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  1. Iron certainly was not expecting this sort of reaction. Or was he? Somewhere in the back of his head, something clicked. Iron's face dropped a little, seeing the pony before him remove herself from him and scoot over to the side. Iron felt utterly gutted. His mind seemed to give up in that second, leaving him at wits end. The tears on her fur came as a surprise to him too, filling him with regret. Was what he said wrong in any way? It was no time for that, though. Iron needed to do something and fast. Maybe not too fast... The stallion remained quiet for a while, allowing himself to consolidate his feelings in order to aid in helping hers. He placed a hoof on her back gently, giving his best approachable smile. Ever so gently, he brought Ebony's head towards him, taking care not to handle her aggressively in anyway. He was in constant fear that she might pull away and become even more upset. But what kind of stallion would he be just to let somepony cry infront of him in their own abode? With his head now fairly close to Ebony's he brough his brow down into her cheek, gently wrapping his forleg around her tighter. Having gently nuzzled her for a moment, he whispered, "There's nothing to apologise for, Ebony. Now come here, you." Iron pulled the mare into his warm withers (thanks to the lovely fire). Making the necessary adjustments to the blanket to keep the both of them covered, Iron squeezed the mare gently. He took his other hoof (resting his weight on his wrist) and gently rubbed her ears, pulling the pony into his plush-like chest. "Shh now. It's ok. I'm sorry too." Iron closed his eyes, focusing on the mare in his limbs. Never before had he felt so... driven... to comfort another like this. He felt as if it was some duty that he had been given before birth. Whatever it was... Just hold her. Hold the damn pony. Iron kept Ebony close, closer than what seemed equinely possibly to the stallion. His furry withers engulfed the mare's head in a warm, fluffy and soft pillow of support. If pillar were required, Iron would gladly provide them. He kept her face burried deep, gently encouraging her to dry her tears in his coat. Iron's face did not show any signs of sorrow or hurt, but only of pure duty. It was a day of new feelings for him, it seemed. Iron held the pony until she had calmed down a little, bringing her chin up ever so slightly as he brought his own down, gently nuzzling the damp cheeks of a princess. He kept this going for a while before gently cooing, "There's no shame in being emotional, Ebony. It's only me." He paused for a moment. "Do you think you could tell me what made you cry?"
  2. The stallion could have been a rough mirror-image of the mare next to him. Oh how he loved being that much socially awkward... He instantly wanted to throw his forelegs around Ebony just to make it up to her. But would she just shy away? Iron yet again began racing through his head, looking for a way out. No not that kind of way out! She had opened the door. He shifted a little, listening to what Ebony had to say. Something about that smile wasn't quite right. Perhaps it was the odd light, but he could just about detect enough behind what she was saying. Ebony really wanted Iron to stay! He cocked his head slightly, furrowing his brow as he placed a more definite hoof on hers. He bobbed his head a little, lips curling in. "Ebony." He paused, waiting for her response before turning to face her square-on. "I am a very nervous colt. I think perhaps you can relate there. I'm not at all put off by you, neither am I inclined to leave." His eyes popped a little, "Un-unless you say so, princess," his manners following. He laughed quietly to himself, shaking his head. "I've been brought up in a working-class family. My father is a factory worker and my mother cleans the local rally-yard. Monarchy back in Britmane is a lot different. It means..." he bit his tongue, visibly trying to get his words out. "It means I'm more likely to fear than befriend a royal. We don't have princesses galore who are rather compassionate and have roles. We just have the royal family, headed by the king himself. One doesn't simply..." Again, he paused, desperately trying to communicate the message he wanted to. "He's an arse basically, and if he ever found out that I said that I'd be trialed for heresey! I'm just not used to princesses being so," he looked down at her dainty, regal, yet not empowering hooves,lingering there as he took a second before gazing back into her eyes, "approachable". He held her hoof in both of his. "You're the most beautiful pony I've met. I- I 'm just not used to meeting and talking and expressing and-and..." He trailed off. I cant believe how hard she tried to smile that one off... Iron made a mental note of her gances back over her shoulder. He would ask about it a little later.
