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  1. Just hope you know (if you ever see this) that someone remembers you, and misses you

  2. I don't think this is the end of MLPF, and that's not what this is about. The discussion about the council really needs to happen though. My reasons for going inactive are completely separate from this issue, but it definitely spurred me on to leave sooner. If things change for the better, I might consider coming back, but for now it seems I'm kind of an old member whose outstayed their welcome
  3. 1,571 days. That's a huge amount of time to be registered and (mostly) active on any single site and thats how long I've been here. This community has come a long way since 2012, when I joined. We no longer have to really worry about DDOS attacks or overloading the servers or not making enough money just to keep the site running. But in recent months, it's gone a bit downhill. Not only has the site gone down a bit in quality, it lost what made it great in my eyes. Most of the people I considered friends have moved on. There aren't any users I look up to anymore, like I did with Feld0, Key
  4. In case anyone wants to keep in touch with me, on discord I'm DMACK510 #2940

  5. Looks like I might be leaving the site for good (other than reminiscing about good times through old posts). I'd like to keep in touch with ya so PM me or something

  6. Never thought I'd see another day when my man feld0 made a post. It's good to see you're still here and participating. (But like text me sometimes) I guess the whole NPO thing is okay too. Congrats Simon
  7. So I haven't don't this in months, if not over a year, and I have no idea how to start -insert frustrated face here-
  8. Name: Vinyl Age: 19 Gender: cis-gendered Apache attack helicopter (female) Species: unicorn Character DB Link (optional/can be used to replace the form): http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/vinyl-blade-r1017 Mind if I join?
  9. Well I'm not sure how much I want to stay with this after Stardust left, but I've got several RP's under my belt as far as being a DM is concerned
  10. So I have no clue if you're still accepting, hypno, but if you are, I always love your RPs and I think I'd like to join Also, the last RP I was in just died prematurely (like touch and go if you know what I mean) so I'm looking for something to do
  11. Vinyl quickly donned her uniform and dashed out of the castle toward Canterlot University. "Oh Luna, I'm late. I am so late!" Upon arriving to the dining hall's doors, she quickly composed herself and fixed her mane. Quietly, she opened the door, but it let out a bit of a squeak. She looked up and unfortunately made eye contact with the headmaster, then she covered her face as she tried to sneak over to her seat
  12. So will Vinyl be a first year this time around?
  13. Same. This is the first public RP I've done in about a year
  14. I'm okay with whatever. I'd pretty much be starting over anyway
  15. Alright well... I'll need to be filled in on all that happened so I can post
  16. So I have no clue where my character left off. Stardust was supposed to make some posts for me but so far I don't see any
  17. Training was awesome. I wish I finished it, but hey life doesn't always work out
  18. I'm back! And not in the navy anymore... :'( And I've got a lot to catch up on..
  19. ~The Snowy Wolf~

    Private University of Canterlot

    When the teacher wasn't looking, Vinyl cast a spell on the book that she was told by some of her third and fourth year friends would relax it without having to lay a hoof on it. When she opened the book, she blushed deeply and looked around to see if anyone had seen her mistake. The spell worked in relaxing it, maybe even too well. She raised her hoof a bit and called to the teacher. "Um excuse me, Ms. Autumn, but my book doesn't seem to have any words in it."
  20. ~The Snowy Wolf~

    Private University of Canterlot

    Vinyl woke up a bit later than the first years, since her class started after theirs. She really wanted to style her mane that morning, but her first class was outside and there would be no point, so instead she ran her hooves through it and let it be. "Guess I won't be impressing anyone today," she said to herself as she put on her robes, gathered her books, and went outside. After meeting up with the rest of the students in her small class, she noticed the teacher coming out with the books Vinyl smiled up at her and replied, "Glad to be here, ma'am." She had actually already seen reind
  21. 8 days until I ship out. I'm gonna miss you guys :'(

    1. Octavia's Bow

      Octavia's Bow

      *Hugs* Sorry I've been unavailable. I've been super busy with college and work. Kinda tired all the time. But I'll miss you too. ^.^

  22. Sorry for not posting! I've been out of town since Monday, but I should have a post up tonight
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