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  1. Nothing&NoOne

    S04:E25+26 - Twilight's Kingdom

    It was an unneeded movie with a horrible and cliche-d plot with a villian that didn't make sense and didn't have enough exposition. Same applies.
  2. Nothing&NoOne

    S04:E25+26 - Twilight's Kingdom

    Sure, but Equestria Girls had the same problem and it was over an hour long.
  3. Nothing&NoOne

    (Finally) Show Accurate Plushes

    holy christ I think my heart stopped beating
  4. Nothing&NoOne

    S04:E25+26 - Twilight's Kingdom

    My main problem with MLP still stands. Pacing and writing. I'm making a blog post about this, fuck it.
  5. As a child, the anthem sounded creepy and depressing to me (I'm Canadian). I'd love to hear him sing that Canadian anthem in Minor, even though the song never sounds that..cheery regardless. "We stand on guard for thee, God keep our land Glorious and free.." The pause inbetween "god keep our land" and "glorious and free" always seemed a bit..ominous to me. My mind always took the impression that it was just "God, keep our land", suggesting that we don't want God abandoning us. ("I have spoken to God, and he has abandoned us") (Atheist, but it's still a creepy thought).
  6. Nothing&NoOne

    Who deserves a bigger fan base?

    Luna. Give her another damn episode already. Or that unimportant side character. The one that owns the Apple farm. Applejacks or something. Or Pip. He's cute.
  7. Nothing&NoOne

    Gaming Why do people want GTA 5 on PC?

    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world she didn't exist.
  8. Nothing&NoOne

    Hey halp with digital art MLP

    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world she didn't exist.
  9. Nothing&NoOne

    Good day, fillies and gentlecolts

    Hello, hello. You'll do just fine here. Everyone's very nice. Welcome to the Forums.
  10. Nothing&NoOne

    How come bronys are like this

    People in every fandom have depression. Mental illness doesn't bow and step aside because of something like cartoon ponies. I have depression and anxiety. Life is life. Things happen. Guilt and regret play a big part in my life, candy coloured ponies won't change that. Nothing will.
  11. Nothing&NoOne

    (Finally) Show Accurate Plushes

    Thanks for updating, haven't been to that site for a while. I want a damn Luna plush.
  12. Nothing&NoOne

    how can you get that bored

    Watch Breaking Bad. That's what I do to waste time.
  13. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world she didn't exist.
  14. Nothing&NoOne

    How will humanity end?

    Zombies? I hope it's zombies.
  15. Nothing&NoOne

    Hi Everypony i'm Chaotic Pinkie.

    Hello, hello. Pinkie was one of my favourites for a while. Welcome to the Forums.