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  1. @@bronislav84, @@Yoshi89,@@Love, @@EquestrianScholar, Princess Luna She could feel her sister getting closer. There wasn't much time. The best she could do was try and move on what little head start she had. "Thank you Spike," she said with a thin smile to he little dragon. "Apologies for the sudden intrusion, and lack of forewarning. I've been in a bit of a hurry and it seems to have slipped my mind." She didn't mention that her plans had been somewhat altered from their original form as it was and that she was basically improvising at this point. "Hello dear Twilight," she continued. "I've heard so much about this castle of yours! It seems to live up to the stories. Oh! But I'm getting ahead of myself. I have something urgent that I need to talk to you all about. There's so many rumors flying about that one can hardly tell what's the truth, about our expected guests that is. Come, let me tell you all about it." When she entered the castle, her guards semi-unconsciously took up the rear of the group, ushering everyone inside and making sure that the gate was shut. Four took up guard positions at the front while the remaining six trotted ahead to go in front of their Princess. When they reached the room with the large table, they fanned out to positions spread out against the walls, forming something like a six pointed scars. The three unicorn guards projected tightly packed beams of light from their horns, meeting at a center point above the table. Particles of color spread between the beams, forming a three side rainbow pyramid. Gradually the swirling aurora focused, melding into a perfectly flat back screen. When Luna and the others had fully entered the room, the screen shifted to a light blue, then the Royal Seal of Equestria. "As you all know, there have been many rumors flying around lately regarding the beings known as Humans," she started off. "Their species does not exist naturally in Equestria, and until recently no one had heard of them. As such, the information available to the majority ponies is just wild speculation. Recently, a cabal of unicorn researchers working on new portal spells uncovered a route to a new inhabited world quite different than our own. Living there are a species of creatures known as Humans." The Royal Seal changed into a semi-sheer projection of the planet Earth. "In their own world, they are at the top of the food chain. Though not especially strong, swift, or imbued with keen senses, by use of created tools they have come to master their environment." The projection shifted to show a model of a human man in his early twenties. "They have two arms and two legs, and have hands and feet instead of hooves as we do." The image started doing different poses and common movements, such as flexing in different directions, walking, and running. "In this, their body structure is more akin to monkeys and apes than our own." "However, their bodies are mostly hairless, with the except of their heads and certain select places." She didn't bother to have the image show those. "They are also significantly smarter as a whole than apes, though as is normal in all species an individual's intelligence varies widely." The shape changed from a human to a myriad of tools and manufactured goods. "With this intelligence they have created vast amounts of items used to do that which they cannot easily on their own. With tools both big and small they have gained mastery over otherwise hostile environments, grown more food than could ever be collected naturally, and built vast sprawling cities in which they live packed on top of each other." "In some ways, their use of tools and technology is not so different than our own. But there is a major difference, in that they do not know when to -stop- using them." A panorama of a major urban area changed to a scene of a desolated town and burnt forest. "Human populations grow at a rate that the natural environment cannot sustain. So they routinely take up more and more land to live on and grow food, leaving previously fertile areas utterly exhausted. Their level of technology use has grown to the rate that many will grow to adulthood entirely dependent on devices, unable to live without them. This is just the beginning of their many flaws, some of which are too wrong for me to mention." "Greed, jealousy, pride, and anger run rampant through human society. Though such things are known to us ponies, they take these evils and thrive off of them." Scenes of weaponry through the ages starts flickering through the image. "Not for a single year in human history has there been a period when they did not wage war on each other. Famines caused by greed have wiped out entire societies. Every month hundreds of species go extinct due to pollution, loss of habitat, and lack of care." By the time Celestia would have reached the door, Luna would be wrapping up. "They even commit the ultimate of crimes, and are more than willing to render the entire world lifeless to satisfy their desire for revenge." A flickering scene of a small city and rolling countryside settled onto the projection. There was a bright flash, the image shook, and the scene was filled with a giant cloud of dust rolling up into the sky. One of Luna's guards would open the door for Celestia, ushering them in. "I have been told that the humans that will be brought here are amongst the best of their kind, not prone to the inherent flaws that run through their species. But I do not trust them. I never will. I've seen what they do to their own home, and will never let them bring that here."
