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  1. Oh wow, I totally forgot that game existed! And here I am with a copy of the second game too, sort of wish I could afford the third one for download. When I was drawing this up, I was pretending that this was on some merchandise or on the front of a website. Originally, I wanted to make the logo for the contest how the logo that did win went, but then thought that it might feel too business like. So instead, I just thought of something that would appeal a younger audience that likes MLP:FiM, but is also appealing to an older viewer without it being obvious it's from this show. This has a slightly more active look that I thought would look neat on things like shirts or if it was animated as a gif. But looking at the logo that won, I guess they wanted a more business look after all, so maybe I shouldn't have listened to my instincts when making this. Not sure what to do with this logo now. Maybe I'll rework it slightly and remove the name so I can make it into something else, still thinking on what to do...
  2. Well, dang. For some reason, I didn't receive an email about this at all and had someone else tell me about all this happening... Well, when I did my logo, I was thinking of ways that would make it look fun and entertaining while also relating to the show, but not in a way that would force people to dislike it if say it was on a shirt. That's what I was attempting, anyways.
  3. I've got what I would say are my thoughts on the movie, and they aren't all that pleasant. No, I don't bash anything without proper merit, but there are so many problems to this movie. If you want to see it, since I believe reposting it here would be akin to spam, you can find my response to the movie here - http://mlpforums.com/topic/60373-equestria-girls-hate/?p=1597529
  4. I just did my own search on Google Images of Fluttershy. I got two images that had suggestive things in it, but everything else was simple, Fluttershy pictures. That's not to say certain images don't pop up from time to time, but this is the internet. You may as well expect this stuff to pop up every now and then. I mean, I've accidentally come across things sexually explicit from King of the Hill, Game Grumps, and even Mythbusters. Yes, really, all these are real and I am horrified they exist. That's the thing though, there's porn on just about everything out there, and if it's not there, it'll be there eventually (referring to R35). If you want a safer environment for things like this fandom, just go on DeviantArt. There are groups out there that don't allow what you don't want to see. I don't know why you didn't look there in the first place... http://alltheponies.deviantart.com/ There's a group that you can browse through without too many problems, if any.
  5. You also need to add in the fact that every console is region locked, meaning you can't take your console overseas and expect it to play. Same with any game purchased. The PS4 on the other hand is NOT region lock, meaning you can purchase any console and game from anywhere, and it should work. Publishers may region lock their own games, depending on what they want, but a majority of the games should be playable no matter where you go.
  6. I agree with this, which is why I'm looking at the WiiU as well. Bayonetta 2 is coming exclusively for them, which has me very anxious into buying that console. But there still has to be a fine line with excusing a console for all its missteps for having good games. I hope you have a really good internet connection, don't mind being forced into talking to your Kinect since there's no power button, you actually have to tell it to turn on and off every single time, paying a hundred + more than the competition, possibly losing your gaming library in around ten years if they ever cut the servers off for you console, and being forced to buy EVERY game brand new, meaning you'll have to buy everything around $60 per game no matter what. I hope all of this, and more, is worth getting a few exclusive games you want.
  7. I have absolutely NO doubt that Discord will appear at least ONCE in season four. When he was released in season three, there was no reason whatsoever to have that happen in a story standpoint. It was just something that happened. Granted, it could've just been a side thing like many of the episodes were, but you don't make a side thing with a very large and widely known character from the series! The thing is, what will they use him for? That's what's got me curious. I'm taking a guess that he'll be used for something actually important. Not just a simple thing, or it'd be a major waste of potential to a character. Sure, it'd be nice to see him just screw around in an episode, but ultimately, I'm expecting something of importance from the guy.
