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    Welcome to MLP Forums Josh. :pinkie:

  2. Goodbye mlpforums. While it's been a good year and all, I'm afraid I want to leave the website for good.

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  3. I think with the sheer size of the fanbase, the show could go on for as long as 6 seasons. We know there's a guaranteed 3rd season and I'm hoping there's a guaranteed 4th season but it could die down from there. As for still being a brony. I think it'd be similar to right now when there are no new episodes showing. I'll still be a brony but the hype kind of dies down in between seasons. And as for g5, I don't really know what it'll be like or if there even will be a g5 for that matter.
  4. Hey there! I created this to discuss how everyone felt about the individual characters of the mane 6 from the first impressions they got when they saw them. Since I'm sure as you watched the episodes like me, your opinions and thoughts on them gradually changed. Just gonna jump straight in and express how I felt about the mane 6. To start with, when I first saw Twilight, I got the vibe that she was smart. There's no doubt about that. I also felt a sense of leadership in her, like she was THE main character of the show which I gradually changed my opinion of as the episodes went on. As the episodes went on (even into season 2), I realised that even she makes mistakes sometimes and needs others' help in order to get the job done. She can sometimes be a know-it-all but in the end, she doesn't intend to be one. She just knows a lot and wants to realise her potential to the fullest. Pinkie Pie, I fell in love with her the instant I saw her. She was just a cute, energetic explosion of energy and randomness that I couldn't help but love from the very beginning. She still leaves that impression on me now. Applejack, when I first saw her, I thought she was pretty cool. She was strong and hard-working, had a cool family and was pretty talented when it came to anything to do with apples. As the episodes went on though, I began to realise how tough she could be on others without trying to empathise and how she can be pretty stubborn at times and refuse others' help even when she desperately needed it. Rainbow Dash, to start with, I just thought she was gonna be a stereotypical tomboy who was arrogant. But my opinion of her began to change pretty quickly when I realised that she could be girly, she wasn't arrogant and that she'd do anything for her friends. Rarity however was the only one who I thought of in a fairly negative way from my first impressions. I assumed she'd be judgemental, materialistic and selfish a lot of the time until I realised just how opposite of that she actually is. Rarity was actually nice, generous and offered to sympathy to those who deserved it. She can be unfair at times without even realising it so she can kind of be represented as a false villain. And finally, Fluttershy. To start with, I thought she was really awkward. I thought I'd find her shyness cute but my first impression of her wasn't quite that. As the episodes went on and she had the confidence to talk to her friends now, but she still had her awkward moments (along with cute shy moments). As she began to show her true self, I started to think of her almost as if she had some sort of darkness inside of her that she keeps at bay by not wanting to talk to others. I only think this because in the few scenes where she stands up for herself or just simply doesn't agree with someone else, she kind of overreacts or goes to an extreme which may otherwise upset someone else without her even trying to do so. So what were your initial thoughts on the mane 6? And how did they change as you progressed through the episodes and began to learn more about them such as family and hobbies behind their personality and appearance?
  5. When I finished school about 1 1/4 years ago, I didn't really have much to look forward to. I just tried to make the most of the summer by going out / playing video games all day or just being a personal taxi for my mum when she used to go out shopping. About 3 months after finishing, I realised how boring it was with how much free time I had, so I got a warehouse job with flexible hours on a night shift. I work Sunday - Thursday (which is awesome because I get Friday and Saturday off) and work somewhere in between 25-40 hours a week depending how busy it is or how short-staffed we are for the night. The shift itself starts at 9pm and runs through usually until 2am-5am. The work can sometimes be pretty physically demanding and after an 8-hour shift, it can leave you feeling drained. But the staff there are all friendly and I get on really well with all the supervisors. Although I do sometimes feel kinda lonely and would like to settle down with a special someone, I find it really hard to develop feelings for girls. I've realised that any girls in the past I've had feelings for, are ones that I've been friends with for a really long time so I've actually gotten comfortable around them and gotten to know a lot about them. I guess I'm kinda 50:50 on that matter. I wouldn't mind being with someone, but I'm perfectly fine at the moment on my own.
  6. I would only say sometimes. I mean, I think about ponies quite a lot, but not to the point where it's distracting or taking over my train of thought all the time.
  7. I drink a can of monster every day. Not for the caffeine though. I just really love the taste of how sweet it is. I wouldn't say I'm addicted purely because I've stopped drinking energy drinks for weeks at a time and didn't really think anything of it. My concentration stayed normal without it, I didn't think about it all the time because I didn't have any.
  8. Only just realised my post was hidden >.< So my requests haven't ended up being added for this week
  9. I don't have the attention-span to read a full fanfic. I've tried before. I just get distracted whilst reading and before you know it, I just end up closing the tab and giving up.
  10. When I first saw the title of this, I thought you meant as in the ponies actually having to die at some point in their life. Boy did I derp... As for the topic, I'd love the show to be running for as long as possible. But like most shows, it'll eventually hit a brick wall where the episodes become uninteresting and it seems kind of pointless in continuing to produce more episodes. So I'd prefer if the show went out with some grace and dignity where the last episode they ever made was just as amazing as the first episode they ever made.
  11. I've never read the fanfic. I guess I should go watch a fan reading of it so I know what all the fuss is about.
  12. Josh


    I rarely drink or get drunk. So chances are that I won't browse the forums drunk in the near future (since I'll usually be at someone else's house if I do drink.) However, I can remember being drunk once quite a while ago when the website chat room was still up. I think it was on the Saturday when s2e15 had been aired. Being drunk didn't really change what I'd usually do on the forums though and I still talked to people normally.