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  1. EquestrianScholar

    [Canterlot] Winter in Canterlot

    @Skycoaster Resisting the urge to open it just yet, at least wishing to wait until Luna was there to watch her open it, Celestia will enter her bedchambers to do what she had intended, as well grabbing a red bag with a number of gifts. One not only for her sister, but for others if she had a chance of meeting them this evening. Plus, a few extra, just in case as the princess was always prepared and loved to give during this time of year. She will remove to gifts, levitating them with her magic as she exits her room. Looking to her guards with a smile, she will say, "Steady Heart, Golden Dawn, I have a gift for each of you. Too help you both stay warm this Hearth's Warming season," Offering the gifts to them, the princess with gesture for her guards to open them, revealing scarfs that were hoof made based on what Celestia had come to know about them. Having similar presents in mind that she'd give out to the guards throughout the mouth. For Steady, it was a warm colored cloth with the silhouettes of the stallion's and his family's cutiemarks. For Golden, it was the wool was the color of his eyes, with markings of flames and that of a rising sun coming over the horizon. Once this was done, with the guards offering their thanks, Celestia will look to Steady saying, "I'm sure you wish to spend time with your family, you may go." Before looking to Golden and requesting, "If it is not too much trouble, would you stay on for a little longer and accompany so as to find my sister?" Asking this because she knew his family was all the way back in Hollow Shades, though if the pegasi had plans she would find another. Having considered this request being made, Golden was ready for it as he offers a small bow saying, "I'd be honored to stay by your side longer Your Highness, if you have need of me." The stallion both curious and excited, as he had heard among the guards when Celestia has one among her guards accompany her in less formal setting. Allowing the guards to see another side of the princess during such times. That, and while he would never admit it, the pegasi never really grow tired of being in the alicorn's presence. With such, Celestia and her guard will go seeking her sister. It hopefully not taking long, helped by the fact that both she and Golden could fly. This being a big reason why she had requested the stallion come with her on this little adventure, both having the mobility of possessing wings.
  2. EquestrianScholar

    [Canterlot] Winter in Canterlot

    (I really need to update this, get a header that is a lot more interesting) Princess Celestia had found herself running a bit later on her schedule then normal for her, especially since the mare was normally able to get things finished a bit early so as to be able to enough this time of the year more personally. The alicorn feels herself having to stifle a yawn, not yet wanting to head in as she hoped to meet up with her sister Luna. By her side was two guards as she made the princess made her way to her bedchambers to freshen up, allowing her to see the gift left for her. Intrigued, she will levitate it with her magic to take a closer look. As she does, one of her guards will glance towards Princess Celestia and the gift by her doors. This being a pegasi by the name of Golden Dawn, having been in Her Majesty's service for a couple of years now, if memory served. Yet, as was expected, not a word would come from his mouth as he and the other guard waited for instruction. Generally, it would around this time that he would be getting off shift, though the Princess' schedule had taken later in the evening to finish though if the stallion was to be honest, he didn't mind staying longer.
  3. EquestrianScholar

    Planning [OOC] Winter in Canterlot

    Sighs, okay then lets see about getting this started... if you will still have me. Currently having internet issues, but I'll see what I can do in getting started.
  4. EquestrianScholar

    Princess Celestia

    Do I have to make mention of A Royal Problem? I really personally dislike that episode, and would rather ignore it if you might allow it. I honestly think one of the comics handled the premise a lot better. On the rest, I can see what I can do in at least mentioning key events from the show. Honestly, I intentionally had the backstory stop right before the show pilot on purpose... partly so that I wouldn't have to constantly add to it and because those who have seen it would know of said events.
  5. EquestrianScholar

    Planning [OOC] Winter in Canterlot

    Well since you happen to have Princess Luna a part of this along with one of her royal guard as another one of your characters... I could offer the same. Chuckles Princess Celestia Golden Dawn (Celestia's Royal Guard)
  6. EquestrianScholar

    Cast Character List : Equestrian Empire

    In that case, I'll see about bringing back Princess Celestia. Especially since I was able to successfully reapply and be approved to roleplay as her.
  7. EquestrianScholar

    S07:E10 - A Royal Problem

    @bigbertha Thank you, exactly my thoughts! More, I felt the comic did a part better job at pulling off this plot and was more entertaining.
  8. @An Admirer Not a lot of detail to work with when it comes personality or background, yet if your OC has been approved for the Equestrian Empire I offer glad to have you join in!
  9. EquestrianScholar

    Planning [Seeking RP] Looking For An RP

    @Glacies Frost Glad to hear! Let me know here if you have any ideas and if not perhaps I could offer a few considerations for a roleplay.
  10. EquestrianScholar

    Cast Character List : Equestrian Empire

    @Wolfhog Good luck, it took months to finally be re-approved for roleplaying as Princess Celestia and that was will a fair bit if effort contacting staff.
  11. EquestrianScholar

    Cast Character List : Equestrian Empire

    Well I am able and more then willing to roleplay as Princess Celestia, yet every time I tried getting something setup no one seemed to show interest.
  12. EquestrianScholar

    Planning [Seeking RP] Looking For An RP

    I am looking to have Princess Celestia in a roleplay.
  13. EquestrianScholar

    Open Ponyfinder: Age of Adventure (Open, Planning)

    Glad to have you join, sorry for not saying anything sooner. I have been a bit busy with Open Enrollment for the Federal Marketplace going on, and in helping people re-enroll or otherwise assist them involving their health insurance. It has left me with a fair bit of stress and distraction. I will see about checking Discord though and we can perhaps help you get started.