  8. Right now, for myself, I'm still not sure what to get. I'm going to have to wait until all three consoles finally come out so news will trickle in on what they can, cannot do, and will not do. As for the E3 even that just went down, I think these two videos sum it up quite nicely for the two major players there. Microsoft's Xbone Sony's PS4
  9. Kotaku spotted it in one of their videos that was missed by just about all of the viewers. It's not the worst thing I've seen, seeing as I'm surprised Sony hasn't implemented on for so long. Hopefully, it'll come with an improved experience (which I'm assuming it does). http://kotaku.com/ps4-video-says-playstation-plus-is-mandatory-for-online-512482325
  10. This... is surprisingly accurate to exactly what happened. That Tom Clancy game looks phenomenal and I can't wait for Rayman Legends to come out. But, there are a few points you missed. Microsoft's implied rape joke. The fact that Microsoft showcased mostly teasers while Sony showcased gameplay. Microsoft's teasers also lost audio in TWO of their showcases. Steven Spielberg is STILL confirmed to do the Halo televised series. Not sure why the have to keep telling everyone that. Are they afraid people will forget? Sony is allowing self-publishing on their console. No word on what Microsoft is doing. Microsoft's getting Minecraft! Again! Just... without any of the mod support and texture packs... But it's slightly better than the 360 version! Xbone is going to be $499.99, or £429.99. PS4 is going to be $399.99, or £349.99. Sony is enforcing the PS4 paid subscription to their PSN+, so to play multiplayer, you need to be a member. But for everything else, you don't need that. They'll also still be giving away free games as usual. PEGGLE TWO, FUCK YEAH, AIR PUMP ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. The Sony Press Conference is currently going on people! Click the link above so you can join in on watching what they reveal for their console!
  12. Yes, I've had people saying this was a problem. Just refresh the website, it'll eventually load up so that you can view it like everyone else.
  13. I noticed it's not working for some people. Just refresh the site and it should help. I just put a notice up in the OP so everyone else will know.
  14. Hello everyone. For anyone that's interested in watching a livestream of the E3 event and talk about what they are showcasing, here you go - http://www.gametrailers.com/netstorage/e3/live.html Note to all people: you may need to refresh this every once in a while. The livestream hiccups constantly and sometimes freezes or doesn't play, so refreshing the site will fix some of that.
  15. I personally think that Applejack's too sharp in this image. Luna has a softeness to her but you also manage to hit that regal look about her. I really enjoy the Luna image, along with the Rainbow Dash too (as well as your Dreamer Dragon). Applejack, her body looks great and I love the hair, even the hand holding the apple is a very nice touch. It's just that her face, to me, looks very sharp: from her eyes, to the nose, and right down to the chin. It makes her look too cultivated instead of someone that does physical labor, so she appears very flat in a character compared to your Dash drawing, which feels more lively to look at. Also, her ear looks strange, making it look like that's holding her hat in place. Still, your talent in digital painting is astounding. Where exactly did you learn to do this? Or was this just something you picked up by yourself?
  16. I'm also waiting on E3 to see what console I'll be looking into, or if I'll just have to stick with PC this time around. As for what I said, when a company wants to sell their product, especially one that's an upgrade to a previous model, they need to find ways to push it out. Stopping services from a previous model is one way to do that. Sure, they'll keep it up for a while as the next generation rolls out and might even find solutions into moving the games over in some way, like passports that you purchase for a price (just an example). But eventually, they'll stop their services for this system. Why would they continue to have servers up on a system they're not making money off of when a new console's out? And that cloud thing might be how they transfer things over to the next console, it seems likely and might be what they were planning as one of the results into using cloud gaming. But, they've started to give the developers more freedom than usual, such as giving them the ability to make games have to use internet fully to play games or to lock out if their games can even be traded in or bought used. They may also give them the ability to see about moving their games to the next console transfer over as well. Who knows if there's going to be additional fees or if they decide to force people to purchase the game once more. Of course, this is all speculation on my part since this is really far down the road, but it would be nice to have them address this stuff as well for people like myself or the many people I know that hold onto their game systems and game library's.
