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    Husband of Mary Stary
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    Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super, My Little Pony, Ponies, Pony Life, Horse Life, Equestria Girls, Equestria Women, Pones, My Little Pony Z, Beautiful Blonde Women (specially my wife)

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    Earth Pony
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    All of them!
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    Sweetie Belle
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    Maud / Limestone Pie
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    Sisterhooves Social (just because made me cry and consider myself a fan)
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    Open Up Your Eyes
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  1. I had a Monster Energy flavor blended with the best South American fruits and a small hint of spice:pinkie:  

    1. Rafa Stary

      Rafa Stary

      How was the taste like? :mlp_huh: If it's good I might try for myself :eager:!

    2. ZiggWheelsManning


      Very unique Monster Energy with an amazing taste that's different from normal fruit punch:fluttershy:  

      Funny, don't think I've ever had South American/Brazil fruit before.  

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