  2. @@Taialin, @@Windbreaker, @@Hypn0ticD, @@Derplight Sperkle, @@bronislav84,@@GeneralDirection, @@RubyW32, @@Littlecandylulu903, @@Love,@@EquestrianScholar. Princess Luna Luna finished her chocolate muffin and wiped her mouth delicately with a napkin she had produced from somewhere, then replacing it wherever she had gotten it from. As she stood up, her guards all came to attention, apparently thankful to get back to their duties. "Yes," she said to Applejack. "We ought to be heading out. As the delicious as the muffin was, I'm not quite sure I could eat another." In typical princess-y manner, she began walking and seemed to expect the rest to follow her automatically. "Oh, Flutter," she said with a turn of her head. "I've been meaning to talk to you anyways. Some of the young bats in my roost aren't getting their rest properly. Maybe you could-" She paused for a moment. She could feel a flare of magic nearby, much like her own entrance but more circumspect. It tasted, if such a thing could been described, like vanilla and cream mixed with... that was probably cake. Maybe bananas also? That was probably her sister then. Blast. She'd been hoping to get to Twilight before her. But she'd delayed too long. Blasted delicious muffins. Why must they scorn her so with its chocolatey goodness? Then again, that was probably the same reason why there were persistent rumors about her sister and cake. Maybe it was just genetics. "-take a look at them, see if their eating properly and so on?" The pause had only been a microsecond long. As they headed down the street, she mulled out of her options. Though she didn't really look where she was walking, she didn't need no. Ponies tended to get out of her way automatically, or move objects blocking her path. She did almost bump into a couple of fruit stands on the way however. It wasn't exactly that she was lost, but rather that she knew -exactly- where she was going and didn't even consider that there might be small things, like houses, in the way. Still, they came out at the Library Castle without much trouble. She'd been mostly silent other than automatic greetings to passerby. In her mind, gears were whirring away. Twilight would probably go along with whatever her sister said. She'd become more independent lately since becoming an Alicorn, but Celestia was still her mentor. That would likely never change. So with Celestia already telling her how to think about these humans, there was likely little Luna could do to influence her one way or the other. Even if they accidentally blew up the town somehow (which Twilight had done more or less on several occasions) she wasn't likely to be very harsh on there. Celestia hardly ever was harsh on anypony. The only ones that came to mind where the Changelings and Discord in the past. Even then, it had been reluctant. She'd just have to play it by ear, wait for the humans to make their true natures known. She didn't care what those blasted scientists told her. She'd seen all the reports. It didn't matter, no matter how many upsides they tried to point out to her, she had already seen the terrible results of human influence. She would absolutely never allow them in Equestria. After this little field trip was over, she was going to break the portals, burn the spell books, and make sure that the scientists worked carrot fields or so forth for their rest of their lives. That and she was going to keep a personal eye on the development of technology in Equestria. She'd probably get into an argument with Twilight about that. But nothing remotely like a- suddenly she realized she was at the Library's front door. She knocked on auto-pilot.
