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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Help me remember why I loved it here... please

  4. A My Little Pony based MMO, has been set in motion. I feel as a large brony community we should all offer whatever creative resources we can to help in their quest! http://www.legendsofequestria.com/team Check it out! If you can draw, write out lore, program, please go their site and see if they could use a hoof of help! This could be amazing but it needs to be done right, I know we can help!
  5. ... Why is Mailmare talking to me?

    1. Azura


      What did she say?

    2. Solar Wind

      Solar Wind

      She came onto me... In a very intimate way.

  6. Someone give me a fic idea. I need to write some stuff down, but idk what to write...

    1. Yamato


      Whatever it is, make sure it involves Gary Numan.

    2. Sky Warden

      Sky Warden

      About a writer who's looking for a novel idea.

  7. @@BreeAnna, Someone else from FL? PFT OKAY. Alright breh, it's a chill place. Forum games in Cloudsdale, Some Life advice and such in Everfree, Roleplays are in the... Roleplay section. If you ever wanna game with some of the other bronies/Pegasisters we have a forum to discuss and talk about those! And if you draw or make music it can all be shared in Octavias hall! Alot of great people here, I suggest meeting some of the Mods and all, Have fun!
  8. @@Katana, Yeeeeeah about that cake bro... It was all a lie. BUT WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!!! The rp section is where we role play, gaming discussion can be found in the ever free forest, pony talk goes on in sugar cube corner, and all creative artsy things are in Octavias hall. I'm Solarwind, been here for like over a year now (still don't have over 700 bro-hoofs, and I lost my pegasus rank a little bit ago, kinda irked about that.) But I'm a mellow, chill guy. Hit me up if you wanna game or chat or whatever! Add me!
  9. That hurt every single part of my feelings. My OC can't use any magic. So he's a Pegasus, with a growth on his head.... And everyone still hates me.
  10. Solar Wind

    Gaming World of Warcraft

    I'm hoping soon, school is going back real soon, I tend to Pvp mostly as PvE has never really been my thing. Gotta get dat 2200 rating!
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