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  1. Crazy Misty

    Any oldies left? :/

    First day member represent here.
  2. Crazy Misty

    Post your unpopular opinions

    I know this is an unpopular opinion thread but care to elaborate
  3. Crazy Misty

    Post your unpopular opinions

    4chan is waaay overplayed as being some awful site when in reality the only board with the content that everyone talks about (gore etc.) is /b/, which even then is pretty tame. You can actually have some decent conversations on /v/ and /a/.
  4. Crazy Misty

    Make the username above you MLG pr0

    EX_xE_EX===----TH3_/\ l\l 0 l\l_GA/\/\3R----===XE_Ex_XE
  5. Crazy Misty

    Post your unpopular opinions

    I don't get it, what's wrong with gay couples in kid shows? It's no different from straight relationships which are A-OKAY according to you, besides growing up I was used to seeing gay couples on tv and as a result saw it as normal (as it should be seen). I'm not one to go all tumblr mode on this but there's absolutely no reason for gay couples to be exempt from kid shows.
  6. Crazy Misty

    Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    Honesty x Lying (has anyone made this joke before?)
  7. Absolutely awful episode, I agree. The one thing I hate about Family Guy is the fact they can't do any sad/touching episodes, Simpsons did quite a few without resorting to mean/cruel jokes.
  8. Crazy Misty

    Who stays up past 3 am?

    I used to all the time, now I struggle to stay up past 10pm...
  9. Crazy Misty

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  10. Crazy Misty

    Make the username above you MLG pr0

    (MLG)xX_(MLG)xX_KIL0BYT3)Xx_Xx I mlg'd that... which was already mlg'd!
  11. Crazy Misty

    Mega Thread Anime Discussion Thread

    I finished 'Hokuto no Ken' last week and watched the movie on Friday. Overall an awesome series, it had some dodgy animation at times, but had some badass moments like so. Also it might be the most I've cried from an anime, many emotional moments.
  12. Crazy Misty

    The Dream Thread

    I had a dream nightmare that I was playing Sonic '06. Probably because I was watching the Game Grumps episode before bed but still.... shit freaked me out.
  13. Crazy Misty

    This is a GTX 980

    Gonna get a computer at Christmas with an i5 4690 + GTX 970, I only have a 1080p monitor so it should be more than enough for me.
  14. Crazy Misty

    Movies/TV Your First Time watching a Anime.

    First anime when I was 6 was Yu-Gi-Oh.... shitty 4kids dub ;_;
  15. Crazy Misty

    Slenderman Stabbing

    This, so much this, by the time you're 12 years old you're damn past the age of being influenced to murder, these kids are obviously disturbed and if not for slenderman they would have done it for the devil or some other kind of creepy related thing.