  17. I quoted you guys since it seems you're the people that want an Xbone in the end, even with what Microsoft said is going to happen with their console. That's cool, totally up to you. I'm just bringing something up that isn't even being discussed for some strange reason that NEEDS to be discussed, and hopefully others will see this too. I just realized a major problem with the Xbone that I'm hoping everyone will reply to here or at least read this. Let's take a look into the future, when you've got a great gaming library for your console from Microsoft and they're got their newest console out on the market. The next generation comes out from Microsoft... but what of the Xbone? They'd be moving on to the next generation, so the Xbone wouldn't be as important anymore. Sure, they'd keep up with maintenance and some of the servers for a few more years until the next generation is fully in place (I expect that to be around two years time), but then what? It's going to turn into a brick, that's what. All those games you bought for it? All the DLC and downloaded games you have? All the time you put into your saves and needing to connect every twenty four hours, what's that say about when this stops? Without the servers to play them, it's just a piece of junk lying around. You won't be able to keep playing the games for very long after the next generation comes out at all, and it's a near guarantee that the Xbone games won't work on the next console. I can go out and buy a PS2 right now and still play PS2 games. Same with an original Xbox, Gamecube, Super Nintendo, Atari, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, or even current gen's like a PS3 or 360. In the future, Xbone won't work for you people. I'm surprised no ones even thought of this or that this topic was ever brought up once. So once more, look into what you want and take this into real consideration when buying a console, whichever one you wind up choosing. The WiiU and PS4 won't have this restriction and you can keep your gaming library for life if you wish. Not with the Xbone.
  18. I like to play some of the more indie developed titles, not because they're indie, but because they can get away with doing things the major publishers are afraid of doing. They'd rather play it safe and make a game that's assured to make money, and while those games can be fun at times, they never try to push a game to its limits. An example of this is Banished. http://www.shiningrocksoftware.com/ When this game comes out, I'm going to drop all my cash on this game. It's a sim-building game that goes above and beyond so many things other sims don't do. It also doesn't have a lot of the hectic nature the others do, such as war and having to mass up armies. It's looking better and better overtime, and it's all done by one guy that does all the work in it. There are still good games though from bigger publishers I really enjoy, such as Persona 4, Disgaea, or Rayman. If you think you're done with games or just don't play them all that much, you just haven't looked around well enough for that game that makes you want to continue playing it over and over, and to find more games like it.
  19. Photoshop CS6? Are you serious?! I've been trying to do painterly effects on that program for so long and it always comes out looking like something I'd see from damn kindergarten! Of course, I also use a Bamboo which is complete shit compared to your more powerful and glorious Cintiq. I really need to get one of those someday, I know it would vastly improve my time on any digital work if I could just see what I'm drawing instead of having to guesswork my stuff. As for the link, while the step process doesn't show us interesting techniques and how you layer your stuff, it does give insight on just how you do your work. I'm also very glad you didn't splotch on a unicorn horn on her head, I hate it when people think that still looks fine on a humanized figure. I really do hope to see some more stuff in the future.
  20. Wow, this is more than I'm used to seeing here on this site. I wish I had that kind of talent to paint like what I'm seeing. Sadly, I'm stuck on sketches and such in a more cartoony way. I am a tad upset that you only gave us the final result. I would love to see how you go about making one of these images and the steps it takes so not only I, but others can be better informed on all the hard work it took to make one of these. I'd also like to know just what you use to make one of these images. Do you use a program, such as Adobe Photoshop, or is this used with actual paints or another art medium?