  3. @@Windbreaker, @@Taialin, @@Love, @@Orion Caelum, Princess Luna "Well, I had been meaning to come visit anyways...," she began carefully. "But that was meant to be a month from now. I'm sure it would be a lot of trouble for her to suddenly host all of us without much fore-notice." She paused, seeming to mull over her words. "And it would hardly be proper. There's supposed to be a royal request and the..." With one knee propped on the table, she planted her face in her hoof. "Ugh... There's so much protocol floating around and she's a princess now and..." She went silent. Her guards were all looking at her with something approximating extreme nervousness. They all looked uncomfortable with her candidness. Finally she looked up and took another sip of tea. They began to relax. "Twilight's castle will be alright I suppose," she said. One of the guards began to split off, but she waved him down. The looks of discomfort returned. "How are you doing, dear Cadence," she eventually continued, shifting her attention. "We hardly get to see each other, with having your own kingdom now. The same thing with Twilight I suppose. There's hardly anypony to talk to at nights recently..." Her face waxed into something inscrutable for a moment before returning to neutral. "How is Shining Armor doing? The Palace guards really miss him you know. They've all been bickering over who ought to take his place." All of her own guards were now looking away out of embarrassment. "You ought to come visit some time. Maybe during Harmony day? Though Discord will be trying to pull pranks, I expect..."
  4. @@bronislav84, @@Derplight Sperkle, @@Hypn0ticD, @@RubyW32, @@Windbreaker, Princess Luna The princess smiled softly at the assembled ponies as she received a mixture of gawking and polite greetings. It was exactly the kind of thing she despised. Even for all of the excitement surrounding the various threats to Equestria, this millennia was so... boring. Before she'd been Nightmare Moon, the ponies had been bolder. The sun had shone brighter and the night was darker. The threats were also more powerful, the straits more dire. This peace had its appeal certainly, but it was so bland uninteresting to her, who had grown up when the world was young. A delicate wafer thin tea cup and saucer were set next to her, colored deeper black and onyx and embroidered with shining gold stars. It was like a piece of the night sky had drifted to the table. She turned her head to regard the gathered Elements as one of her guard poured her a drink from a flask at his side. It shined and pooled in the cup like the reflection of the moon on a clear pond. Raising it to her lips, she took a small sip before setting it back on the saucer. "It is, in fact, the humans about which I would like to talk to you," she stated quietly. It was unlike Fluttershy's quietness, more like a cool breeze in the darkness than a whisper. "A lot of rumors have been flying about lately, and there's been much speculation regarding what they are, and the effect they will have on Equestria." Another sip of the shining liquid was taken. "I am fully intent on putting these rumors to rest with all suitable haste." "However," she continued as she stood, the cup coming with her under the power of levitation. "There are ponies who seem intent on gossiping and fear mongering, rather than going about their regular activities as they should." The cup, now empty, was placed on the saucer and smoothly withdrawn by the same guard who had poured the drink. "Before any official proclamation can be made, the flow of rumors must first be stopped, lest the true be contaminated with the lies. As such, I would be most obliged if all the Elements of Harmony would come to my quarters after the transition from day to night. I will be staying at..." She turned her head to a Royal Guard, who handed her a slip of paper. After a moment's reading, the paper incinerated itself. "The Trot and Travel Spa and Inn. A quaint but comfortable place I'm told, the entirety of which I've rented for the duration of my stay. I can see Twilight isn't here. I'll have to send a messenger..." At another look, one of the guards split off, trotting to Twilight's castle. He'd arrive soon enough, delivering a message. It'd probably be Spike either way, but the same visitation request would be made either way. Returning her attention to those gathered, she cocked her head to the side. "But I heard that lovely Cadence will be arriving as well? All we need is my sister and we'd have the full set!" For a moment, a lady-like giggle passed her lips. "I'll have to see if I can get a hold of her as well." Another guard went trotting off in the background. "But for now, would you mind if I had a muffin Pinkie Pie? Something with... Dark chocolate I think. I'm afraid I forgot to eat breakfast this morning."