  3. Iron's face flushed a little. He was honestly not sure about this. As much as he was grateful, Iron could not shake the intense feeling of being not of the correct 'calibre' to be attending such an event. He moved a little uneasily under the blanket, staring down at his chocolate have ablaze in the ambience of the crackling fire. He froze a little as she pulled the duvet tighter and snuggled into him. What was he supposed to do? Did he have to say anything? Iron felt her warmth through his own coat of fur. Being slightly longer than most other ponies' it was something he seldom felt. After a moment, he began to settle, sinking a bit deeper into the wonderful cosiness of the blanket. The mare next to him huddled closer, practically burying herself into his shoulder. When she pulled away, Iron looked down at her saddened expression. His mind instantly went racing into a helix of over-reaction. Shit, I've blown it now. "Oh no, not at all. The lads have gone home now, since the gig is over; the boat must have left early this morning. I'm definitely staying here for a while." He looked deep into her eyes, feeling his internal stress leave for a moment. He was definitly still very tense but slowly and surely, the threads sewing his muscles together started to loosen up. He just kept looking-- looking deep into those eyes, deep as great corridors. His breath caught.
  4. Iron internally gave a coy smile. He looked over to see Princess Nightingale rest her head against him, nuzzling his neck too. Her words were instantly forgotten as he drank in this new, tender feeling. She was cold. But he was not. Iron reacted in the only way he could muster, bringing a shaky hoof over Ebony's shoulders. "No no, it's ok. We all get it now and again." Iron quickly began to relax as she made conversation. "It's been ok, I guess. Not really been doing a whole lot today." Nope, nothing at all. "The lads have gone on home now, just me left here. I've been packing things away and giving my grandad's place a good clean. You have no idea how much mess those guys can make," he joked. The fire was particularly gorgeous. The handsome flames flickered and sparked, spilling a very pleasant and warming glow from its pit. Iron could just see the ruby eyes of Ebony mere inches from his own. He kept his glance brief and discrete, not wanting to seem too forward. Was he doing this right? "What about you? I'm sure somepony such as yourself would be very busy this time of year."
  5. Iron was utterly aken aback as they entered the huge palace. Iron had never seen such regality, wealth and pure draconian archietecture. He always saw the royals of Canterlot to be rather friendly and considerate... but by looking at this place, his faith wavered in the non-existant wind like a flagpole. He tried to keep as easy as he could, but his fae seemed lined with uncertainty. Then they reached her room. The doors would have been enough to knock him dead as finely cast as they were. However, these doors opened. When they did, Iron seemed to freeze over. Don't. Touch. Anything! Rather bewildered, Iron gave a nervous laugh at Ebony's jibe at her guardspony. What on Earth had he let himself in for? Mess? Oh, just the bed. "It's ok, I'm guilty of it too." He chuckled somewhat uneasily. Is this entire bedroom for one pony? --//-- Iron slipped in beside Ebony, thanking her greatfully for the drink before proceeding. "What a grand home you have, if I may. Sorry to be so bold, but is this really," he gestured at the healthy-sized room, "all your room?"
  6. It all happened a bit too quick for Iron. There he was being helped up by no less than Ebony herself and now he was being invitied to a noble party or sorts? Iron checked that the items in his jacket were secure before following her off of the pavement and onto the road, placing a hoof on Ebony's shoulder as she trotted away. Hopefully he would have held her from going any further away. "Ebony, please. Just stay for a moment. I haven't seen you for ages and," he paused, "I could do with a catchup." He managed a thin smile, trying to make solid eye contact. He was aware that he may have been taking a lot of her time, but he could not bare another moment without her. It was an alien feeling, but a good one. His mind drifted as he contimplated. A 'Winter Solstice', she called it. A party for nobles and royals... How in Equestria would he be allowed? Would he have to pay a huge entrance fee? Hell, he didn't even know WHAT this celebration was! Questions flashed like strobe over his mind. Hopefully, he could get some answers from Ebony. But first, he just wante to know how she was doing. "I've got nothing on today. If youre free, we can, oh I don't know, get another drink?" He asked.