  21. As some of you may or may not know, The Humble Indie Bundle 8 is out! "Wait, what's this bundle about?" some of you might be asking. It's a group of people that group great games together at a 'pay at your own price' system. Yes, you can pay whatever you want for these games, and they're all DRM free! Pay more than a dollar for them, and you get a Steam key for the games as well for your Steam account. And pay more than the average, you also get the bonus games. You also get the soundtracks for the games with this bundle, making it all the sweeter to get. Whatever you pay goes to one of three people: the developers that made the games, the Child's Play Charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation, and a humble tip to pay the people that made this possible so they can continue doing this stuff. So let's get to the stuff people are really interested about. What goodies are in store for you this time around? X-X-X-X-X Little Inferno "Cloaked under the simple gameplay, Little Inferno is a thoughtful and clever satire on casual games. Channel your inner pyromaniac in this charming and witty sandbox puzzler. Park yourself in front of your new Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace as you burn your worldly possessions to stay warm. Don’t worry if you run out though, as burning things will yield coins, which can be used to purchase and unlock catalogs of more things to burn. Light up screaming Marshmallows or an explosive Blowfish, or burn things together to create new combinations and unlock further ignitables." Awesomenauts (with exclusive chicken suit) "Awesomenauts is awesomely awesome, oozing with character and colorful cartoonish fun. This 3 vs. 3 multiplayer action platformer will have you attacking your opponents and their turrets while also defending your own base from attack across a variety of 2-D maps. Choose from a cast of vibrant characters, each with its own unique set of abilities and theme song, and unlock hundreds of upgrades to customize your character’s abilities to each new battle." Capsized "In a turn of unfortunate events, you’ve crashed on a strange alien planet. Stranded, you’ll need to use a variety of tools and weapons, including a Jetpack, Energy Shield, and Quasar Array, to find the rest of your crew and make it out alive. Capsized is a 2-D platformer filled with colorful detailed landscapes and blood-thirsty monsters. With a campaign mode of 12 missions and an arcade mode, you’ll find that being marooned on an unfamiliar world might not be such a bad thing after all." Thomas Was Alone "It’s hip to be a square (or any other kind of parallelogram) in Thomas Was Alone, a minimalistic puzzle-platformer. Start out as Thomas, a red rectangle, then fall and jump through 100 levels as you discover new friends along the way. You’ll run into John, a tall, lanky, and helpful yellow rectangle, Sarah, a pint-sized curious purple rectangle with a powerful double jump, and more, as you fall in love with the characters in this simple but endearing game of quadrilaterals." Dear Esther "Dear Esther isn’t what you might consider your typical video game, but therein lies the beauty of it. Instead, it’s an experimental first-person adventure, strongly driven by a fractured narrative. Let yourself wander the abandoned island and its desolate and dreary beaches, and get lost in the sounds of the surf and wind as you try to piece together who you are, and why you were brought to the island. Dear Esther was the Develop 2012 winner in Best Use of of Narrative and Best Microstudio, the HoPlay 2012 winner in Best Original Idea, and Independent Games Festival 2012 winner in Visual Art." X-X-X-X-X If you pay more than the average that's on the website, you also get two bonus games with this bundle pack. X-X-X-X-X Hotline Miami "Think quick and strategically in Hotline Miami, a 2-D top-down action game that rewards caution, tactics, and trial and error. You’ll travel back to the 1980s with the game’s highly stylized neon graphics and 16-bit pixel art. With instant death and no checkpoints, you’ll need to start from the beginning every time, but every runthrough provides a little bit more insight. Gore, rapid action, and sick music all come together in a highly stylized game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Hotline Miami has received an accolade of awards, including IGN’s Best PC Sound of 2012 and Eurogamer’s Rezzed 2012 Game of the Show." Proteus "Proteus is a game of audio-visual exploration and discovery that has you wandering an exotic, mysterious island. Frolic across the landscape, revel in the changing seasons, lose yourself in the ambient sounds. Every world is randomly generated, so each play is just as refreshing and wondrous as the first. As you explore the island and discover its secrets, Proteus is sure to inspire a childlike wonder and delight. Proteus was the 2011 IndieCade winner of Best Audio and won the award for Most Amazing Game at the 2012 AMAZE Indie Connect." X-X-X-X-X As of today (May 28) there is a little less than 14 days left in the deal, so anyone interested better get it before it's gone. The average payment to get both Proteus and Hotline Miami at the time of writing this (May 28) is $5.68. The games can be played on Windows, Mac, and Linux. And yes, you can cross-platform these games as well. The Humble Indie Bundle 8 Website So what's everyone's thoughts on these games? Have any of you played some of these already, and what was your experience with the games?
