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  1. Time for PSP! XD

    1. Nightfall


      Funny... I was just playing GranTurismo on mine!

  2. Bored out of my mind... Sheet; nothing to do here!

  3. You there! Happy birthday! Remember, you never saw me post this...

    1. Paragon_143


      I never saw it. I felt it... Thanks! XD

  4. "The CERN teams did not outright say that they have discovered the Higgs boson itself, which has been the focus of a 40-plus year pursuit. The Higgs boson, which was first proposed in the 1960s by the English physicist Peter Higgs, is believed to give all matter in the universe size and shape. " Quoted from ** So, it's not yet sure that it's found... But really, that would help in proving the Big Bang as stated earlier... XD
  5. It should be... is it just one particle or five?
  6. Oh, yeah, sure. Forgot to use puns, (not that I use them much...) XD Well, that was just me being me... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I found something regarding the animation in the "Sonic Rainboom" episode. Where should I post it?
  7. *looks at shield emrldt is holding* You can drop that now, no trolls and haters here (so far... ) Just set your mind free. You'll find that it has much to say. ~Staying Free from the Mainstream Society~ Paragon_143
  8. Just set your mind free, PaperDerp. You'll find that it has much to say. ~Staying Free from the Mainstream Society~ Paragon_143
  9. wew XD was meant for you! Sorry bout that, It was 2 in the morning, and I couldn't think straight after the ordeals of that day...
  10. LAWL! Trust me, you will. *looks at shield* "You can drop the shield now, no trolls here! I think..." Just one of the mane6 won't suffice; You need all of them to achieve harmony! ~Staying Free from the Mainstream Society~ Paragon_143
  11. Time To (insert activity here) <<< Whatcha' think?

  12. wew XD Chaotic Discord: *lowering kite shield* Finally! A place with no stereotypes! (?) rolle: It's the thought that counts. *grin* derpy the wolf: AWOOOOOOOO!!! XDD Fighting Brony: Well, I write fanfics, but not too good with drawing. As I've said, I'll try new things without hesitation! Dark Hooves: Who's the donkey? (is he a donkey?) Well, what can I say, Pure Randomness! Whiteshade: Newgrounds? Ooh... A LOT of games there... FUN! ~Staying Free from the Mainstream Society~ Paragon_143
  13. Still awake at 1:00 AM, posting. ~Staying Free from the Mainstream Society~ Paragon_143
  14. Well, I'm the kind of guy who seeks perfection, always trying new things, never caring what others say if it's not constructive, that sort of thing. Paragon=Perfection 143=Love ~Staying Free from the Mainstream Society~ Paragon_143