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  9. The stallion could hardly wipe the grin from his face. With a little imagination, Iron could possibly make this work wonders. The little device sat in the depths of his shirt pocket in a small paper bag, the metallic edges feeling quite cold through the thin materials. The air was crisp and cold (much to Iron's delight) as he made his way out onto the street again. He just needed to make one trip to the florist a few blocks down that he knew of and he could make that all important trip to the visitors entrance of the palace. Of course, he would need to drop Ebony's present back home first; it was not quite Hearth's Warming yet. Iron took a moment to imagine presenting the token to Ebony when he felt something hit him swiftly, but for some reason, he didn't quite feel... Is that cobblestone getting larger? Ooof! If it were not for the benevolent layer of puffy equestrian snow, Iron would have surely lost a tooth or two. His head ended up rather like one of comic book character; nose buried in the powdery mess. "Gordon Bennet-" The stallion huffed, mind too dazed to register the words of this obviously blind or hurried pony. Lurching to the side and standing back up, the sallion offered his concern, "I'm so sorry, are you-" Iron stopped everything. It was Ebony. He stumbled for a foothold. "Well, fancy meeting you here, princess!" He said a little too loudly. As a matter of fact, the stallion had not ceased to think about the pair's next meeting. He had planned to set aside a day or two for a catchup, but for now that could wait. Instantly recognising her awkward stance, Iron softened his approach. "Are you alright? Sorry... I didn't see you there." The thought of crashing into royalty did cross his mind, but it dispelled all too easily. He must have been getting better at this! Iron's eyes then widened as he saw what Ebony was holding. Ok.. no use in drawing attention. Iron's knees gave minutely, causing him to stumble ever so slightly. Occasionally his eyes would flick down to the little bag, perhaps a little too obviously.
  10. Well... talk about under-estimating! Despite the exchange rate, it seemed that everything to be found on Canterlot High Street was rather... cher. It was that old enemy of Iron's again: cities. Everyone earns more, so teh prices are higher; great fun when you're a student who's living off the modest amount earned from playing an instrument in a rather low-key band. Iron tapped his chin. (Was the glass getting closer by any chance?) There on a glossy stand sat a rather handsome looking ring. It was a bright silver, with a clear gem in the middle. He was no expert, but Iron deduced it to be a diamond or crystal. The former was confirmed wth a glance at the price tag. His heart sank slightly; it was divine. He may have only known her for a day but she was indeed a royal, whether she liked it or not! It was tradition to fork out for these ponies! Then it found him. Was that really the kind of gift he would want to give? Just to show how much he would pay for royalty? No. Iron regained his morale, taking it with him further down the high street. There was a shop he had heard of, one that had been brought to his attention by a certain drummer. There, at least twenty doors down, was a rather quaint-looking shop with heavy wooden doors. It smelled like those old pubs mixed with smokey cottage, quite nice. The worn plaque read: "Arcane Alchemic Assorted Ltd." ((Will the Solstice Celebration take place before Hearth's Warming?))
  11. The reuninion with the band had gone better than expected, gaining much appreciation from them all. It seems that a certain frontpony decided to share Iron's "catch" as he so put it. They had all retreated to Iron's modest house, where there may have been a can or two going around. "You know who that was, yeah?" "Yeah, mate, that was the fucking princess!" "You've hit abov-" "Alright, lads! Shut up! All of you." Iron may have been smiling, but the way it was going did not please him one bit. He clopped his forehooves together, breathing out as the group listened intently. "Yes, that was Princess Ebony Nightingale. Yes, she's the princess of song. Yes, she and I shared a drink. And what? Chunk, what are you getting at?" The plump pony smiled and winked. "It's a compliment, mate." Iron just cradled his head in his hooves. Why did he have such laddish friends? The group shared another laugh, exchanging post-gig experiences. Iron managed to keep his own rather vague to the distaste of the others. It was a rather dizzy walk up the narrow staircase to the stallion's room. He would have been internally thanking his grandfather for this useful house, but the beer and images of Ebony clouded his rationality. He had not had a lot to drink, but it did show. That night, Iron sat awake, thankful for his cosy bed. He could not keep the feeling away from him. It was a strong sense of longing and desire yet... softened by something tender. He closed his eyes and though of Ebony. It was the combination of the mane and eyes that drove him. She seemed so polite too. Perhaps there was more to discover to like? He paused, then stopped himself. He was thinking too much. He was... going to have to wait another half an hour before sleeping. After having finally relaxed into his pillow, Iron began to drift off into a pleasantly warm sleep. --//-- Bass was out again. It was about 3 days until the eve of Hearth's Warming and he still needed to find one last gift he planned on giving. It was only polite to think of Ebony. After having reflected on what she had said about her own life in the palace, he deemed it almost necessary to try and brighten it up... or dull it down? Or... something. Of course, it was damn hard trying to figure out what to get sompony who infact held co-ownershp in the state! It did frighten the stallion. What if she simply laughed at his effort? No, Iron. She's too polite. In fact... Iron had an idea.