  5. @@Hypn0ticD, @@Orion Caelum, @[member='Win@@AspenSwift, dbreaker'], @@SwigglySwiggly, @@RubyW32, @@Taialin, @@GeneralDirection, Princess Luna The sky over Ponyville, normally bright and sunny, erupted into darkness. It boiled forth like magma seeping from the earth, covering the sun in its majestic blackness. Out from the center of swirling darkness, a tide of night lanced down to the earth, transfixing it as with a spear from the sky. Then the darkness dissipated, absorbed into the center and down to the ground. Out of the void stepped Princess Luna, regarding her surroundings with a hooded eye as her personal guardsponies marched out into line behind her. Their bat like wings folded at their sides as they cradled swords of pure starlight in their sheathes. The display had landed her and her guards right outside the Town Hall. Looking down at her hooves, she saw that she was standing at the center of a circle of dead grass. Frowning, she shook her head. She should've known that flashy entrances never worked. Remember that time on Nightmare Night? That had been an absolute disaster. It had worked out in the end, but the chariot and lightning had only terrified her subjects rather than impress them. Quite possibly this had done the same. She'd need to get somepony to fix the grass as well. Blast. Why was it that only fungus could grow in the dark? Even worse, she hated mushrooms. They were so... bland. No one would be able to read these thoughts from her expression, as it remained totally serene. She sent one of the entourage which had arrived with her off to inform Mayor Mare of her arrival. There had been a planned visit next month, but of course everypony's plans were being thrown off kilter. She'd have to apologize to her for causing her trouble, maybe with a basket of delicious mushrooms? Not that she, a Princess, -had- to apologize to her subordinates, but rather that she felt obliged to. Doubtless the Mayor was already in a tizzy over the Humans coming to her town. An unannounced Royal visit probably didn't help her nerves. She'd need her by her side in the days to come, preferably before Celestia got a hold of her. Knowing her sister, she'd probably welcome the Humans with open hooves. It was always the same. Discord, the Changelings, she always tried to make bothersome elements her allies, even if it bit her in the flank. It was a large flank too, she'd eaten too many cakes lately. As she advanced down the street, several of her subordinates split off to their duties. She'd need to get a room (an entire suite really) somewhere, eating arrangements made, apologies made to the gardener, and all the other things which made up a Royal visit. Her chosen servants were more than trusted to handle this on their own without her having to tell them. That's why they had been chosen after all. Initiative as well as dependability, they were a rarity to find together in the same pony, but she'd gone to great lengths to gather such individuals to her side. Discretion as well. The night held many secrets, as did she, and she expected all under her direct control to never divulge them on pain of death. She could see the ponies that she had come to visit coming into view. Doubtless they'd known she was coming. A giant dark-storm in the sky was hard to miss. Hopefully it hadn't frightened Fluttershy too much. She was fond of the little yellow-pink mare. After all, she was kind even to bats, which most ponies generally despised. She herself had a roost of the cute little buggers back home, that kept her company on her duties. They, the owls, and the occasional night prowling cat often told her interesting things they had seen in the dark, things she might have been unaware of otherwise. Thusly Princess Luna regally stepped up to Sugar-cube corner, accompanied by a dozen odd members of her trusted elite guard, and plopped down in a seat. "Hello everypony, Elements of Harmony," she said softly. "I think it's time we had a little chat."
