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  1. This shit is getting old

  2. Nope and haven't been for a couple years. My interest in being a brony ended after finishing S2. It just couldn't keep me goin'. I still like a tiny sliver of the art I see from time to time, but that's nill compared to another fandom i'm getting into. Plus the community really put me off after awhile. It was a fun ride back in the beginnin', but the end of the line came quicker than I expected, yet not quick enough.
  3. Hmm I may have to give it a whirl. That and Armored Warfare. Haven't seen many videos on that one though.
  4. I've seen Jingles gameplay of it. It looks interesting.
  5. How is World of Warships anyways?? Did Wargaming finally make a decent game??
  6. I guess I could claim the same thing kinda with the German line. Just need the Waffle tanks, and the GW E100. But i've already stopped with WoT for now.
  7. That is insane. I couldn't even muster the will for the grind...
  8. Wow. That's awesome. I don't hardly hear about the events much anymore. But that's just awesome.
  9. That's hilarious. Was this recently??
  10. R.I.P Skyrim workshop. I can't believe this is gonna become a thing...
  11. I've never had the privilege to see one. I've seen tons of videos of them and would love to see one at some point. So I can't claim that i'm scared of tornadoes yet.
  12. I've been around since like June 2012, but never got involved with really talkin' to people until like this year. I doubt I can really call myself a "Forum Vet" though.
  13. Foxy X Mangle is best ship. But on topic, that is an adorable picture of Mangle.
  14. I've been tryin' to beat Night 6 for like 2 weeks now. Of course now I took a break and i'm even worse at it. I always make it up to 5AM and then it all comes down. I agree about FNAF3. Thing is, it seems that 90% of the hallucinations CAN be avoided. Or at least held off until a later time.