  22. For anyone that cares to know, I've updated my story here - http://www.fimfiction.net/story/70801/an-alien-walks-amongst-us

  23. Tribes: Ascend is... an interesting game. While it's still got people that prefer killing, it's got more push on being gathered and playing as a team, especially since you'll need all the help you can get going up against people that have jet-packs and glider boots making it an extremely fast paced shooting game. For the time I've played it, I haven't had as much fun as I did in a long time with a shooter. The last time was most likely Halo 2, loved playing that game with a party of people... Think I'll put that game back on my computer now, I'd like to play that some more now especially with the nice updates they have in it. If your wife prefers playing older games from Sony, I would highly recommend either just picking up a PS3 right now or possibly even a PS Vita like I did. The PSN network has an enormous amount of PSX classic games. I myself own Tomba, Legend of Dragoon, Klonoa, Parasite Eve 1&2, and all the Final Fantasy games before 10, and there's so much more there. A new one I usually see around $250, and that's not including used ones at Gamestop. Along with free internet playing and built in wireless controllers, it's a cheaper console overall. As for the Vita, you can also get PSP games on it with PSX games. But... you may want to wait until either this thing gets cheaper or they have cheaper memory cards, in the very least. I doubt it'll be anything heavy. The online once every 24 hours might change, but I see why they'd have that. They're currently allowing it so you can take your disks and transfer it fully onto a console after purchase so you don't need to switch out between games so often. But then they'd have to ensure people don't give that game to a friend to do the exact same thing, taking something they didn't purchase. So they want to make sure that games aren't being taken in such a way. I can see Gamestop also being a part of this. Once a game is resold to them, they put it into the online data and that person that sold the game can't use the data anymore on his console, ensuring he can't get away from taking something after purchase, and deactivating his game from his console. Authenticating other consoles to use a disk and the disk only is to ensure that it can't be downloaded for transfer unless the original console is already deactivated. Do you see what I mean now? I can see myself why people will still be upset with this happening 'cause who knows what else is going on. But this is the main reason why this is happening. And connecting games into the TV setup... I see that being a really cool thing. Think about it: you have a game that comes out with some cool, sandbox element, and to get new missions... you have to watch feedback from some television or even see messages in commercials that may broadcast, looking for your new target or mission. That would be a lot of fun in a spy game or something similar.
  24. It sounds to me like you want to have a good online experience overall. Of course, this comes from shooting games since most online multiplayer doesn't get most of the flak that COD, Halo, or BF does, such as racing, sports, or even competitive fighting. I can tell you that whether you go to Sony or Microsoft's game console, or any other form of gaming, you'll find people acting like idiots. And you just put up the three most annoying things for online gaming, other than DRM or buy-ins for winning. First off, the trollers. They call everything out as if they're trolling, when really all they're doing is acting like pathetic little twerps ruining the fun for everyone around. I can appreciate a good troll, whether it's done on me or not. It's interesting and sometimes fun when someone can do something good when using their wits and planning something out into a really good troll, but lobbing grenades at your team, shooting around to reveal your position, then screaming out YOLO or LOL is not a troll. I think the most annoying ones are the people that play really loud music in their microphones. It's a child looking for attention. I've rarely seen an adult do things like this (unless it's for YouTube...) and even then, at least they're not being as big of idiots. I'm actually not sure why the younger players do this stuff. Then the hackers. Thankfully, these are actually few and far in between from what I've seen and they tend to stay on their own private servers (most hackers I know just hack into a game to mess around with friends with a different experience, like infinite rockets and stuff like that). That's not to say people don't go out to screw with people, but I don't see it often. And the young people. These are the most annoying. It's not that it's because the players are young, I don't care about that. It's mostly because most of the younger players give off a young, childish attitude when playing. They scream in their high pitched voices when things don't go their way, make stupid jokes all the time, and rarely even try to work as a team when playing, preferring to screw teammates over for one more kill. And of course, the majority of these people are in the mentioned above trollers group, excusing all their actions as "Trolling around". Idiots the lot of them. Once more, this is not me saying that all young players do these kinds of things. I've had some fun playing with them myself and can be sensible and very skilled players. But sadly, the majority of people doing this also seem to be the younger players. Also, if you like shooters, I'd recommend for you Tribes: Ascend. Really fun game, reminds me a lot of Halo but with jet-packs and intense speed. Oh, and it's free. You can buy your upgrades quicker, but you can also just play and earn those buyable stuff as well, which is fantastic to have in a game.