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  1. Needles and Rodents (god the little rat faces...) and a minor phobia of heights. Other than that I'm kind of neurotic about everything new.
  2. http://sweetsismagic.deviantart.com/?givepoints Donate? Help an artist save up for a premium membership!
  3. I like my name just fine. My full name is Victoria, and who the heck wouldn't like a name that meant victory? However, I feel like my full name is really lofty and haughty. I don't measure up to it, and by that I mean I feel like I'm not deserving. I'm a little immature, and kind of a goof. Non-Brony folks call my Vikkii (with the spelling being my own choice). Not to mention my mom used to yell my full name when I was in trouble... So I kind of feel like I'm in trouble when people use it. But yea, my name's fine by me.
  4. This is how I started. It helped me a lot, and sometimes with difficult poses I still do this! Tracing helps you understand what strokes to use and how sharp a curve is. It's fantastic, especially if you're terrible with hands. I also adore Chris Hart. He writes and illustrates the Manga Mania series of How-To-Draw books. He also has a website and YouTube Channel, where he posts how to draw videos. I love him. If you ever need support, I and a bunch of great artists are here. I wouldn't be against giving you my own tips.
  5. Looking for people to Skype and Minecraft with! Add my skype: Bumbler_Bee

  6. I took German for three years in High School (and currently taking German again), I'm pretty confident Sweets' German equivalent is 'Süßen.' I instantly saw this and thought it was awesome!
  7. ... I dunno, man. I don't know why people act this way over minute and really stupid differences. Humans are so flawed and can be so vile to each other. I personally am a very contradictory person. For instance, I procrastinate super hardcore. However, the one thing I hate more than anything is wasted time. So being hateful and angry is just a waste, in general. Everyone has moments, but to dedicate a channel, and battery life on your electronics to it... gods help us. Now, I wasn't rude or hateful, but I did leave a comment on that channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN4kUfZJ2WekPJ
  8. Sweets

    General Media DC/Marvel Heriones and Villains!

    Oh! Jeebs! I'm silly. It's all fixed now!
  9. (I really had no clue where to put this, but I figured this would be a good moderate place? -.-; ) In South Carolina there is a comic convention. It's fairly small as for as cons go. Which means prices for vending tables are as cheap as all hell. So, being an artist, I'm going to try and flesh out some pieces of work (both traditional and digital prints) based on some of the more well-known comic book villainesses and heroines! The poll up here is not definite. If you think there's a worthy villain or hero that I didn't put on the polls, please let me know in a reply! Even if you don't
  10. Heh, not a problem ^^; just wanted to make sure. No, I get what you meant say, and you're right, but my relationship just very quickly went from long distance to extremely close. Had nothing to with Brony-ness, I had my issues and it just kind of started to nag on me. Still care for him, just meh. I wouldn't do another online relationship any time soon. Congrats, though!
  11. Woah, man, if you're gonna call me out, at least mention me I never said I wasn't fine my my relationship, it moved too fast! Not to mention we moved in together after a seriously short time. The big thing was to come back to this topic and see you have called me out without even bothering to let me know. It's almost like talking smack (I don't know if you meant to or not, I'm not assuming any malice)
  12. Hi! Well, figured I'd share my input. I DID date a Brony (However, I am also a Brony(F). I'm just not a fan of the term pegasister). We are no longer in a relationship. Would I do it again? Yes. It's great. I loved having someone to geek out with and watch new episodes with on Saturday mornings. Not to mention being able to Con-coordinate. However... I would definitely not do another online relationship anytime soon. That's how it started. Things got complicated when my real life barged in, and well... Now I kinda live with my--now-- ex and his family. I love all of them, mind you
  13. Sweets

    Applejack Fan Club

    Y'all. Y'ALL. This ain't right, Applejack is Best Pony, yet we're here without any trophies to show for her! I mean, look at how adoraboo: But if that cutesy anime junk ain't for you, have a gander: Hey, I get it, sometimes humans aren't the thing, well you know what? We loved her first as a pony, so here! Look how great our Best Pony is! 2015 Resolution; win some Trophies in the name of Apples! (Fangirling exagerrated)
  14. I am indeed a female fan of the show. However, I am a Brony ^^; But still a girl!
  15. And everyday shuffles by like the day before on its way to the blackest of skies. And everyday, a little death comes and paces the floor-- and a little bit more of me dies...

  16. ATTENTION: Only ***1*** Spot left in the Free Ref Sheet Giveaway! http://fav.me/d8atao2 Go here to claim it yourself!

  17. Day two of the Ref Sheet Giveaway! http://fav.me/d8atao2 try your luck! You may just get a spot next!

  18. Hey all! Check out this journal for an awesome opportunity at free art! http://fav.me/d8atao2

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      I'd do it, but I don't have an OC x3

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      It's all good

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      Mist Blitz~

      Looks like a good offer. I commented ^_^

  19. Sweets

    Mega Thread Everypony's Religion And Why?

    I still kind of hold onto my Agnostic beliefs that there is something greater out there, but at the same time I am more and more solidifying myself with Wicca. I was baptised Catholic, and for the longest time Christian-esque religions bothered me. I was raised by two women who were in a relationship. Lesbians. And I hated the thought of two extremely good people going to Hell because they decided to earnestly love each other. So I didn't know what to believe in. It's only been recently that I've had exposure to Wicca and I feel far more at peace with this form of religion. There's nothin
  20. I did not personally make them up. Several people all over the internet thought the idea was cool/cute. I do believe it all started with a picture of Coca-Cola Pony. Heheh, well see, the way I envision it their race is something that Hasbro COULD think up. No drama or anything. But thanks, I love the idea, so cute!
  21. First of all... Mah first RolePlay thread, YAAAAAAY! Now, down to business... Soda Ponies. They're really cool, if you've ever seen them. I would really love to do a kind of slice of life/maybe adventure RP following the lives of the soda ponies! I also would like some help on fleshing out how they work and how they thrive. Before I can even begin thinking of people making characters for this, I would very much like help on solidifying their world. A Few Notes: (These are things I kind of already think about for them) * The Soda Pony Kingdom is rule
  22. Sweets

    Gaming Divine Armaments

    Hello, peoples! Do you like anime-inspired art? Do you like mythology? Do you like weird little smart phone card games? This is a great game for you, then! ... I'll clarify why that's a bit of a an exaggeration in a minute. For now, here the links for both Google Play and iTunes of this game: https://itunes.apple...d603273743?mt=8 https://play.google....s_Android&hl=en Divine Armaments is one of those card collecting and battling games. The "story is thus; goddesses compete for the titles of certain gods. They are called Aspects. You befriend and co
  23. Sweets

    Mega Thread Ever meet any other Bronies in RL?

    Lessee... I converted as many people as I could back home, I assume that doesn't count. Met my boyfriend AND his dad. This year one of my BF's roommate is a Brony! And I do believe three people at my college are Bronies. So yes. All the good fortune for Sweets. (joking about that part but it WAS kinda cool!)
  24. We should start a Soda Kingdom in the RP section. It'll be like, slice of life stuff for now! I'll reiterate though? What about juice and smoothie and milkshake ponies? Should they be part of the whole Drink Pony Universe?
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