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  1. Ninjaneer

    You're Evil

    When i was 2, i was a friggin' escape artist. Diapers? Crawled right outta them. Cribs? Didn't hold me back. Locked doors? Yep. I could easily get past this- and even THIS. v According to mom, i would lie on my back and repeatedly kick the door until i heard a *click*, and the latch was off. The most she could do to contain me was to set two of these, one above the other, and in opposite directions. She also had to DUCT TAPE MY DIAPER to keep me from crawling out of them. Yeah, i was evil at age 2.
  2. Here's mine. I think i might have kinda stuttered on a few words. i'm gonna retake it in a bit, see if i can improve my score. Also, do you think it's faster to go back and redo red words, or skip them and go to the next one? edit: Just barely better. Think i should practice? I might have a few typing games hidden in the giant stack of CDs I call 'my childhood'...
  3. Ninjaneer

    Post your Desktop

    Heck yes tekkit. Here's mine. 1. Yes, that's seriously how my monitors are positioned. Don't have a lot of desktop room, so i made a sturdy box over my printer that lets everyone use it, and put my monitor on top. 2. My background randomly picks from a series of similar glow wallpapers. If anyone wants, i can send a zip file with all of them.
  4. Kinda. maybe. TPAM has an icon recolor of TPBM.
  5. Ninjaneer

    Keep one, Drop one.

    Anyways, Sarcastic remark.
  6. Ninjaneer

    The "What If" Game

    What if Twilight became an alicorn... in season 3?
  7. Yes, yes i do. We have 'icicle' lights, that have long bulbs every 8 inches with LED's in them that flash to look like they're dripping. Looks kinda like this, but faster, and... higher quality. TPAM has heard of Gubble before.
  8. Ninjaneer

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for posting 24 minutes ago.
  9. Considering spells exist, and someone had to have made them, i'd use it to learn how to make, then make, some spells. Specifically spells to transform humans into equines, and open a portal to Equestria. Then break it in half and chuck it off a bridge.
  10. This would be a good idea, except Hasbro OWNS the MLP franchise. Doing this would be illegal unless someone were to A: buy the MLP franchise, B: Hasbro simply gives them the franchise (GOOD LUCK), or C: the copyright were to somehow expire or become invalid. In the meantime, i was wondering if a boycott were possible, "We bronies won't buy ANYTHING from hasbro until they shut up and stop screwing with the series!"
  11. Dear Hasbro, You wanted an awesome show for your franchise, and by Celestia, you got one. Don't screw it up now. Sincerely, Ninjaneer.
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