry Rings so you can use them to take revenge on Natural Harmonia and the Royals
  8. >Think about what you can do with your stolen schematics
  9. >Proceed with caution. Chainsaws are dangerous
  10. >Track Igor down since he's probably going to try and resurrect the doctor
  11. >Inspect the body to make sure he's dead.
  12. >Be healed by Morning Glory >Do victory dance