  12. "That would be marvellous, princess." Iron smiled back, glad that his point of view was understood. Now it was time for him to be overcome. Ebony's well-placed movements and inconspicuous nuzzling made Iron feel like it was something that his mother would have once prohibited him from, but was getting ot anyway. This only made him love it more. He would have felt sorry for Cutter, seeing as Ebony pretty much had full control over him at this point in time, but the steely stallion was rapidly losing his cool to the heat of the mare's ears against his chest. When she pulled away and gave that flawless little smile, Iron felt the camera in his mind's eye flicker. That image would be forever imprinted into his soul; in sepia tone of course. He was unable to return the gesture as well, his hooves frozen to the icy ground. He shuddered out of something. "Go-odnight~" Then she turned and trotted away. The guardspony regarded him. Iron returned it. He tried an apologetic smile but it was too late. Bass would have to repay him for all this bother one day. After watching the two figures disappear, the stallion trotted backwards out of the small avenue as if it would be some sort of insult to turn his back on the castle. It was something in the air, surely. It was that time of year again. It was Hearth's Warming... Was it not just that. //Timeskip?//
  13. It was that funny little guardspony again. Iron watched the two exchange words silently and curiously. It was evident that an apology or reasoning was due. It crept over Iron's face with icy fingers, the fact that he had been escorting and romanticising with none other than royalty. He tried a smile at the guard, only to watch his eyes flick away again. The offer appealed greatly to the stallion as he shuffled his jacket back on. His face seized a little at the choice that faced him. What would be the polite thing to do? Iron looked up at the glestening towers of Canterlot Castle, tracing the battlements with equally icy irises. His gaze then fell back to the twilight coated mare who awaited his response. He coughed as best he could, rasing a hoof and stalling for time as his mind raced. Would it be too much to- How long would- Where are- She didn't- How in the- Perhaps... you should? Iron met Ebony's eyes, speaking clearly. "I would love to, Ebony, honestly. But-" He stops to wince a little at his lack of usable words. "I don't think many would be too accepting of me just waltzing into this place. You're a princess and I'm... well I'm not from this place at all!" He smiled in spite of his dilema. "I've had a most wonderful evening with you anyway, Ebony. Truly, I have never been so gallantly struck by somepony as you. Thank you very much, but it would feel like I'm over-staying my welcome." Oh how Iron wanted to join Ebony for... whatever there was to join in with inside the walls of the mighty structure. But surely it would be rude to simply take advantage of the moment and enter? Or was it rude to decline the kind offer? Oh Iron, what are you doing?
  14. The feeling lasted for only a few short seconds, but it was enough to send sporadic waves through Iron's chest. The whole time, the stallion focused further and further onto the off-black mare at his lips. There was no passion, just simple and straight affection. The excitement filled his cheeks before spreading into a smile. Ebony's words made him melt a little more from within with each syllabel she uttered. He found his gaze slipping into her own, cascading reams of ribbon over his heart before the ends tied together in what was the strongest love-knot to have ever graced the earth. He kept her by his side, relishing in her warm (yet ever chilling) head against his chest. The strands of mane that occasionally followed in the wake of the wind made the most delicate of patterns, each small movement caressing his lean form. He hugged her closer, hoof now back between her shoulders. He sighed a little. "I'll be fine. Come on, Princess. Lets get you home, eh?" Oh how Iron lied. He was freezing his arse off. He dared not show it, feeling compelled to keep this other pony warm. Any way, it seemed only manners (even more so for royalty).
  15. Something I wrote for my dear ### Somebody broke in last night. I heard them at my door. I heard their antics and their whispers And steps along the floor. They searched around for quite a bit. I didn't say a word. Pots and pans went clang-a-clang, The noise was most absurd! They left at half the hour And I finally went to see. Down the stairs I crept and I creeped; The sight that greeted me! Nothing had been altered! It seemed they'd lost their loot. So I went back to bed at once And slept without a hoot. I looked downstairs in morning light To find it all the same. My radio, my safe, my underwear And every model train! Had I been dreaming all along? Did this ever start? Either way I'm adamant. Someone stole my heart.