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  1. I don't like cooking that much, but there are some things I like to cook. I have to be in the mood to do it though. I do like baking (but again I have to be in the mood for it)...
  2. I just saw the Fionna and Cake one today! Awww that picture is so cute! Yeah it's funny how much stuff they get away with on a "kids" show. I mean, 7 minutes in heaven(see video below)? My friend loves this clip:
  3. This kinda sounds like me...well actually a lot like me except I didn't drop out, I was kicked out because of too many absences.
  4. This has happened several times. I'll be sitting at the table reading while I eat, reach out while still reading and not looking at what I'm doing, pick up my glass to take a drink and then look down and realize I am holding the salt shaker to my mouth. My friend did that once, except she was heading from her house to the store, she put her phone on the roof and then forgot and drove off. She didn't realize it until she got to the store, and when she looked her phone was actually STILL THERE!
  5. I hate pencils because I'm a lefty and when I write I basically drag my hand across the page over everything I just wrote. If I'm using a pencil this results in graphite smudges all across the page and the edge of my hand ends up grey. In school one year our teachers made us only write with erasable pens. It was awful, all my homework looked really messy and my hand was always blue.
  6. Once I decided it was a good idea to pick up trash in the yard by duct-taping a metal BBQ skewer to a metal pole. I went around the yard skewering things and putting them in the trash. Then I saw a bagel bag on the ground right in front of me so I poked it with the skewer...not realizing my big toe was actually underneath it. Of course I was wearing sandals at the time. In 8th grade I was riding my bike (without a helmet of course) and I turned to look at something across the street and ran into a 1 foot tall "wall". I fell off and I guess the bike landed on my head somehow, because I ended up with a puncture wound on my scalp and I don't know how else that would have happened from falling on a flat surface(that part is kinda blurry.) Oh yeah I also stopped on the way to walking home and asked a "stranger" who was working in his garage if he had a cloth I could put on my head to stop the bleeding. Ok, not exactly a stranger but this man who lived in my neighborhood (who I'd talked to a few times before because I liked his German Shepherd.) Even if you ignore the "stranger danger", putting a rag from a garage on a head wound is probably not the best idea... I had to go to the ER to get stitches. I also once was reading a book while walking home from school, got really absorbed in it and then stopped because I was wondering when the next street was coming that I had to cross. I looked up and realized I had stopped in the middle of the street.
  7. I haven't seen the gender-swapped episode yet. I am hoping Cartoon Network will replay that one soon! I wanna see Fionna and Cake XD
  8. LOL I was reading the TV Tropes page for Adventure time and it had a translation of what Lady Rainicorn says(she's speaking Korean) when they ask her if she knew any jokes: I like when Jake says "I remember why I drowned that translator now". Oh and the ending is funny: http-~~-// (video shows the ending)
  9. LOL yeah my friend who I was talking about was like "WHAT! What! They can't just end it like that!" when that happened. And the episode "Power Animal" that ends with Jake saying my friend actually gasped and was like That's a good episode though. It's so weird... Yup I thought so too when I first saw Adventure Time, so I checked and found out it's the same voice actor.
  10. I'm a Leo but I'm nothing like Rarity and I really don't fit into any of the usual description of Leos... I HATE to be the center of attention for example.
  11. I live in no guns. You have to jump through many hoops to get a gun permit here, and if you manage to get a permit, then it's still pretty much illegal to even step foot outside your house with a gun, or to own any ammo. I'm pretty sure airsoft guns aren't legal here either, or even paintball guns. My brother has several firearms though, so it's fun when I visit him... He's in the "live free or die" state so yeah. I have some nice custom knives but here in Chicago it's also illegal to carry a pocket knife with over 2.5" blade. So I leave the nice ones at home, in case they get confiscated... I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get in trouble for having a longer knife since I'm a "little" girl, but they might confiscate it.
  12. I have an account there but I hardly ever go there anymore.
  13. I just watched the episode "Death in Bloom"... When I saw the ending I was like O_O This ending: I want to ask my friend to record herself when she watches it because she always has the funniest reactions when they do stuff like that.