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  1. SnK is probably one of the only animes that I really love! I love because the story of it is really interesting and different than other animes I have seen and then they have very lovable and interesting characters that you get attached to! And then they die a horrific death. I can't wait for the second season to come out. But it might be until mid next year or so. The only thing about it that irked me was the ending to the season and how different it was to the manga. Other than that, I just love shingeki no kyojin!
  2. Despair

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    For about 2 or 3 days now, I have been loving Strangeland by Tech N9ne. I just can't get enough of this song. It just has that calming flow and amazing hook!
  3. Despair

    Do you keep your hair neat?

    I love to keep my hair neat and clean. I have long hair, so I kinda have to keep it neat. Even if I'm staying home, I occasionally like to make my hair look its best just to feel and look great. I love my hair. X3
  4. Despair

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    Well, since last time I posted on here I have grow a liking for both genders. It feels good to come out and say it. I knew for a while that I wasn't 100% straight. It just didn't feel right to say I was completely straight. I actually kind of got offended when someone would call me straight for some reason. Oh well.
  5. I've never really been popular at school or anything irl, or at least not from my knowledge. Sadly, the same goes for the Internet too. I do wish to have more friends but thanks to my inability and inexperience with people, that is a difficult goal for me to reach.
  6. Despair

    Replace one animal with another.

    I would replace all tiny ugly creepy lizards with adorable and lovable Saber tooth tigers! They would be the best pets ever! Eating all the food in the house and then proceed to eat people and stuff! It would work out for everyone!
  7. Despair

    If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?

    Well first off, My first wish would be to rid the world of all the greedy leaders of every country that are running it to the ground. My second wish would be for the world to focus on elongating the human race's survival instead of trying to kill each other on a massive scale. And my third and final wish would be to rid the world of tiny lizards.
  8. Despair

    Magic: Real or Not?

    I don't believe in magic and spell and all that voodoo stuff. As others have said before me, "magic" is a type of science that is yet to be understood. If you believe in it, go have a ball. I believe there is a scientific explanation for everything even if we don't know that explanation yet. But if you know how to shoot fire out your hands, you must share with us your secret!
  9. Despair

    Childhood Trauma

    Well then, I remember one day, when I was in first grade, our class was getting ready for lunch or something, and I was the last student in the class and before I left I asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom. And that's when it happened. He violently grabbed me by the front of my shirt and lifted me up and stared into my eyes with great hatred towards me as if he wanted to kill me. He dropped me down and walked out the room. Me being too young to know what the hell just happened, just acted like nothing happened. A few years later, something happened to me to remember that moment in time and reminded me that even the nicest teachers have an evil, possible child killer, side of them.
  10. Despair

    Describe yourself with a meme.

    This is probably the closest meme that can describe me the best. My friends would understand this and why I find it very hilarious. I just love it.
  11. Here on the forums, probably never. I'm not sure. But I have been mistaken for a girl a few times when people see me from behind, because of my really long hair. But when they hear me talk, they definitely know I'm not a girl.
  12. Despair


    I have never cross dressed before nor would I oppose the thought of such a thing. I actually wouldn't mind trying it for once, but alas I have no such way of finding the necessary requirements to do so. Sad face.
  13. Despair

    What animal do you see yourself as?

    Well, I'm not sure but I see myself as a cat because: • I look harmless and nice but secretly has some sort of evil plan. • I like to annoy people when I want attention. • I'm lazy as hell. • the dumbest things can distract me for sometime. • And I don't like dogs.
  14. Despair

    A friend's doomed future.

    Thank you for that. I was planning on getting back into contact with him but it seems that he has deactivated his Facebook account. Now if I want to get in touch with him, I would have to visit his house. Which is difficult to do seeing as he lives across town from me. I just hope he starts to behave more properly...
  15. Despair

    A friend's doomed future.

    Well shit... As predicted, my best friend from my childhood is growing up to be a disrespectful little shit. I feel I should have tried harder to stop him from doing this... My uncle told me he has been acting a lot like his abusive father who curses and threatens his mother. I haven't talked to him in about 4 or five months. Last time we talked, I told him to NOT grow up like this. To rather change his life now while hes still young. He told me he was going to be a good person but be a little shit while hes young. And he thinks he has what it takes to join the military.. He probably started acting like this because of his new friends. They're the "yoloswag" type of people. His drunker grandpa and his mother who goes partying with his older sister probably isn't helping much. It's really sad to see his grow up like this. He was my best friend once... now.... I just want to beat some sense into his head. A lot of sense.