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  1. I don't know if anyone's noticed this yet. Forgive me if they have. XD Okay, so that new mean chick in the trailer... Has the exact coloring and cutie mark (on her shirt) as that Sunset Shimmer toy people have been speculating about. . I'm guessing Sunset Shimmer is a pony, or WILL be a pony. Maybe she'll be redeemed? I wonder though, maybe Sunset Shimmer won't actually appear in S4 and is just exclusively for the movie. :/
  2. I think redeeming characters goes with the theme of the show (Discord's still gonna be antagonistic, that's just how he is. I honestly like how he can still be seen as a friend of the Mane 6. He's awesome, I'd rather he's not turned to stone after each episode with him...) of love, friendship, and forgiveness. They have a little girl audience. Why teach them that bad people are bad no matter what? Everyone has good inside of them... Okay, an idea that just occurred to me: Maybe if somepony loved Chrysalis she wouldn't need to steal it from ponies. That could be why she goes to forceful mea
  3. I have a theory, actually, that the Alicorn Amulet is what corrupted him. Like, notice how Trixie was forcing Ponyville to do her bidding and actually doing violent things to them. (she tried to make somepony actually WRITHE IN AGONY) She was pretty much enslaving them (that's what Sombra did the the Crystal Empire). And Sombra has a verrry similar color scheme to the Alicorn amulet. So I think that Sombra once wore the Amulet too long and he was permanently changed into a dark being (and Trixie almost faced the same fate). That would give more reason for the Amulet to revive him, too. I
  4. Well, there's never really been an episode completely centered around Zecora. I mean, Bride Gossip didn't show Zecora that much. But say, Celestia never got her own episode either, and she's a really important character. And it'd be hard for them to write a whole episode with her rhyming all the time (unless something happened and Zecora stopped rhyming...that'd make a good ep, explaining why she rhymes). I totally agree with you though, she deserves more attention. Hopefully an episode 'bout her will pop up eventually.
  5. Valentine's Day soon! :)

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      Who to write a valentine for...

  6. Hello >:3

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      I'm GLaD. Anywho, I'm going to bed. I had fun talking to ya!

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  7. When watching The Ticket Master, I remember rooting for Rarity, AJ, and Rainbow Dash to go to the Gala. Rarity had the possibility of meeting her true love, AJ would be helping her family, and Rainbow Dash had the possibility of completing her dream of joining the Wonderbolts (and finding true love as well, if you ship > ). I found Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy just wanted to have fun, but nothing permanent and life-changing, so I didn't think they really deserved it. (sorry) So let's say, if you were picking and Princess Celestia only allowed ONE friend to attend. Which would you pick?
  8. "Brony" applies to both genders. I mean, the "Bronies" group on deviantART allows girls to join, too. "Pegasister" I like to think of as a word for the minority of the MLP fandom, the girls. I call myself a brony. (and I'm female) It would make sense if instead of "wing boner" when referring to brony dudes getting erections we called them "broners".
  9. Exactly! Everypony needs to read your post, 'cause a lot of bronies just don't get it! All sorts of flame war is everywhere in Youtube comments. It wouldn't take up so much space if bronies didn't have long replies to the trolling. And you can't blame some of the haters. They don't like a show and they're seeing it everywhere and bronies will often try forcing it upon them. Of course they'll get the wrong idea 'bout the fandom! Just leave all the haters be and they'll leave us be..
  10. I object. WoodenToaster's music is AWESOME! Think, Rainbow Factory inspired the really famous fanfic with the same title. And Avast Fluttershy's Flank is extremely popular. And WoodenToaster has such a magical voice!! You cannot deny that!!
  11. Viridian Daybreak

    Ask Thunder-Dash

    What's your cutie mark?
  12. FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! That storm of Pinkie Pies was hysterical!! I loved it! I'm curious about Fancy Pants being there. It looks like the Pinkie Pie herd "terrorized" Canterlot as well. And also, I'm looking forward to Fancy being in the show a lot. Especially as a love interest for Rarity. He's not my first choice for her, but RariPants was foreshadowed in Love is in Bloom. The episode was really intense at the end. I mean, I know it wouldn't happen, but they were so close to zapping the real Pinkie away. I felt awfully sorry for her and expected her mane to flatten like in Par
  13. I say Big Macintosh. True, AJ is most likely faster, but Big Mac is bigger and older. AJ only managed like half of the apple trees without his help and we all know how exhausted she was. She did last a while, and she's stubborn, so she's got that going for her. But, who ran the farm before AJ was old enough? Applejack wasn't always a grown mare (nor was he, but I guess they're parents took care of it before they presumably died--though I'm not sure if it's really confirmed) so Big Mac must have been completely in charge and maybe with the assistance of other ponies (my assumption is Caram
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