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  1. Hey now, they didn't kill AJ's parents, they were just already dead. Also, they did finally show that Scoots has a home of some sort, or at least a bedroom, in episode 5 of season 4 "Flight to the Finish".
  2. Lord Pretty Pie

    Ask Zecora

    Go for it. I started this quite a while ago with little success, and had fully given up on it, before suddenly actually getting some questions. I don't know how it'll work though. How about we swap off, every other one?
  3. Lord Pretty Pie

    Ask Zecora

    (OOC: Sorry I've been slow answering these. It's finals week.) If I thought it were silly to rhyme, why would I do it all of the time? Though it is known I make potions quite well, I'm rarely asked about things other than spells. When you live alone, such as I do, it's a valuable skill, cooking good food. Not everypony likes tea, but if you do, I'm sure you'd love one of my calming brews.
  4. Lord Pretty Pie

    Ask Zecora

    (OOC: Not Zecora, but... You know, whatever. It rhymes, and it's easier on me this way.)
  5. Lord Pretty Pie

    Ask Zecora

    The Alicorn Amulet holds great power, but it's also will leave one rather dour. Its use I forbid. Forever I shall keep it hid.
  6. Lord Pretty Pie

    Ask Zecora

    I can brew up many things, magic potions which much good brings. But, my favorite brew I like to blend, is any one that helps a friend. She has visited a time or two, and she isn't bad at stirring brews. By my side she helps a lot, but officially my assistant she is not.
  7. Lord Pretty Pie

    Ask Zecora

    Well, Brainstorm, I'm glad you asked. I've been rather busy in the days past. So much to do, and so little time! BUT over all, I'm doing quite fine.
  8. Lord Pretty Pie

    Ask Zecora

    Dragons are a mysterious race, and their history is hard to trace. For years I traveled, and though I've met but few, mysteries is what I do.
  9. Lord Pretty Pie

    Alicorn Radio

    I'm not sure what that bit about fruit punch is, but I have been swamped by school work lately, which is why I couldn't participate in the last couple episodes. Sorry about that, I'll be sure to make the next one!
  10. The ultimate question there, isn't it? I'm not going to come in here and say I'm the super-ultra-extreme-awesomazing-est writer ever, but I have been told I've a bit of a talent. Really, what I tend to see, and often have difficulty doing myself, is there are all of these great ideas that I want to get across, and instead of a story I end up with more of a summary it seems. Try to avoid descriptions that come out as lists, and think of it as something actually happening that you are recording. Write it as it unfolds, and don't worry if all of your fantastic ideas don't come through in the one
  11. Oh, no, please. That's too much. Seriously, you're embarrassing me! I didn't say stop. Keep going.But now in all seriousness, I'd say that mine is a totally reasonable explanation, and also total bs. Were the writers to explain how she knew, I'm fairly certain that is not how they'd do it, but, seeing as they are unlikely to do such a thing, this is about as fine an explanation as we are likely to get. Now talk more about how great I am, if you don't mind.
  12. I think, and purely out of speculation, that I have created a more or less reasonable explanation. If you notice the Parasprite Polka, the song used to lure the parasprites away, is exactly the same as the song playing at Pinkie's first party, back on the rock farm. My guess is that sometime during or after the party, the song lured parasprites to the farm, thus showing Pinkie their weakness to it. Huzzah!
  13. I really don't understand why so many people are nervous about, or feel they have to hide that they are buying ponies. For one, the brony community is starting to get rather well known, two, if you don't mention it, and the cashier is unfamiliar with bronies, it will likely be assumed as a gift for someone else, and three, I am brony and I am proud. My first pony purchase was over the internet, so that doesn't really count. The first time I went into a store to get something, I had a long conversation with the cashier about weather or not the shirt came in larger sizes. And preferably male
  14. It's just a quick sketch in MS paint, but I figure it'd make a good guideline for how I imagine what you described. Sure, I can't really think of a talent that might accompany, and it doesn't have to go along with names, but... Some ponies have cutie marks that I can't imagine a talent for, such as... Two dolphins... An hourglass... And now, a bush with sugar cubes in it.
  15. Who's your favorite pony? Pinkie Pie! When did you start having that pony as your favorite? I'd say that probably started somewhere around... April 19th 2012 at 10:44pm. What episode, scene, or fanon made her/him your official favorite? It wasn't so much a particular scene as her over all personality. Pinkie Pie is by far the most... Unique personality. Why did you like him/her because of that? Well one of my favorite things about her is her role as comic relief. Every show needs something in case stuff starts to get a bit too serious (Chocolate rain you guys!). Another thing,
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