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Status Updates posted by Aphelion

  1. Oh hey, nothing new, as usual... That's okay just go back to doing nothing, as you always do.

  2. Yeah, I'm done here. Seems the only way to get people to notice me is to whine or shove it down peoples' throats, and don't tell me to go post more, I've posted enough crap, you guys just don't care. I'm finished with this place.

  3. When did I start becoming irrelevant? I'm not dead guys, don't treat me as such.

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    2. Aphelion


      What's your skype?

    3. Chigens and Kay

      Chigens and Kay



      or my name is


      Chigens and Kay

    4. Aphelion


      Okay, adding now.

  4. X has posted a new status update

  5. My wings go POOMF, when I get inbox mail. :3

  6. That awful moment when OC ponies are advertising themselves on Facebook Ad's.... Is this what the fandom's been reduced to?

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    2. Aphelion
    3. False Perception

      False Perception

      I've been looking all over for where everypony has been gettin' those images!

    4. null123456



  7. Ship of the day: StinkinLoo


  9. I like your icon. ^^

  10. Somepony wanna make me happy?

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    2. Aphelion


      Oh dear Celestia not this! x.x I have a weak bladder!

    3. Nah


      insert funny joke here


      laugh here

    4. Aphelion


      ...Insert half flank effort here.

  11. Tired of being BS'd with BS excuses. :/

  12. Anypony like the new icon of mine?

  13. Just realized tomorrow's the last day of July and the donations aren't even halfway complete. :(

    1. Chigens and Kay

      Chigens and Kay

      Actually, as of right now, it is the last day of July.

  14. The amount of shipping fics headlining fimfiction disgusts me honestly. Can ANYpony write a decent fic nowadays that doesn't revolve around shipping, crossovers, and OC's?

    1. Pinkazoid


      Welp, there isn't many good fanfics nowadays :/

    2. Aphelion
    3. Pinkie D Pie

      Pinkie D Pie

      I'm writing one that dosn't involve Shipping, Crossovers, or OC's. Does that count?


  15. So I started working on the ol' fanfiction again.....

  16. Just another lonely day... Just another face in the crowd I suppose. I'm just not important I guess, I mean, nopony makes me feel important and I'm easily forgetable.

  17. Hey guys

    1. Chigens and Kay

      Chigens and Kay

      Hey yo wassup'.

    2. Pulcinella


      Hey, Aphy! Yo, Chigens!

    3. Aphelion


      Back from Polka Days, kinda burnt, but had loads of fun, and sweated at least a gallon of liquid, hahaha.

  18. I need to calm down and not be so depressed and angry... Help?

    1. Discovery Dream
    2. Aphelion


      I wish it was that easy.


  19. Been feeling... Disconnected from the users here for some reason.

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    2. Aphelion


      The life advice section is such a divided place. x.x

    3. XrosOver


      We need to find out what is causing your problems that appear so frequently in the L.A section of these forums. Any ideas? I'll help in the best ways I can.

    4. Aphelion


      Well the subjects I bring up cause division rather than just straightforward advice.

  20. Is the banner screwed up for anyone else? I can't get to my profile or notifcations (let alone see them) without having to jump though hoops.

    1. Tom The Diamond

      Tom The Diamond

      Try clearing your cache, that usually fixes most banner problems.

    2. Aphelion


      Yeah I ctrl+F5'd... Fixed it.

  21. Getting there, feeling better.

  22. I feel significantly better now

  23. Tired of being depressed, I swear life is against me and all that I am.

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    2. Whiteshade


      I differentiate between life and people. Life provides the structure, and people provide the emotions and purpose.

    3. Finesthour


      Life is what we make it, that much is true.

    4. False Perception

      False Perception

      Stop feeling. Feeling is weak.

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