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  1. I know who Aphelion is. xD So happy birthday!

  2. No new friend requests over on my end. But I'll let you guys know that I haven't been using much of my gold account capabilities. I would at least like to enjoy some multiplayer games with someone who is not a total stranger. Again my GT is EoH Inkie Pie Spaces are included.
  3. GT: EoH Inkie Pie I've got a crap ton of games, but I mostly play Minecraft. Other games I play are: MW3 Gears of War 3 Boderlands (The first one) Fable 3 Guitar Hero 2, 3, and World Tour Rock Band (one) Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Happy Wars (Which is a free game, go get it) Blacklight: Tango Down (FPS game that pretty much no one plays anymore) Brink (Who plays this anymore either?) Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Viva Pinata Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Viva Pinata Party Animals (Which sucks, no one plays this either) Worms Ultimate Mayhem (Has online multiplayer, but it's dead) Rage PGR 4 Crackdown (Forget if this is Multiplayer, but my disc has been buggy anyways so I don't really play it anymore) Hunted: Demon's Forge Prey (Multiplayer is dead dead dead dead dead) Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Forza Motorsports 2 Too Human Shadowrun (I don't even....) Saints Row 2 Far Cry 2 (Horrible Horrible multiplayer) Mindjack (Worst game ever, forget this is here, I won't play it)
  4. Oh hey, nothing new, as usual... That's okay just go back to doing nothing, as you always do.

  5. Yeah, I'm done here. Seems the only way to get people to notice me is to whine or shove it down peoples' throats, and don't tell me to go post more, I've posted enough crap, you guys just don't care. I'm finished with this place.

  6. I got a Gold series Luna, foil Spike, Shining armor, and a few other odds and ends, looking to do some trading, I want a foil Trixie, willing to trade other foils for it! QUOTE MY POST IF YOU HAVE A FOIL TRIXIE!!!
  7. When did I start becoming irrelevant? I'm not dead guys, don't treat me as such.

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      What's your skype?

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      or my name is


      Chigens and Kay

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      Okay, adding now.

  8. I still find spiders creepy actually. Not even a video game as a spider protagonist can cure your fear of spiders.
  9. X has posted a new status update

  10. New Sol Inside track now uploaded onto Youtube, you guys should totally check it out because I said so, yes?
  11. Prototype's new album Catalyst is coming out September eleventh, who's looking forward to it? (inb4 people realize it's 9/11) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_ANN0wgrPM
  12. Subliminal Fear's new album One Last Breath is out, who's heard it yet? I'm currently listening to the whole album now!
  13. My wings go POOMF, when I get inbox mail. :3

  14. Half cooked pizza rolls are pretty decent too.