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  1. An Asus mobo, can't remember which one... PSU of some sort. AMD Phenom II x4 @ 3.2ghz 4gb 1333mhz RAM 1TB SpinPoint HDD nVidia GeForce GT 440 1GB Probably going to get a new computer soon-ish, as soon as I have enough money reserved. I've started to even have to turn down graphics for some few-year-old games lately.
  2. Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Human Revolution both have great soundtracks. Amnesia games' soundtracks add up to the great ambience of the games. The music just adds up to the horror instead of taking off of it. Portal... Christ, did I spend an hour or two with this game. I used to speedrun it a lot with a friend of mine, so the soundtrack kind of stuck in my mind just because of that. Not like it would not be a great soundtrack anyway. Portal 2 is also simply brilliant. Different from Portal, sure, but still brilliant. Black Mesa... A Half-Life 2 mod. Made as a remake of the first Half-Life (a tas
  3. If replays of games count, guess it was Deus Ex (the first one). The latest game I completed for the first time was Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It was a while ago, been playing a lot of multiplayers (Team Fortress 2) and replaying older games (Half-Life, Pokemon, said Deus Ex)
  4. Team Fortress 2. A lot of it. Too much of it. Around 3000 hours of it during the last two and a half years. And I'm just getting into the competitive scene of the game. Will probably spend atleast another 3000 before getting bored. Osu! is probably the best game to keep up one's touch to the mouse and especially for getting used to a new one. Played on and off for a longer time. Pokemon Emerald because I don't have sufficient wealth to purchase a 3ds to get X/Y Waiting for GTA V PC version because I don't want to spend hundreds of Euros in a machine that can only run games at 30 fps. Gya
  5. In some old episode (If I'm not completely mistaken) the Timelords promised Doctor more lives for catching Master. Not sure though.
  6. For me, MLPFIM is really just tied with Doctor Who. I love both series, and rewatch old episodes every now and then. Not sure which one is better, both are brilliant in their own ways.
  7. Storn

    Gaming GTA V Discussion

    I absolutely loved San Andreas. Heard this game is even better, but since I don't want to play it on a console (30 fps, gyaargh) I'm just going to wait for the PC-version.
  8. I used to speedrun Portal with a friend of mine, just for the lulz. We would hang on a skype call, have a timer on and just race through Portal. Again. And again. And again. If I remember correctly, I could beat the game in less than 18 minutes in a single segment at my best.
  9. Storn

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because of using numbers in your name.
  10. Personally my favourite moments were: Pinkie saving the hopeless situations with... I don't know. "Just a hunch." "THE GRREAT AND POWERFUL TRRRIXIE... needs some peanut butter crackers." "She's psychic!" was hilarious too.
  11. Welp, was off for a while, but hello again. All info updated, even profile pic.

  12. Happy birthday Storn!

  13. WHAT SHOULD I DO D: I'm playing to improve my skills just for all the fun of being good at games :I
  14. Space doesn't exist, your argument is invalid.
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