  6. @@Hypn0ticD, Princess Luna She awoke late in the morning, long after the time when she had passed the reigns to Celestia and gone off for her post-night nap. It was a shame, how most of the time she was asleep when her subjects were awake. But she had long passed the sorrow and rage she had felt as Nightmare Moon. She was still sad, but the pangs of jealousy no longer bothered her. More and more she could see that she could still interact with her subjects, even while they slept. She could guard them from that which lurked in the night, and they were grateful. What's more, many ponies now spent their time going about at night, as she did. Where once Manehatten was a tiny village in the middle of nowhere, now it was a thriving metropolis full of nightlife and activities. She often visited there, and had a personal hotel flat given to her service in the pent-house of its most prestigious hotel. Yet she still made it a point to try and be out and about during the day, to be seen and heard by all of her subjects. It was... hard. It meant that her own sleep schedule was choppy. But she considered it to be worth it. Her presence was needed, wanted, and it would only be more so in the coming days. Blast those scientists and their obsession with research. Had they never been told in foal-school that some things were better left unknown? She had learned that the hard way, and she feared that all of Equestria might soon suffer the same. Humans... they were trouble. She had known about them for a long time, and at times had known a few personally. They were decent company, at first. But the world they came from, their environment, it was like poison. Earth was nothing like Equestria. Where her home was full of life and vibrancy, magic, Earth was old, decaying, and rotted. It was like comparing a fresh apple on the vine to one picked and stomped on and left in the dirt for a week. Now a group of idiots had gone and brought some of them here, into HER Equestria! It was... madness, foolish! If she'd known anything about it she would have stamped on the effort until it stopped squirming. It made her so furious. How was it that some of the smartest ponies in all of Equestria could be so stupid? All she could do now was hope for the best and try and run damage control. She had seen the humans fascination with Equestria, had seen how for many it went so wrong and rotten. It made her sick to think about it. They'd bring devices as well! Artifices which would take the images of her home back to their rotten existence, and suck the life out with them! The worlds were separated for a reason, there was a point as to why that blasted magic mirror had been hidden, then broken. Yet now fate seemed determined to smash the two planes of existence together. Well she'd have none of it. The humans were already here, but they'd not be going back to their world with their recordings. Neither would they poison her beloved Equestria with their rot. She wouldn't be able to dispose of them outright... but a Royal Invitation? A tour of Canterlot... anything might happen. They could get lost... be lost, the key melted down, and forgotten forever. Ponies did not have long memories. They would forget in a generation or two. All of this she pondered over while eating her favorite breakfast, a Moon Pie and a Royal Cola. Breakfast of champions indeed.
  7. @, After that last stunt, Vk'tir did not have much else that he could contribute to the fight. His blades would bounce of the thing's armor. All of his various baubles had been exhausted. Sure, there were some poisons, but none of those were of use without direct ingestion of skin conact. Some paralysis vapor would have been useful, but he'd stopped using it a year ago after once tripping and gassing himself. Maybe he could run distractions, but the Darkspawn gave him the notion that such things would not trouble it in the least. Like many dwarves before and after him, he found himself bitterly wishing for the air of a Golem or two. Thus for now he remained in hiding... waiting.
  8. @, Vk'tir, for his part, did absolutely nothing. As soon as they'd entered the monastery he'd been lost from sight in the shadows. Now he stared out from them with a calm stare as the human woman was spitted upon a blade like a meat tong with a soft steak. If there was one thing that he had learned in his life, it was that one did not under any circumstance fight anything bother larger AND quicker than you. While it looked like he might have had an edge over Rica in the speed department; this Darkspawn's size and swiftness far outmatched him. There was no way he'd be able to beat it up front. (Even with the Hurlock Alpha, he'd been rather lucky.) Briefly he considered using flames to roast the thing alive. However, it would take time and he was loathe to abandon his refuge in the darkness. Thus he pulled a small flask from one pouch and hefted it in his hand. Inside of the thick casing rolled a viscus solution. He'd never actually used such things before, nor had he ever intended to. To summarise, it was (highly) acidic glue. When applied to any surface (other than the bottle he held) it would stick and begin to burn through it like a knife through butter. In addition it tended to suck in anything else that touched it. Worst affected were stone and metal, though standard clothing was just as ineffective at warding it off. The one time he'd seen it used, it had turned the target into a pile of slag and then burned through the ground. (Ancestors only knew how far it'd gone down.) It had been told to him that water would neutralize the acid, but somehow he doubted it all the same.) Pulling off the cork he turned his nose away from the foul smell, drew back his hand, and tossed. While he'd meant to hit the creature's chest, it had instead sailed inbetween its feet. The stone behind its feet began to liquify into paste within moments, though it might take a little bit to see any effects on the armor itself. (Even so, the stoney paste would cling to it like rubber cement, hissing softly.) Without waiting to see, Vk'tir moved his position and hit above in the rafters.
