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  1. I can't get a picture of mine right now so imagine this one gold. Stock: 1986 Porsche 944 2.5L slant 4 160 hp 5 speed manual 0-60mph 7 sec Mods:Remove rear seats and replace with amp and subs (it was a 2+2 so you could only sit in the back if you had no legs) change throttle cam to one with better responce change casett radio to a new panasonic radio change insake system to a cold air intake with cone filter replace catalystic converter wih test pipe
  2. What do you drive? 1986 Porsche 944 Stick What are your thoughts on automatic? Automatics are easy to drive, but they get boring quickly. What are your thoughts on manual? I love Manual, I learned really fast how to drive a manual and I like the better sence of control and power you feel from the car. If you drive manual, what is the gear that you use or like the most? 3rd your general opinion about the thread It's nice to see others that like Manual cars, all my friends say Automatics are better because you can control the car without thinking so much, and they say they shift faster (wich is true in some cases, but with a manual you control when you shift and you only get a 10% power loss from the engine to the tires instead of the 15% power loss from an automatic transmision)
  3. awesome!, I have MMD but never have time to use it.
  4. Lets kill three birds with one stone. 3 of my fav animes in one intro. and who could forget
  5. you ever listen to a song that you like too much over and over, and you end up with it stuck in your head and you almost get tired of it but it just keeps going? "You try your best but it's not quite there You kick a hoof and say it's just not fair A simple mare living simple dreams A rumour that's not quite as it seems...."

  6. Tie with this and this lol
  7. I forgot how long it feels waiting between seasons.

  8. Last year April 1'st the sonic paradox team relesed a new episode on there abridged sieries channel (sonicfsieries) called "Sonic F abridged episode 5.5" I clicked on it and the first episode of MLP started up abridged. I seriously slammed my laptop screen shut and was mad that they got me on april fools. Later that night, I was bored trying to find something to watchy on youtube, then I remembered the Sonic F April fool's video, I decided that it is still the same guys, so even if it is my little pony, they could make i funny. I watched it and it didn't look too bad, I wanted to compare it with the real show. I watched the real episodes, and was hooked. Brony ever since.
  9. you haven't seen season 2 yet? aww i was going to sing pinkies welcome song...... oh well... welcome to the forums!
  10. GAH! I had a dream last night about what the season 3 episodes were going to be, and they seemed so legit, but now I can't remember them :( lol

  11. What About fleur de lis, her snout is longer, and she is a unicorn. Also I don't think celestia is a horse, cuz remember best night ever when twilight turned the mice into horse things.... They were super tall with thin knobby knees and proper hooves