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  1. Welcome to MLP Forums Lyra Heartstrings1. :pinkie:

  2. happy birthday Lyra, you are best pony XD

  3. Happy birthday, fellow birthdayer! X3

  4. Welcome to the forums! I hope you have a faaaantastic time here! :3 /)
  5. How did you become a brony? I was on a site called Planet Minecraft, there was a big MLP fanbase on it, everyony told me to check it out, so I watched the first episode, then the second.. Then I got hooked. How long have you been a brony? Eh, that's a hard one... About 5 months, or less. Have you told anyone? Yes, my Father, he's the only one that knows... I haven't told any of my friends, and I don't really plan too.. Say something else on your mind! Lyra Heartstrings is best pony.
  6. Ugh. I hope she comes back too.. :c She is my second favourite pony. <3
  7. It should work? I just tried it there now, worked perfectly for me! Maybe contact YouTube, or use a different browser!
  8. Hey Lyra! What's up? ●ω●

  9. Haha yeah;D And I know, I noticed when I hit post/:
  10. So yeah, my school made a pretty sick video.. But I wasn't in that day so I didn't get to be in the vid.. -.- I was in the day before it, when we had to rehearse it and all.. But yeah, it's amazing! :3 Hope you guys like it!
  11. Awesome, that's sweet! I like it. Minecrafter I see?
  12. That mod's been out for ages.. Lol.
  13. No.. He's daughters more of a snob/greedy/jerk.