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  1. Kawaiihusky

    Mega Thread Ever meet any other Bronies in RL?

    I was eating at a Chick fil A and I met a guy with an AppleJack messenger bag.
  2. I think we desperately need an episode, or maybe a movie even, about the history of Equestria and the princesses, how Cadance earned her horn, Tia and Luna's parents, and just history. We know a lot of stuff happened "1000 years ago", but not much of what happened when, and what caused what. I would like to see more glimpses of Discord's reign. I really want to learn about Tia and Luna's parents and how Tia and Luna came to power.
  3. Each regeneration has his own catchphrase, so it depends on which doctor that Doctor Whooves is supposed to represent.
  4. I'm about to do a join.me broadcast while I draw Sunset Shimmer(as a human). The number is 249-662-987 if anyone wants to join ^.^
  5. "What's a Squirtle?" -kid in my art class last year
  6. Is anyone else going to MomoCon 2015?
  7. I would also like the fanfic On A Cross and Arrow to become a movie, with some of the not little-kid friendly parts edited out. If they were to cancel the show prematurely, they would have a huge international riot on their hands. We will riot in the streets, possibly burn down Hasbro studios. At least, that's what I would do.
  8. Let the Bronies(non-Cloppers xD) take over the writing and music for an episode or two or a season.
  9. I heard about it and originally thought the whole Bronies thing was odd, but I didn't hate on Bronies. I went to the Orthodontist on February 14, 2013 and it plays The Hub in the waiting room. MLP was on. I thought it was interesting and watched some more at home, and I was like, "You must not become a Brony." but then I fell head over heels for the show and now I'm just like, "*has a Rainbow Dash cup, a Derpy Hooves mini plushie, a Celestia collectible, tshirts, and a MLP blanket and puts 'Brony' as my nickname on my homecoming shirt*"
  10. Soo, for MomoCon 2015, my boyfriend and I are planning to cosplay as Fluttershy and genderbent Fluttershy(also known as Butterscotch) I'm wanting to temporarily dye our hair pink, and I hate the spray kind, so I bought this temporary hair dye from Claire's. Is this a good kind to use?
  11. Wear Brony and MLP:FiM merchandise. And when you make a new friend, and they watch anime, ask them if they're a Brony, if they ask what it means, say, "Do you watch MLP:FiM?"
  12. Kawaiihusky

    General Chat Thread

    Does anyone have any ideas for a simple Butterscotch (r63 Fluttershy) cosplay?
  13. Four hotels, each with three floors for the con.
  14. Lol, no. It's anime, science fiction, and basically just pop culture in general, and it's huge and amazing.
  15. My friends were the ones at the end of the day standing outside asking everyone for hugs xD
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