  9. @, Vk'tir blinked as the meaty appendage wrapped around his leg and tossed into the air like a party hat. Thankfully he kept a grip on his weapons. On the flip side, coming back down was a lot worse. This was mainly because he landed directly in front of the hurlock archer. Both of them were suitably surprised, thus going through a split second pause. The Darkspawn had an arrow cocked, whereas Vk'tir had just his spear in on hand. The dagger had dropped straight down the well. Moving just a fraction before the Darkspawn, the dwarf dived in close and rammed his spear at the Darkspawn's midriff.
  10. @, Vk'tir flashed back out of the shadows at a sprint, skidding under the swinging arm of the ogre as it hauled Connor into the air. His spear would seem to flicker in his grip as he sent a flurry of blows to the creatures hand in an attempt to cut enough muscle to make it drop the human. Not waiting to see if it had worked, he would roll backwards to face the ogre's back. Bunching up his legs, he sprang forward again and grabbed onto the creature's belt. Clambering up like he was climbing a rock face, he got up to the monster's shoulders and grabbed a horn. This done, he began to try and stab his spear into the back of the monster's neck where the head met the spine.
  11. @, ((I'd have thought more people would have posted by now. Oh well.)) Vk'tir considered again, for a brief moment, that this idea was completely stupid. He'd only done this kind of thing once or twice and that had been against unarmored and unsuspecting targets. Of course, given the inclination of most military officers to wear ostentatious but inconvenient gear, this would not be much more difficult. However Darkspawn did not seem to care about the appearance of their equipment, so long as it worked. Thus this maneuver was a great deal more difficult than the already iffy chance of success he'd have had otherwise. In effect he was waiting until the hurlock had its back turned, whereupon he would drop down on him like an eagle on a field mouse. At least, that was what it was -supposed- to look like. It seemed much more likely at the moment that it would look incredibly stupid. Though this was true, Vk'tir did not have much other choice. While he was not a new fish in terms of hand to hand combat, he was much more likely to succeed if he killed with one surprise blow. If it came to a stand up fight, he would probably have to ditch and come back again later. All of this passed through Vk'tir's mind as he began to move. The hurlock had turned to watch the fight, which gave Vk'tir as good a chance as he was going to get. He'd positioned himself on top of the a house's roof during the initial seconds of combat. Now he sped almost silently along a protruding beam that extended just above and behind the hurlock's head. As his foot left the wood and he began to descend, the Darkspawn began to turn. Time seemed to slow down in Vk'tir's mind as the flash of the sun reflected off of his spears' blades, even as they extended downward like the talons of a hawk. His left spear missed its target, that being the space between the neck and the shoulder and thus straight into the heart. It scraped off the back of the darkspawn's neck and across its spine as Vk'tir held on to it. However, his right handed spear went straight into its mark. It punctured right into the crook of the Darkspawn's neck, cutting deep into the windpipe and puncturing the lung on the left side of the chest. (Imagine a V shape attack pattern.) This spear Vk'tir held on to only long enough to drive into the Darkspawn's neck, letting go afterwards. The force of their collision sent the Hurlock stumbling forward, while Vk'tir bounced backward into the dirt on his rear. Quickly picking himself up, he drew his dagger with his free hand and repositioned itself. The Darkspawn, despite the grevious wound that would have been fatal to a normal man, lumbered back onto its feet. Dropping its shield, it reached up and yanked the short spear from its neck like an annoying splinter. It snapped the intricately carved wooden shaft in its hand and threw it away like garbage. Vk'tir grimaced at the demise of his beloved weapon, but consoled himself that he could always make a new spear shaft. The blade on the other hand, which was thankfully unharmed, would have been near impossible to replace. Both spears had been a gift from one of his first clients, who gave it on the condition that they be used to fulfill their contract. That had been some years ago and the client was long dead. A shame really. She'd been half decent for a prostitute. All of that aside, the Darkspawn now had the upper hand. This kind of fight was exactly what it had been born for. Grinning savagely, it charged forward with a low swing to