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  1. I've never understood the whole hatred for Cloud and Tidus honestly I don't think that cloud broods AS MUCH as everyone says that he does as for tidus besides the infamous laughing scene his character was a arrogant "kid" (I'm not sure canonnicly how old he is) and i felt that was how he was portrayed. Both of these characters are some of my favorite of all RPG's I have played
  2. keeping it classy the first song i learned to play on my saxophone was come fly with me by frank sinatra dream on by aerosmith for drums honestly suprised how few drummers are here
  3. for the "no cars in equestria" idea i have a headcanon that magic is like the force from star wars in that it flows through everyone and you would just need to be taught how to manipulate it so you could teleport wherever you would need to go also learning more about magic could be a good timekiller also you don't need electricity for sports
  4. I play on xbox so i use the turtlebeach x12's they can also be used for pc but they are amazing for there price of 50 dollars they are wired so you arent constantly burning through batteries
  5. I am indifferent I know little to nothing about him and have never talked to him, but he seems like a pretty chill guy at most creating this forum should say something.
  6. most likely chaotic good "if you can save someone you are obligated to do so" is what i always say don't have to have a heart of gold just do what is right
  7. what do you mean exactly by being purified by the elements it doesn't seem very clear as to what that means are you just exposed to them or do they do that rainbow beam
  8. name: Jesse' a/s 16 male music: metal dubstep classic rock hobbies: i play drums saxophone i LOVE really any kind of rpgs like final fantasy
  9. its funny that you say that there a philosophy professor for a small university near my house who looks exatcly like me but a little bit taller
  10. the way they show you is ridculous as in its really effective or its extremely painfull ive never had contacts before i kinda need to know these things.
  11. i was wondering if i should get contact alot of my freinds have told me that i look better without glasses so i want your opnions. glasses yay or neigh?
  12. im trying to download origin so i can get battlefield 1942 and it keeps saying my security settings dont allow me to download the file and i had an emulator that now when i try to use it say windows has found this file to be potentialy dangerous what do i do
  13. it was a burger from wendy's that wasnt cooked all the way. im not completely sure if it was under cooked but i got food posining after eating there
  14. so i got food posining for about the 27th time this year becuase of a bad burger so what foods ecluding meat have protein in them
  15. 127 is i believe about 20-25% higher than normal so you're not mad genious but you're definatley smarter than most mines about 147 but im in all ap classes in highschool