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  1. Mine was definitely "Rainbow". I feel as if the only thing I need to say is that, celebrities usually get famous for a reason. I dunno what Sia's reason is, but I wanna assume it's her voice.
  2. Who else but The Man, The Myth, The Legend... Weird Al Yankovic
  3. DJShy

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    ^Dis one Thoughts on Peni Parker?
  4. I mean, that's fair, but at the same time the comparison was about the plot/storyline, not about the current popularity of the material getting a movie.
  5. I hear what you're saying, but consider this: Jeric
  6. I'mma be real with you: That is beginning to sound like That other Sony movie I don't wanna remember, so hearing that sony was gonna do that again, but with ponies... Also, I'm too lazy to find it. If anyone can find that one Pony Thread Simulator where 4Chan makes a movie trailer ala "Smurfs", but with ponies, That'd be great.
  7. I mean, it's definitely the least flattering view for the ponies, I'll give you that, but I wouldn't say it's ugly. Lemme put it like this, I've seen both Deadpool movies in theaters, and the second one is definitely much better than the first. But just because I view the 2nd one as a 10, that doesn't really change how the 1st is a 9. It's not bad, just comparatively worse.
  8. I mean, that's a fair criticism, but I still see this as a situation of creativity and imagination VS efficiency and simplicity. And with that viewpoint, I see the "name mashing" style of naming to be boring, very "cookie cutter"-esque, and lacking a lot of heart, which is very funny and ironic to me considering the topic of relationships, which is the point of shipping. Or at least my point. Yes, it makes things easier, but you know what else is easier? Not getting out of bed when you're too tired to go in to work. Not showering because you just don't feel like it. Not eating
  9. Reviving this thread with another alt ship name of more effort, Maud X Starlight Glimmer: "Power of Rock", as it references not much Maud's thing with rocks and how Starlight is just straight up super powerful, but also how they first met: Starlight asking about a rock powerful enough to hold a bunch of cutie marks.
  10. Yeah, but again, social anxiety and fear of being different.
  11. Basically, yes. As I see how I made this thread, there are no wrong answers to ship names, other than mashing character names together, especially with how low my standards are. As long as the made up ship name has some form of meaning behind it and relates to the characters, I count it as being more creative than the “copy/paste character name fusion” system everyone ever uses. Yeah, you definitely got my concept down. Because in the end, this isn’t about good or bad ship names. It’s about having some creativity. As long as it’s not “character name
  12. I’m p sure that my high school didn’t have that be a mandatory, considering how I never saw anyone ever use them despite having them. And because I had (debatably still do) LOTS of issues about my body on of social anxiety and a fear of being “quirky and weird”, I just followed the herd and never used them. i was totally willing tho.
  13. See, now you get what I was going for: Alternative ship names that actually have some significance to the characters being shipped, as apposed to “just slap their names together, it’s fine”. Altho, and this might be because I never actually got caught up with MLP yet, but I don’t quite understand that ship name for Twilight and Fluttershy. Any chance you could explain it? It’s different because “Flutterlight” isn’t the focus of that post. It only got said as a reference for which ship I was creating a more personal name for. Unless you’re talking about my point
  14. That's... the exact opposite of what I asked. My whole point is about how FNDM is more creative than to just mush names together. Not to mention that just smashing names together can potentially cause problems (Example: Are you talking Twilight or Starlight? This wouldn't be a thing with actual effort with shipping titles.) I'd give you an example of what I mean, but I haven't seen the movie yet, so I know literally nothing about Tempest, other than 'broken horn".
  15. Greetings, hello, and what iz, peeps? You know, if there's one thing I admire about The FNDM (the name for the RWBY fandom), it's that out of all the fandoms I'm apart of, this one included, they are the only ones to actually put any effort into their shipping names. When they ship people, that pairing has a name, if not multiple, that has more meaning attached to those characters than their names mushed together. For example, the ship between Penny (a robot) and Sun (someone who can be overly simplified as half human, half monkey) is called 'Optimus Primate'. Another ship, between
  16. But here's the question: Are the broken pieces stuck in place/unable to change location like the streams of sodie-pop and lemonade sea?
  17. So... are you aware that the e.ggtimers are set to June 15th?
  18. A chimirito from Bueno Nachos. Grande, of coarse.
  19. DJShy

    Gaming Nintendo being behind.

    I like that response, regardless of context. You get a cookie. *tosses you a soft snickerdoodle* That's an odd thing for Nintendo to be behind on. :3
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