Vk'tir's gut. Dancing out of the way, he went to slash the Darkspawn's weapon hand. His blade skittered off it's solid wrist guard, causing him to switch tactics. As the creature shifted its weight for another swing, the dwarf ducked inside its arms and drew his dagger across its waist while he jabbed his spear up under its chin. Both blows connected, but did not go as far as needed. The dagger made a thin gash across its belly, making it clutch an arm to the area. The spear blade punctured the bottom of its jaw, but did not go far enough up to do more than slice its tongue. Enraged, the creature planted its boot between Vk'tir's legs, making his eyes water and stars dance in his vision. He'd just managed to shrug it off when the creature backhanded him with its sword pommel, opening a slice across his cheek with a hanging spike. Being both significantly smaller and light weight on his own terms, this sent Vk'tir staggering backwards again. The hurlock wasted no time in trying to collect its wits and instead charged forward to bowl the dwarf over and take him to the ground. By some stroke of luck (or misfortune, from the creature's perspective) its foot landed in a pig's wallow, causing it to skid out of control and send the hurlock into a face planet. Vk'tir briefly considered the strangeness of fate as he moved forward and planted a blow behind the Darkspawn's skull, killing it instantly. It seemed that either the world had taken pity on him, or was saving up for something nasty later. Thus occupied, he retrieved his broken spear and turned to view the rest of the combat, while of course slipping back out of sight.
  12. @, If they were expecting him to wait around for them to finish pulling their heads out of the dirt, the humans were sorely mistaken. Case in point, Vk'tir had listened in long enough to know what his objective was before heading off. Of course, while they probably had known that he was around while they were talking despite not being able to see him, Vk'tir was content that they'd not been able to pick him out from amongst the branches. Such things were a matter of professional competence to him. Upon reaching the village, the Hurlock leader was fairly easy to spot due to him thrashing the two grenlocks. It seemed that no matter what race one was, there was at least one commander in a unit that was just stupid enough to expose himself.
  13. OOC Thread: http://mlpforums.com/topic/94173-tombs-and-magic-clear-skies-cold-hearts-mature/ +=Tombs and Magic=+ Clear Skies, Cold Hearts Let us raise a toast now my kin to the honor of our now fallen. Though we never will come again we now recall with faces solemn, The eve when the sky above fell. Inscription upon a stone, enshrined on Mt Highhorn. Flashback: "The battle standards will be coming into viewing range soon," a soft but disconcerting voice nudged into her ears. It had far too many different tones and accents mixed into it. Thus it had a similar effect to nails on chalkboard for most listeners. She had long grown accoustumed to it, with some difficulty at first. Now she only ever noticed it when it was raised to a yell, whereupon it cut one's brain like glass shards. Looking over to the source of the voice, a smile had to be threatened to grace her expression. She would have smiled if it wouldn't have caused an instant mutiny. Whatever foul circumstances had spawned the carrier of such a voice, there had been nothing like him before. Nor would there ever be anything like him after. This was because the voice belonged to Malcolm, a strange mishmash of nearly every creature under the sun and some that had never seen the light of day. In the most general sense he had the posture of a pony, though it was horribly hunchbacked. Stapled onto this were something like a dragon's haunches in the rear and a gryphon's talons in the front. A brace of insectine wings fluttered constantly by his sides. His tail was that of a scorpion and his head a dire wolf's. Truth be told, the only reason that Malcolm was identified as male was due to convenience, rather than him actually possessing any sort of gender. He sometimes used to joke about it being a blessing, what with not having to worry about the troubles of inter-gender relations. But that had always made her sad, so he'd quickly learned to not mention such things. (That was, inter-gender issues and not his own troubles.) To call him ugly would having been a diservice. The diservice was to the word on the other hand, as it was the unlucky word that had drawn the infamous lot to describe his absolute hideousness. The word would have commited suicide if it got the chance, but thus far that was proving difficult for an idea to perform a physical act. Looking back to the scrying orb, her brows furrowed as the tips