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  1. Just got an email about someone failing to log into my account. huh

  2. I have no friends again..... :/

  3. Homosexuals are fucking gay.

  4. I come back from a few months break and everyone is still depressed and sad on here.

  5. Just out of curiosity, anyone here have the GT: Rarity on Xbl?

  6. Wow. I haven't been here in sometime. Anything exciting happen lately?

  7. I've been having severe depression for a week now and I think it's just getting worse..

    1. Sugar Pea

      Sugar Pea

      Try seeing a doctor. Severe depression isn't healthy, and should be taken seriously. If you go to a doctor, they can give you medicine to keep it under control. You can talk to someone as well.

  8. So I read your post on the SnK thread and was wondering how the anime of season 1 finishes that is different from the manga?

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    2. Despair


      Then also in the anime, after capturing annie, they go and skip the titan in the wall part as if no one saw it until after the ending credits when no one was around to see it.

    3. Galen


      Anime adaptations tend to have a lot more fanservice in them, and Jean happens to be a fan favorite for some reason, which would explain why he gets a lot more screen time. And yeah, that doesn't make sense. Eren was in full control by the time the female titan was discovered. One thing I am absolutely excited for.....well, two rather, is the introduction of APE TITAN and Eren vs Reiner. I'll pick up the anime again just for those :33

    4. Despair


      I know! It's going to be great! ^^

  9. SnK is probably one of the only animes that I really love! I love because the story of it is really interesting and different than other animes I have seen and then they have very lovable and interesting characters that you get attached to! And then they die a horrific death. I can't wait for the second season to come out. But it might be until mid next year or so. The only thing about it that irked me was the ending to the season and how different it was to the manga. Other than that, I just love shingeki no kyojin!
  10. *sigh* I feel so blank today...