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  1. I decided to post another reenactment pic. I got a new sword, too, And my new Briquet sword:
  2. I would suggest getting another tie. It's nice the one you have there, but I honestly believe it doesn't fit properly with the suit. The grey side pretty much blends in with the shirt. I would suggest a plain colour tie, though with a charcoal shirt you don't have many options. Maybe going without a tie could work just as well.
  3. Hello ^^ I don't really like adding people without explaining why I did it. Actually I am a history student and I was wondering if you were one too ^^ I am a reenactor as well, but for the 100 year war period (1337–1453)

  4. Marching on parade. I'm on the left file, right behind the chaps with bayonets.
  5. I don't see her as neither good nor a tyrant. Celestia is, as her sister, a princess and half-absolute ruler of the Principality of Equestria. In the traditional sense of the word, Celestia is a half-tyrant, but in the more modern meaning I believe she's, for a absolutist political leader, a very benevolent monarch. I sometimes like to compare her rule with that of Plato's idealistic leaders in 'The Republic'.
  6. Yes. I definitely care. I can't go around in a reenactment looking like a farby little bastard. I fear they'll try to reenact a flogging on me if I don't watch my 1800's appearance. Away from reenactment, it depends. For some reason I grew extremely fond of having a decent hair, yet other than that I don't really care. I once strolled into a shopping mall wearing my grenadier uniform to buy lunch. People kept on staring at me, and I so much regret not having my sword with me that day.
  7. This chap. I don't know his name, nor why he's one of the most photographed sappers out there, but dat manly beard is quite sexy. Lel.
  8. A 12 pound cannon. I mean, come on. Who wouldn't like to have a massive twelve-pounder in his front yard, eerily aiming at any cars passing by.
  9. I am too damn predictable. My favourite restaurant is a small place called '1810'. They specialize in traditional Argentinian food from the Revolución de Mayo period, and have the best stews I've had in all my life.
  10. Sorry, mate. We've all been corrupted already by too many hours on videogames and lack of new episodes. In my case, I blame the smell of gunpowder in my fingerless gloves and the French infantry sword I bought a few weeks ago.
  11. Slightly off topic, but I think this fits: I don't get something. How come wearing a hat with cat ears is somewhat socially acceptable, at least within certain social groups, but if I try wearing a dolman instead of a hoodie I'm considered a weirdo? I don't think wearing cat ears is weird, and it seems most people here don't either.
  12. Most 13 year old or younger kids. Not due to age, but the average trolly and 'fuk yu I dun giv a sheet lol badmin abus' attitude they have. I had to ban three from an online public event last night, since they would't follow the server rules. The present. Why can't I live in the early 19th Century, when the limeys, frogs, krauts and ivans were going at each other's throats in the Napoleonic Wars. Snobby rich people with 'oh you peasant scum' mentality. Them youtube adverts.
  13. Tempting... quite tempting actually. But nah. If I can't use that nuke to exterminate those whom I hate, and see their bodies disintegrate and melt down due to heat and radiation, then nay. Lol jk.
  14. One of my friends uses this pic for avatar. I find it quite amusing: Other than that, my buddies in The Royal Recruits also have quite interesting avatars: And when it comes to 'cutest'... well, idk really. This forum aside, I rarely see any cute avatars at all.
  15. Spanish, English and all spanglish derivates. I can speak a bit of French, but I doubt if I'm left alone in France of French-speaking Canada I'm pretty much doomed.