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  1. I'd say that the main reason I like Rainbow Dash is because she is pretty much everything that I'm not, but want to be. I'm normally pretty shy, unconfident and unathletic, so Rainbow Dash is kind of like a role model to me.
  2. Are you still here?
  3. Yeah. Back in elementary school, teachers would call me by my legal name, Tianyi. For some reason people would always read it with a "g" instead of a "y" (Tiangi) Also, a lot of people misread my username as "Tacothrice" or "Tacorice"
  4. My OC is Tacotrice. He is a cockatrice that got mixed with a taco and... yeah. So... he goes around destroying towns and making taco chaos. I'm no artist, but below is a picture of my OC.
  5. I'll use it to... put my tacos on? Taco!
  6. I would also say my favourite part of the fandom is the community as a whole. Everyone is always really kind and understanding, and I love how everyone is accepted for who they are.
  7. Discord! How dare you eat my taco?!? Ahem. Not even making Twilight become a princess (although I really hope that doesn't happen) is going to make me leave.