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  1. Hello everyone! I apologize greatly for my absence from this post. I've been busy with classes and other things outside the internet. ^^; Okay here's a picture of what I plan on giving away:
  2. HowlDash23

    Post Your Collection

    Here's how my collection was a couple of months ago: (I really need to update this. I'll post an updated version when I get the change to.)
  3. Let's see....most recent pony merch I got was at Comikaze Expo this last Saturday. I managed to grab the Welovefine figures of Trixie and Future Twilight, which look amazing, plus a Nightmare Moon t-shirt from the same booth. Also, I just preordered the Welovefine Discord Flutter figure.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'd rather give them to a new home rather than a firey home.
  5. I'm I'm not giving away all my collection, just most of my blind bag figures, etc. because I've one: lost interest in having so many blind bag figures, and two I'm running out to room to display them and it's just starting to feel way too packed.
  6. Because I realized I have way too much pony merch and it's getting way too crowded where I have them displayed.
  7. I hope this is the right spot to have this in. So as the title suggests, I would like to give away probably a good portion of my pony collection mainly most of my blind bag figures, a booster deck set of the Rarity & Rainbow Dash set that was opened but never used, and finally one of the mini Octavia figures from the Funko blind boxes. I am not quite sure how to go about this.
  8. I would love to be able to use the multiplayer option on Minecraft because it gets quite lonely after a while playing by myself. Now, I have tired following some of the tutorials I've found online to do this but it seems like every time I try to follow them, either because I'm not that tech savvy or something seems to go wrong, I end up I having to re-download Minecraft all over again. :/ So I'm wondering if anyone could offer any help in what I could do to connect because I have yet to have any luck in trying to figure out this puzzle.
  9. HowlDash23

    Gaming Dota 2 Help

    Ah! Thank you thank you! I'm gonna make sure to update my computer to that in the morning. And thanks again for the help! : )
  10. HowlDash23

    Gaming Dota 2 Help

    So after trying to Google an answer to this problem and getting no such luck, I figured I could possibly get some help here on this issue. I just finished downloading Dota 2 to my Mac laptop computer and tired to press play on it to play but then I got this error message: "Could not find required OpenGL entry point 'glDrawRangeElementsBaseVertex'! Either your video card is unsupported, or your OpenGL driver needs to be updated." I did update my software on my computer to see if that would work, but unfortunately that didn't seem to help either. :/ I don't know how to update my OpenGL
  11. Thank you! : ) I'll make sure to check it out when I get the chance.
  12. I will admit I still do. I don't...I just find a bit of comfort in my pony plushies. Something to hug ya know.
  13. I'm curious as to what people think of this tv show based on the movie. Is it worth a watch?
  14. On forums not too much as long as I put my gender down...although probably due to the username I use most of the time I have been mistaked for a guy few times. In real life, quite a good number of times. xD Due to the tomboyish way I dress and especially my hair style, I've gotten mistaked for a guy quite a lot. : p
  15. This isn't gotta sound as impressive as half the stuff on here, but I'm proud of it nonetheless. I built this cool little house in the side of a mountain hidden in a jungle with half a water mount surrounding it. Buut unfortuntely I got lost and now I sort of can't find it anymore so I've been building on and off a new house that's gonna more of a castle...thing. xD;
  16. HowlDash23

    Mega Thread Anime Discussion Thread

    Let's see my favorite animes are thus far: -Cyborg 009 -Cowboy Bebop -Trigun -Soul Eater -Pokemon -Big 0 -Darker Than Black -Summer Wars -Blue Exorcist -Fullmetal Alchemist -Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood -Gundam Wing -Tenchi Muyo -FLCL -Gurren Lagann ...and the list could go on. xD;
  17. I use this website, sometimes the Socal Bronies website, other Brony pages on FB, and don't know if this counts but also Equestria Daily.
  18. HowlDash23

    Technology What electronics do you own?

    -A iPhone 4 -MacBook Pro -iPad 2 -A alarm clock -Playstation Portable (the first version from the early 2000's ) -A Canon HD Camcorder -A lamp
  19. Ooh yes I do. In fact I had one just a few days ago because I made the dumb choice of watching a "Let's Play" of Deadspace 2 a few hours before going to bed....one of the worst.possible.ideas.EVER. Not only did it have monster like creatures in it from the game, but for whatever reason, Slenderman was there whiich just made it worse.
  20. OH CRAP. Whelp, incoming flying filly....
  21. A The Sailor Song by Toybox Circle Game by Joni Mitchell Babs Seed by MandoPony Dance, Dance, Dance by The Beach Boys Scotch Cap by Apollo's Fire
  22. I meant to have more of these done sooner but....a combination of art block and being busy with other things kinda put it all on hold. xp I do have more of this on the way so look out for that! Generosity --- Inspired by the newest song under the same title by Mandopony, AcousticBrony, and EileMonty Kindness A New Journey EDIT: Annd as promised, here's five more. --- Storm Colors --- Sky Wings --- Spike and PeeWee --- A Filly and Ducks --- Dancing Fire
  23. What relaxes/calms me: -watching something funny/enjoyable -listening to music and/or dancing to it -drawing -going outside -doing something fun
  24. In elementary school around 4th through probably 6th I was made fun of the way I dressed because by the 4th, I started wearing more boy's clothes (basically being a tomboy from then on) and got called names because of it. (I unfortuntely got made fun of it again in high school by a couple of freshmen) I was also kinda of picked on for being shy and for crying sometimes. I do sometimes hear some person making fun of a pony shirt I'm wearing likely because I get mistaked alot for a guy. Adding to this: -being too guliable -for being superious -for believing in certain things
  25. I like to collect bird feathers I find, interesting things on the beach like beach glass or some cool shaped rock, and most recently MLP merch.
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