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  1. Old SpongeBob is still golden and the lines to old episodes are still solidly in my memory. "Hello SpongeBob, my name is PAT-back!" I haven't seen many of the new episodes but they seem very bland... it's kind of clear that post-movie episodes are made just for the money. It doesn't bother me though, as long as I can still enjoy the first three seasons.
  2. Art was my favorite, history second. Both due to me having overall interest in the subjects, and good teachers for those classes was another plus.
  3. I saw something from Allegro non Troppo a while back, this one cartoon about creatures evolving until all of them were driven to extinction, except for this evil monkey. It was interesting.
  4. Special types refers to those where every attack of a type (prior to Gen IV) was special, as in relation to special attack and defense, rather than physical, in relation to regular attack and defense.
  5. Sylveon's type remains to be known, but some might feel that it's a Dragon type because that's the only "special" element without an Eeveelution. However, it moreso strikes me as a Flying type.
  6. Lindsay is just one of many in the long line of people being thrust into the celebrity limelight at a young age and suffering the consequences of celebrity. We've seen this before in countless names, ie Michael Jackson and Gary Coleman. There are those who manage to have successful lives, like Ron Howard who was Opie on The Andy Griffith Show and is now a successful director. It's worth noting that Howard had a comfortable living situation as a child, in contrast to the others who had abusive families, monetary disputes, etc.
  7. I refuse to use Facebook since the fact you're required to provide your personal information to a site where anyone can find you creeps me out. So YouTube is my preferred of the two for that alone, even if YT continuously disobeys the rule of "if it isn't broke, don't fix it".
  8. This image is required for any discussion regarding no fun being allowed:
  9. Fennekin is still my favorite of the known Gen VI Pokemon. The new Mewtwo-related one will probably grow on me over time, especially if the games reveal an interesting backstory on him.
  10. "Good luck with Muk and his poison gas One wrong move and he'll KICK YOUR GRASS"
  11. Patience is key. Later stars are much slower to obtain so all you need to do is play often, and eventually five stars will be reached.
  12. Welcome to the forum, here's hoping that you have a fun time here.
  13. I'm willing to give it a watch. I don't mind the spate of sequels from Pixar that much since they'll still be making original films, and the sequels should still at least be watchable. It should be neat to see more info on Dory.