of spearpoints appeared in its projection. Present: Stonewall briefly considered that he -probably- should have stayed inside his tent. Sure, it had seemed like a decent idea to get some work done while sleep eluded him. The problem was that -now- he was sleepy and in the middle of the frigid night. Thick wrappings and extra clothing layers did a little to dull the scything blades of wind as they swept across the mesa. Unfortunately it was not enough to entirely ward off their effects and he soon found himself shivering. At least it would be over soon. In his moment of poor judgment, the unicorn had elected to investigate a set of possible entrances to the inner complex. The general layout of the walls (or the remains of rubble) suggested that there was a major path into the depths of the structure in this area. Numerous hollows in the ground suggested dugouts and fox holes, as well as what were possibly building foundations. If he'd had to guess, everything built here had been a rush job. As such it'd quickly degraded after whatever event occured here. Occasionally he had to changed his direction to avoid hidden rents in the ground. They were all over the place, great tears in the stone below (apparently place at random) which often were covered by a light layer of snow. Stepping on the snow tended to collapsed the fragile cover and send you tumbling downwards. There was a risk of broken bones and possibly suffocating under the snow. All of such rents by the camp proper had been carefully marked out, but the markings were less common the futher one went. Here there were no marks at all, only silent snow drifts. All the other likely sites around here had been investigated and proved to be disappointing. Some of them had been really promising, but were only small hollows in exposed rock faces. This last location was a long shot at best, but needed to be searched regardless. Arriving at the spot, Stonewall sighed and began to slowly manuever rocks and other debris out of the way. Much to his shock and awe, a deep depression in the stone soon revealed itself. Dusty and almost rancid air poured across his nose, causing him to cough as he looked into the darkness. A quick peek told him all he needed to know. Perhaps with less caution than was proper, he sped back to camp and began to feverishly organize. A flurry of notes were sent off to the various team members by the power of magic, instructing them to assemble at the commons tent in two hours. It looked like an entrance into the ruins proper had been found and they were to enter immediately.
  14. Vk'tir had not gone after the downed grenlock just for the sake of killing it. Darkspawn blood was their objective and he was more than willing to produce a large supply of it. Though he wasn't quite sure it would be used for, he did have a preference to collect some of his own on the side. Thus his blades had also sought out main arteries (or at least the general area of such). Now coated with blood, the sight of them caused Vk'tir to grimace, as they looked filthy. A small flask was produced from his pouches and the excess fluid was poured into it, then sealed with a thick cork. If the mission had been over he'd be feverishly cleaning his weapons, but for now he left them sullied while there was more to be done. He'd been watching the other recruits closely throughout the trip. Connor's antics seemed to justify that caution for the time being. If any of them proved to be a danger to them, he'd be all too willing to ditch their sorry hides (or kill them if necessary).
  15. There are several interesting dynamics that take place when one jumps from a tree. First is the momentary feeling of weightlessness as the force of the jump (for a miniscule amount of time) resists the force of gravity. Then there is the gut wrenching initial descent where gravity gets tired of waiting and reasserts itself. As well, there were many different ways that one could jump in the first place. Coming from a high position only multiplied the possibilities. It was said in hushed tones that there were those who could defy gravity itself and jump vast distances to land directly on the heads of their enemies. As it happened, this was now partly true for Vk'tir. He generally had a good eye for placing landing spots and was assisted by his acrobatic tendencies. Thus it was no large surprise (though very satisfying) when he landed right on target (that is, just off the smaller darkspawn). His spear blades wraked across the grenlock's shoulders as he rolled and carried past, severing tendons and making its arms useless. This progress took him straight across the road and back into the bushes, whereupon he promptly vanished right back into the undergrowth, spying for an attack of opportunity on the Alpha.