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  1. Thank you, and it is good to see you again! Maybe we will have a chance of roleplaying together.
  2. EquestrianScholar

    Critique Wanted Mythos Gray, My Mane OC

    Yes! I do remember you, hello old friend. How is Memebase Bronies going? How is Fawlkes doing? Also, thank you I will see about getting my characters submitted.
  3. I might be, hello David! (This is the author and creator of Ponyfinder!)
  4. I am 32, and have been a fan since before the start of Season 2 of MLP: FiM.
  5. Adventure in the world of Everglow, nestled in delicate balance between the elemental planes. It is a world of magic and mystery, where the fey are in control and the humanoid races are secondary. Foremost of the fey are Ponykind, who rallied behind their Queen to form the greatest empire Everglow had ever seen. Where you can play as ponies, griffons, felines, and other strange creatures in a world all of their own, where they are the primary PCs. Which can also easily be adapted to work in a campaign set in Equestria, if many here might prefer. I can also provide the rules and resources need
  6. EquestrianScholar

    Critique Wanted Mythos Gray, My Mane OC

    So do I need to do anything else for my Mythos? Not seeing a section to submit characters for approval.
  7. It has been a while, yet again. Much of my time here being in the roleplay section of the MLP Forums. Where I had a few characters approved and even played Princess Celestia in Equestian Empire for a while.
  8. Hello everyone and Happy World Smile Day!
  9. EquestrianScholar

    Critique Wanted Mythos Gray, My Mane OC

    I find it amusing I am getting roleplay requests instead of critiques like I asked. Haha Hmm... Cali could be an interesting prospect. Though very much for a more long term roleplay, especially since she does look like she'd fill more of an antagonistic role in such. Though I can see a couple of way she and Mythos could find themselves interaction. One being that they are both seeking the same magical artifact, where the sly and charming unicorn uses his wits and cunning to possibly outsmart the mare at times, or annoy her to the point of losing her cool, even distract her with his
  10. EquestrianScholar

    Critique Wanted Mythos Gray, My Mane OC

    Well it could very much be a possibility! I was hoping to start roleplaying with Mythos again on here.
  11. EquestrianScholar


    I feel that cannabis should be recreationally legal, though with similar laws to cigarette smoking and drinking alcohol, such as with age and driving under the influence. Especially since it does have so many beneficial effects, even medical use, and is not harmful. With the requirement of being an adult being for the fact the brains of teenagers are still developing, and the change in chemical balance cannabis can cause could mess that up a bit if you're not an adult. Otherwise yeah, it is complete nonsense that it's illegal. Since it is far less harmful then cigarette and alcohol, yet thos
  12. Beside Nightmare Before Christmas, there is also Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown movies, Beetlejuice, Coraline, Addams Family, Casper, the original Ghostbusters, Edward Scissorhands, Young Frankestein, ParaNorman, The Corpse Bride, Monster House, The Witches, and the The Sixth Sense... And yes, a fair few rated R horror movies.
  13. EquestrianScholar

    Critique Wanted Mythos Gray, My Mane OC

    I'm curious to see how well my main OC holds up, after all these years, as well see if there is anything to be improved. --------------------------------------------------------- Name: Mythos Gray Sex: Male Species: Unicorn Age: Adult Coat/Body Colour: A soft gray color. Mane and Tail Colour and Style: Pure white. Eye Colour: Purple Physique: Fit yet lean, because of his travels and generally keeping an active lifestyle. Cutie Mark: An open book with a fire breathing dragon's head coming out from within, symbolizing Mythos' special talent for taking stories he finds and retells to 'come to l
  14. Do I have to make mention of A Royal Problem? I really personally dislike that episode, and would rather ignore it if you might allow it. I honestly think one of the comics handled the premise a lot better. On the rest, I can see what I can do in at least mentioning key events from the show. Honestly, I intentionally had the backstory stop right before the show pilot on purpose... partly so that I wouldn't have to constantly add to it and because those who have seen it would know of said events.
  15. @bigbertha Thank you, exactly my thoughts! More, I felt the comic did a part better job at pulling off this plot and was more entertaining.
  16. Glad to have you join, sorry for not saying anything sooner. I have been a bit busy with Open Enrollment for the Federal Marketplace going on, and in helping people re-enroll or otherwise assist them involving their health insurance. It has left me with a fair bit of stress and distraction. I will see about checking Discord though and we can perhaps help you get started.
  17. We can take want you made for 5e and see about converting the details to Pathfinder.
  18. Does everyone have Discord? I'd like to get all of us one there to start completing and finalizing character sheets. To work out any details that still need to be worked out taken care off, and begin moving forward. being able to chat about it there could I feel go faster. My User ID is: GreyScholar #8836
  19. If everyone is fine with such, I feel D&D 5e may be better for new players and in general to help keep down complexity of rules. I love Pathfinder as a system, with its choices and variaty, but there is merit to what Wizards of the Coast has done as well. Whichever each of you are fine with.
  20. I'll try to see about getting a Discord group chat together, though it may help if someone could point out how to do this on mobile or we could wait until I get back from work in ten or so hours. My Discord ID is GreyScholar #8836.
  21. @Buck Testa Hmm, well we surely could do everything on Roll20, though perhaps only if we could have a record of the party's travels, misadventures, and shenanigans posted here on MLP Forums that way something is being contributed to the site. Especially since by site rules it could be interpreted as "advertising" for off site roleplaying, or otherwise diverting traffic from it. Yet I will admit, perhaps I am simply worrying too much and bothering with details which are not needed to be considered.
  22. Well I will see to setting up a group chat on Discord then, once I figure out how. I admittedly have less experience on that platform compared to Skype. Also, thank you all for your interest and for your time, hopefully we can find a schedule that works though my days off are Friday and Sunday. Glad to see that you are still interested, and my apologizes for causing you to think with had died.
  23. Well it would matter how we do this. I would like to keep a fair bit of the posting here on the site, with much of the roleplay taking place on MLP Forums, and mostly keeping Discord for Out of Character discussions, planning, or dice rolling. More Play by Post then using the likes of Roll20 or other chat focused roleplaying, though this admittedly takes more time to get through a scenario... especially during battles. So no set schedule, just whenever each party member can post. At the same time, I understand the preference of wanting to just pick a day to roleplay and spending of few so
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